The Amazing Race: To Be Continued!?

One team loses their belongings in Russia, putting their game in jeopardy

The Amazing Race: To Be Continued!?

This week our Amazing Racers travel to Moscow, Russia where the temperature drops and so does morale.

Although they were the the first to depart to Russia, Trey and Lexi have difficulty finding an airline that will fly them to Russia. They ask the information booth at the airport where they should inquire for a flight to Moscow but didn’t write down “Aerofloat” as the company they were looking for. After struggling for some time and getting nowhere, they decide to satisfy their hunger at Popeye’s before continuing. “You want red beans and rice?”

The twinnies say they have been reckless the past few legs of the race and that in real life they are used to getting by “with minimum effort” based on their personalities. They catch a cab to the airport and end up with an older cab driver who calls himself “Papa.” He tells them, “I love you.” The twinnies laugh it off and say, “I love you, Papa!” and I am effing creeped out.

Abbie and Ryan have no problem finding a flight after locating an internet connection. Their flight will put them in Moscow at 3:40AM. The longhairs have even better luck scoring a flight that will land them there at 2:00AM.

The Beekman Boys are the last to leave and have to choose between flights landing at 3:40AM and 5:00AM. They worry with the earlier flight that they won’t have enough time between connections, so they decide to flip a coin to chose their next move. The 3:40AM flight wins.

Natalie and Nadiya catch up to the Texans who are still wandering aimlessly, their bellies full of red beans and rice. The twins are shocked to learned the Texas kids have yet to find a flight. The twinnies take them under their wing and all four book a flight that will land in Moscow at 4:00AM. Nadiya, who hates everyone except for her sister and the Texans, says she is ready to “get away from all the freaks.”

Ryan is disgusted with how Trey and Lexi couldn’t find a flight without the twins. He rants to the camera, “Babies! Figure out how to go from point A to point B without someone else’s help!”  Meanwhile the twins talk smack about Abbie, saying she has ”crazy eyes.” The camera cuts to Abbie, whose eyes are indeed looking a little crazy.

The Beekman Boys and Ryan & Abbie end up choosing the worst flight. It’s delayed one hour, meaning they will only have minutes to catch their connecting flight. Despite running like O.J. through the airport they all miss the flight, leaving them stranded at the airport for the night and putting them  half a day behind the other teams.

After all that rushing, the teams that do make it to Moscow learn the sculpture park they are to get their clue doesn’t even open until 9:30AM. Zoiks!


The two challenges the teams must choose from are quite difficult this week, one involves the Russian alphabet and finding index cards/books in a library and the other involves synchronized swimming with a Russian coach from hell.

The Chippendales choose the swimming task and make an entrance wearing their breakaway bowties. Their work is never done.

The longhairs struggle with the Russian Dewey Decimal system and decide to try swimming instead, while Trey and Lexi kick some serious ass and complete the library task. When the longhairs arrive at the pool the swimming coach says in Russian, “I am already afraid.”

Twinnies struggle with their swimming instructor speaking no English and they ask her bluntly, “Why don’t you speak in English?” They get frustrated with the task and throw in the towel, choosing to use their Express Pass. The Chippendales talk them out of it, saying the lead they have on the Beekman Boys and Abbie and Ryan would waste it. Maybe the Chippendales should have just let the twins go, they are one of their biggest competitors, right? The twins take their advice and buckle down to complete the task.

Once in Moscow, the Beekman Boys along with Abbie and Ryan decide to complete the leg of the race together. For the Beekman Boys, it’s obviously because they have nothing to lose, they have been coming in last place nearly every leg of the race. But for Ryan and Abbie, it’s probably because a loss to the Beekman Boys would be a little embarrassing  The two teams are forced to choose the synchronized swimming challenge because the library closes at 4:00PM and they arrived too late.

Ryan and Abbie do an amazing job at the swimming and pass with flying colors. They decide to stay with the Beekmans as they complete the task. It showed that they really do have a heart, something I wasn’t sure of at the beginning of the season when they took advantage of Amy and Daniel in the first leg of the race. This time though, I think I would have ditched the Boys.

The Beekmans struggle badly, and the coach pokes fun at Brent who is a terrible swimmer. “He’s like a buoy,” she says to the female swimmers in Russian.


The next part of the leg involves a key ring with 100 keys and trees with hundreds of locks on them. Teams must unlock 10 selected padlocks before continuing to the finish line.

Trey & Lexi kill it, putting them in first place and winning them a romantic Maui vacation and we get the feeling that vacation might be where these two become engaged. Speaking of marriage, DID YOU SEE the wedding dress on that Russian bride? O.M.G. Talk about your easy access…

Amazing Race 21 Russia

The longhairs run into trouble once again as their taxi takes off with all of their belongings, including Abba’s passport. In the big scheme of things, that $100 loss last week doesn’t look so bad now, does it? Despite the awful kick to their crotch, James and Abba hobble to the finish line where Phil tells them they cannot check in without passports. If they had them, they would have finished in fourth place.

Then CBS kicks US in the crotch, telling us the episode is TO BE CONTINUED. So for now, all we know are the top 3 teams of the week:

  • 1st Place: Trey & Lexi
  • 2nd Place: Chippendales
  • 3rd Place: The Twinnies

4th through 6th place is to be determined next week. Will the longhairs retrive their passports and belongings from the cab driver? Will Ryan and Abbie REALLY stick it out with the Beekman Boys? Looks like we have to wait another week.

Which team are YOU rooting for at this point? Are you sympathetic to the longhairs or is it their own damn fault? Sound off in the comments below!


  • Zach (Nickel-Liss)

    I am rooting for Abbie & Ryan, Jaymes & James, and Trey & Lexi. I was originally rooting for Caitlin & Brittany, but once they were eliminated, I started rooting for these three teams. But, I did like all four of these teams since the first episode, but I was mainly rooting for the blondes.

  • Chicagolj

    I was rooting for the “Longhairs”…now, not so sure. Think its their own dawn fault. You can’t leave your stuff in a taxi!!!! Russia…you gotta be kidding me!

  • joeg7

    I am rooting for the twinnies. I love their comments they make every episode. They bring a lot of laughter to the show

  • Rob

    Based on promos for next week, Abbie and Ryan are not eliminated. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t remember the Beekman Boys finishing their swimming. I always wondered about leaving stuff in a taxi. I’d be super paranoid about doing that.

    • Adam Poch – BB13

      Yeah – that’s a little messed up that in the previews they showed Abbie & Ryan – way to kill a cliffhanger CBS!

  • Adam Poch – BB13

    Grunge music could not kill Heavy Metal – so there is no way a lost passport will kill these Metalheads! James & Abba still are my favs. Followed by the “Twinnies” – gotta root for the team that live in the Dirty Jerz!

  • Julmeljen

    The “longhairs” are guilty of trusting too much. I hope the cabbie didn’t see their stuff, finds it, and returns. These two have become my favorite. After, stealing the rockers money, the Twinnies, Lexie and Trey, deserve something really bad to happen. Like waking up and finding they had been transported to Siberia.

  • Gaborrr

    “Texans who are still wandering aimlessly, their bellies full of red beans and rice” Hahaha Russian Bride looked like shes carrying a wedding canopy :D I think the Rocker Dudes will find their shit..we just have to tune into the next episode to see ;)

  • ChrisBaron42

    This was a really odd episode, but the thing that has me scratching my head the most is the pact between the two teams that fell behind. It is so out of character for Abbie and Ryan to take a deal like that when their only threat of elimination is from the Goat Farmers. I was talking to a coworker at DISH about it, and he thinks it smells of meddling producers. I don’t know about that because I am pretty sure that teams cannot tie to prevent an elimination. I nearly missed the show last night, but thankfully my Hopper from DISH recorded it with Primetime Anytime. I love how it records everything on during primetime on the four major networks and saves them for a week, so I never miss anything. I can’t wait for the next episode, and I really hope my Rockers are able to pull through again.