Amazing Race: Express Pass FAIL!

Someone's ego gets in the way of a million dollars

Amazing Race: Express Pass FAIL!

This week on The Amazing Race 22 the teams continue on with the never ending leg, traveling from Phil’s native country New Zealand, to Bali, Indonesia.

As we saw at the end of last week’s episode, David & Connor finished in first place, but then found out they had to continue on with the leg. It was only halfway over.

The rest of the teams arrived in the following order:

2nd – Jessica John
3rd – Bates & Anthony
4th – Pam & Winnie
5th – Joey & Meagan
6th – Caroline & Jennire
7th – Mona & Beth
8th – Max & Katie
9th – Chuck & Wynona

Mullet and wifey come in last place, but are saved due to the leg not being complete. Lucky, lucky!

The teams scramble for plane tickets to Bali where a Monkey Forest awaits them with their next clue.

Max & Katie  Pam & Winnie, David & Connor and Caroline & Jennifer make the first flight, due to arrive in Bali at 8:30AM. The others arrive 2-4 hours later on various flights.

In order to receive their first clue, teams must choose a coconut to give to a monkey, who will then break it open. Inside the coconut is the clue. Caroline and Jennifer are excited about this task, Caroline especially. We learn that she’s a huge animal lover, but Jennifer reveals something really weird about Caroline. She once had a flying squirrel as a pet. It died of loneliness because Caroline always kept it in her bra. True story.

After teams retrieved their clues it was time for the Detours!

The Amazing Race Season 22 Monkey Business


In the Sandy Bottom challenge, a damn tough one, teams collect sand from a river bed and fill a large basket as it sits atop their heads. After they get the required amount, they carry the basket, still on top of their heads, uphill, 200-yards to the brickmaker.

In the Fruity Top (I love that name) challenge, teams must build a religious offering made of fruits then carry it to a temple where it will be placed on top of a woman’s head and will be blessed by a priest.

Bates & Anthony get lost in their taxi during the Detour, which always happens on The Amazing Race, but they end up catching up to teams at Fruity Top.

Pam and Winnie chose Fruity Top and did amazing. They finished first, and were very meticulous in how they built their offering. Chuck is a whiz at this because, says Wynona, he does a lot of taxidermy. Is there ANYTHING Chuck can’t do?!

Katie & Max struggled a bit and Jessica & John end up at the wrong building. They find a man with lots of dried flowers. He didn’t speak English but they assumed this was their task, to make an offering out of the flowers. They find out soon after that they were in the wrong place. They eventually make their way to the Fruity Bottom area, wherer they struggle with the task. After trying to build the fruit offering numerous times, they decide to move on to the Sandy Bottom challenge, holding on to their Express Pass. The roller derby babes kicked ass at the Sandy Bottom task, those girls know how to get their hands dirty!

Once teams have finished their Detours, they must make their way to Uluwatu Beach for their next clue.


For the Roadblock, teams must make their way down many, many stairs on a beach hillside to a surf shop. While there they must find a surf board with something, or someone, they have encountered along the race. One of the surfboards has the image of the Tahitian priest who blessed them in Bora Bora on it. Once a team member has selected a surfboard, they must make their way back up the gazillion staircases to Phil, and their awaiting teammate. If they return with the wrong board, they must go back until they have the right one.

Pam and Winnie owned this leg, that is until Winnie got lost (again, directions are not their strong point) and struggles finding her way back to Phil. Connor has NO CLUE what surfboard he’s supposed to retrieve so he asks Winnie for help. She agrees, but only if Connor agrees to her being in first place, and he in second. He says no deal and Winnie continues on, but not before Connor runs up to her, sees the image on her board and grabs the correct surfboard. He beats Winnie back to Phil. Kind of a douchy move – or is all fair on The Amazing Race? I say Connor, you’re a DOUCHE!

Jess and John struggle with this task as well. Jessica wants to look at other people’s fruit offerings to see how it’s done but John is acting weird and saying he doesn’t want anyone’s help. Jessica is ready to use the Express Pass, but again, John ain’t having it.

Meanwhile, Caroline picks wrong surfboard, over and over again. She is physically exhausted and on the verge of tears. “I wish you were doing it,” she tells Jennifer. She asks for a moment to cry, and she does just that. Producers then splice in a clip of the roller derby girls saying, “There’s no crying on The Amazing Race!” Bahaha, those roller derby chicks are badass.


1st – Connor & David
2nd – Pam & Winnie
3rd – Katie & Max
4th – Caroline & Jennifer
5th – Megan & Joey
6th – Roller derby girls
7th – Bates & Anthony
8th – Chuck & Wynona

The Amazing Race Express Pass Fail

The whole ending of this episode was weird to me. Why was John so adamant about NOT using his Express Pass? He flaunted it around at the beginning of the season and he sure loved having teams kiss his ass for the second one! So why the hell was he too proud to actually use it?  And poor Jessica, she would have used the Express Pass way back at the Fruity Bottom challenge. If John only would have put his ego aside and listened to her! But nooo…he just kept on rambling on about “I don’t see the value in looking back…” and “I don’t need a million dollars.” WTF? Did someone slip Johnny boy some Indonesian cocaine, because he was sure psyched about losing!

I bet Jessica broke up with him after the show. Seriously, does anyone know? “It’s going to be really hard to get over,” said Jessica. I bet she’ll always hold a grudge about it, even if they are still together.

Thanks to Johnny boy, he and Jessica are the first ever team to have been eliminated while in possession of an Express Pass. Congrats!

“Oy Vey.” – Phil Keoghan


  • Jaime

    I’m digging the derby moms but I hate their alliance. I want to flick YouTube guy’s head constantly. Man, he’s annoying. I also am growing to love Mullet-don’t-care. He’s endearing.
    Mstr_of_domain / Jaime

  • Silkendrum

    Friuty Top, not Fruity Bottom.

  • Jeremy James

    Oy Vey, that was beyond ridiculous; i really would like to know if the two are still together. Talk about an ego.He must be a miserable git around the house.

  • racefan

    I thought the exact same thing – I’m sure she broke up with him after this. What an a**!

  • cookie

    Poor Jessica,she should have been more vocal about using the express pass. Something has always seemed off about him.I can;t put my finger on why. Loving the father ,and son,and the brothers. I would love for the father/son team to continue,but they can only go so far with the son during all the roadblocks. I also thought Chuck,and Wynona would be gone by now,but they’re doing okay.Would be nice to see them move up a bit.

  • kcsmum

    Did Jessica & John actually ever give the 2nd express pass to anyone? I remember him gloating about having everyone kiss his ass while he decided if he should “honor” his agreement but I don’t remember seeing him deliver the goods. Man, if she didn’t dump him like a bad date I will be shocked & disappointed. I was moreso thinking he better watch his crazy ass when he goes to bed. I’d be holding a pillow over his face while gleefully shouting “you wanna use that express pass now, Bud?!?!”

    • Hillary Renee

      Yes they did, they gave it to Dave & Connor who used it almost right away.

  • HoH8

    Gosh Spicy, i love ur recaps…but i sure miss Missy’s Video Recaps when u and her and all the others used to talk for a hour bout the weekly epi….i hope Missy is still with the site…☺…

  • Dan Heaton

    I agree that it was a very strange ending. When he returned to her without any surfboards and was rambling incoherently, I think the stress just took over his brain. The guy was not thinking clearly at all. They should have used the Express Pass at the Detour when they decided to switch. Amazingly, they still could have survived and knocked out Chuck and Wynona at the Roadblock by using it. I’m relieved this didn’t happen; Chuck is such great TV. I’m not sad to see John go, but his actions this week were extremely strange.

    • spicy_pants

      I swear, it seemed like he was on something, I know that sounds weird, but he definitely looked, and acted, like he just snorted a a half dozen lines of coke or something!

  • kit_kat

    did anyone notice that when connor and dave got to the mat, the camera quickly showed their surfboard and it had a green person on it, not the red and white one that was the correct image? it was strange. there was no clear shot of connor with the correct surfboard, only a shot of the image alone. do you think he had it wrong but phil let him be right? that would really be disappointing, i like this show so much.

    • Just the truth

      Just watched the episode on the 15th. Totally agree — Connor’s surfboard had the green guy in the pith helmut. Froze the pic to verify. But cannot find any discussion point on this, anywhere on the internet. Is this a AR coverup?

  • jasmine

    I hate pam and winnie……….they are so typically east asian……….arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope karma catches up to them. Seriously……..don’t be mean about someone else’s injury…………..