Suzy Hoover Biggest Loser 2


Suzy Preston-Hoover was the second runner-up on Biggest Loser 2 where she lost 95 pounds, and met the man of her dreams! In September 2006, Suzy married the shows winner, Matt Hoover. The Hoover’s continue to live a healthy lifestyle with their two boys, Rex and Jax, in Seattle. Suzy interviews current Biggest Loser contestants on her show, “Weighing In with Suzy” on SuperPass.

Favorite Quote: “He thought he could, so he did” -Unknown

Favorite Reality Show: Survivor

Favorite Movie: The Proposal

Favorite Band: Sugarland

Favorite Food: Red Vine Licorice

Favorite Drink: Double Tall Skinny Vanilla Latte

Favorite Color: Purple

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