Kevin Campbell Big Brother 11


Kevin farts rainbows and pees glitter. He’s NOT fabulous, but rather Extra-Fabulous (and will quickly correct you if you call him the former). Kevin believes fedora’s and Ed Hardy should be made illegal whilst gay marriage legalized. If he ran for political office he would run for First Lady. Kevin is a highly intelligent gay as he has a Ph.D. in Fierceology and is fluent in gay ebonics.

Favorite Quote: “I’m a lower case ‘B’ Bitch. A Diet Bitch if you will.” -*please read while snapping your fingers and popping your neck*

Favorite Reality Show: Although I applied to be on A&E’s “Intervention: I’m a Sex Addict” I was cast on CBS’s Big Brother season 11.

Favorite Movie: Care Bears the Movie. Yes it was a movie…IMDB it.

Favorite Band: Nicki Minaj (mainly cause I want to BE a tranny version her).

Favorite Food: Skittles

Favorite Drink: I’m finna go ape for some Grape (soda)

Favorite Color: Yes.

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