Brendon and Rachel Talk The Amazing Race

Brenchel compares experience to Big Brother

Brendon and Rachel Talk The Amazing Race

Big Brother faves turned Amazing Race contestants Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly this week had a little Q&A with TV Guide about their time on The Amazing Race so far and how it compares to their Big Brother experiences. Here's a look:

TV Guide Magazine: You both did two seasons of Big Brother. What's tougher, sitting around the pool yapping all summer or running across the globe?
Reilly: Big Brother is a mental and social game where everyone else is the enemy. Amazing Race is harder because it's physical. Your biggest enemy is yourself.
Villegas: When you watch Race at home you think, “Why are they so stressed?” I'll tell you why.You can't sleep, the time changes kill you, and the international food really does a

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number. And I'm one of those people who does not poop in strange places. Or on planes.
Reilly: I won't even stop to pee. One season a team lost by doing that.

TV Guide Magazine: The girls are always talking smack about Rachel, especially that Vanessa. What's their beef?
Villegas: They use Big Brother as an excuse not to like her. Because Rachel won [BB13] they think we're millionaires. She won half a million. [Laughs] And after California taxes, that's not much!
Reilly: I'm just too bright and bubbly for them. And they don't like my outfits. Clearly, they're sequin haters.

Check out the rest of the interview over at TV Guide.



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