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Jana Waring was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, and named 2011 “Best Local Author” by Orlando Weekly for her first book, a collection of interviews called Who’s That? Discovering Orlando One Interview at a Time. Most recently, she moved to Los Angeles with her boyfriend Cory, cat, Zola and St. Bernard, Riley. She is presently working on a memoir.

Favorite quote – [I'm not a big quote person.]

Favorite reality show – I don’t have just one, I love them all.

Favorite movie – North Shore

Favorite band – It’d be easier to tell you the band I hate: Nickelback.

Favorite food – Cheeseburgers

Favorite drink – Sweet Tea

Favorite color – Purple, yellow, green … there’s just so many.

Favorite book – I’m a sucker for teen fiction books like, The Book Thief and The Hunger Games series. I also am a sucker for anything written by Augusten Burroughs.

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