Amazing Race Chat: Let’s Talk Money and the Twinnies!

Our thoughts on TAR 21's controversial episode 6!

Amazing Race Chat: Let’s Talk Money and the Twinnies!

On this week’s Amazing Race 21 episode 6 Google Hangout Missy Z was joined by Alan, Spicy, Eric, Gabor, Jon and Michele and you just KNOW what we talked about. The Twinnies finding the longhairs’ hundred dollars, keeping it, and splitting it, with Lexi and Trey.

Obviously there is no rule against keeping what you find, and it’s not like the Twinnies pick-pocketed the longhairs, but still, many fans of Amazing Race are disappointed in the actions of the Twins AND the Texans. But it’s a game right? We hear fans of Big Brother, Amazing Race and Survivor constantly say that competitors should take advantage of their rivals’ weaknesses in order to win the game, so is this different? Listen to our thoughts on episode 6 and let us know if you agree or disagree with us in the comments section below.

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  • Julsy

    SHAME on the twins for taking the money! Karma is a bitch in reality TV and this will come back and bite them!!! WTG Rockers for getting some money!!! And WOW the kindness of the people from Bangladesh! Way cool!!! And So glad Team Monster Truckers went home! Maybe they should of been better “followers” LOL! WTG team Chippendales for figuring out they should jump off the train! And how nice was it to see them in the bath? Yummy to the Chippendales and the ice cream!!!

    • Julsy

      PS… Ryan is an ASS!!!

  • Comedyjonah

    I agree Julsy….glad team monster truck went home!

  • Eric

    Did I mention I would have grabbed that ice cream pole out of his hand?

  • Michynkrs

    One of our best shows! Tons of fun and laughter!

    • Melissa Zeigler

      I laughed so hard I started to cry!

  • barb

    I was tired of the whole twinsie thing but I admired them for how they pushed through all the challanges. However when they took the money the were dead in the water to me. I have no respect for them and think they should have been if not kicked out of the game at least penalized and their actions made public. Even in games and winning their is decency and they showed none. Texans get a good slap on the wrist (and no respect) for going along with it and splitting but they didn’t swipe the money.

  • J_chan

    For me the controversy wasn’t really if what the twins did was technically stealing – it was the result of their actions, which necessitated the Rockers to have to beg for money in a country with so much poverty. For me, the troubling and gutwrenching part of this episode was seeing Americans ask for money in this country. It was truly upsetting and completely indefensible.

    • Julsy

      I thought it was so heart warming to see the kindness of people on the other side or the world!

  • SparrowHawk35759

    If this had been Survivor or Big Brother I woudn’t haven’t been surprised at all. I don’t watch those shows because of the questionable behavior of the contestants. But this was Amazing Race and I expect more and the Tweenies aka Twinnies really were sub par. I hope they never show up on amazing race all stars.