The Amazing Race: Top Moments of the Week

Not the best episode, but there were a few WTF moments

The Amazing Race: Top Moments of the Week

This week’s episode of The Amazing Race begins in Shanghai and ends with another couple being eliminated in Surabaya, Indonesia. All I can say is the show just isn’t as good without Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas. Either you love them or you hate them, but one thing is for certain, those two make good TV.

This week I found myself struggling to get through the episode at times and as I write this ‘Top Moments’ recap, I’m finding it difficult to come up with a few worthy moments, so maybe I’ll point out a crap moment. Or two.


Stroking the Red Balloon: Chippendales Jaymes & James win for funniest moment of the week as it was probably the only time I laughed out loud during this week’s episode. Jaymes (the blonde one) peddles a stationary bike that fuels the children’s ride, ‘Odong Odong,’ while making balloon animals. The name itself is ironic in that Jaymes’ ballon is red, long and shaped like a dong. Worse yet, he thinks like only a Chippendale would, that stroking the phallic shaped balloon will somehow magically make it grow. The reservoir tip dancing around wildly was the cherry on the sundae. Definitely THE top moment of the week. Sad, I know. But I giggled like a 5-year-old.

Monster Truckers Like Being Last: Who goes on The Amazing Race and says they LIKE being last? These two. Rob is a big guy and clearly in no hurry to win this game. He and Kelley decide on a completely different flight than the rest, and it ends up being a connecting flight with a massive four hour layover.  ”…we like being the last team. We’re just going to glide past,” he says with a smile on his face. He seems perfectly content not knowing if this flight is quicker, he just banks on it. It’s completely baffling to me. Spoiler alert! No way in hell these two will make it much longer with that attitude. No spoiler there…

Gary & Will Walk It Out: I’m going to say it, Gary can be a whiny, bossy bitch, and sadly he treats Will like crap. After damn near having a nervous breakdown while competing in the Odong Odong challenge, Will was mentally exhausted by the time the pair got to the ice/fish market challenge. He hinted to us later that their relationship is dominated by Gary. After the Odong challenge he said, ”Gary is very emotional and he usually gets mad at me if I can’t do something, but he was really calm and he gave me encouragement.” But that wasn’t the case later when they attempted to transport the large blocks of ice in an archaic wheelbarrow. The ice spilled and Gary lost his shit. He blames everything on Will – all the time – and it kinda weirds me out. Gary’s a damn bully. After completing the task Gary refused to hustle to the finish line. “I’m not running,” he said with a sourpuss expression on his face.


– “There are just some things that gays are better at, and balloon animals are one of them” – Brent on the Odong Odong

– “There’s no information in Indonesia.”  - Local woman to Amy after she asked, “Can’t you call information?”

– “You cost us a lot of money, bro.” – Rob to the TAKSI driver, like he is actually going to win the game or something. Egad.

– “I wanna take the fish and rub it on my face Im so hot.” – Natalie on the sweltering Indonesian heat

The Sri Lankan twins, Natalie and Nadiya, win the much coveted Express Pass, and this week’s leg of the race, while we must say goodbye to Amy & Daniel, one of my favorite teams. A TAKSI driver with no sense of direction cost the game for the likable and inspiring couple. I almost choked up at the end when Amy cried and said what an incredible experience she had. Those two will certainly be missed.

Who are YOU rooting for this season on TAR 21?


  • Nancy Hall

    I’m cheering for Natalie and Nadiya because they are so funny!!

  • Michelle Jones

    I neither love nor hate Brenchel. I just no longer want them on my television. I will chalk the love you have for them up to the fact that you know them in real life. I make no rude or hateful comments about them, I just want them to go away please!!

    Now you, I love and adore you!!!

    There isn’t any team that appeals to me this season. Just watching because I love the show.

  • Kenny

    You can say what you want about Rob’s profession, or facial hair, or game strategy, but you can’t say that he gets down on himself. The whole Gary and Will thing disturbed me, and I want Will to haul off and deck Gary in one of these challenges. I missed the show because I was working late at DISH last night. Luckily my Hopper recorded it for Primetime Anytime, and I was able to catch it. I love how I can keep up with all of my favorite shows even when I forget to set my timers. I have to say that the twins scored some big points with me last night, and I was laughing out loud at her fish quote. With Amy and Daniel out of the race I think that I may start rooting for them.

  • Lynda Perky

    Carrie, I just can’t get over your photo selection. Looks like he is putting on a rubber.