Russell Hantz and Evel Dick on TAR?

Could the bad guys from Survivor and Big Brother be joining forces?

Russell Hantz and Evel Dick on TAR?

Could Survivor super villain Russell Hantz be teaming up with Big Brother bad boy Evel Dick Donato for a run in The Amazing Race?

Russell sent out a tweet last night hinting at that possibility and that has had fans buzzing ever since.

“Good workout today need to get ready for me and my boy @EvelDick on amazing race @CBS,” Russell tweeted.  Dick retweeted.

Neither will follow up on the tweet, but fans are speculating that it could mean that the two have decided to throw their hats in the ring and are in training, hoping CBS will ask them to join the show. The fact that Russell’s tweet included “@CBS” has people thinking it was a ploy to get CBS’ attention. Regardless of the reason, it has some people excited.

“@russellhantz @EvelDick @CBS THIS would be beyond awesome. Russell and Evel Dick together on The Amazing Race? AMAZEBALLS!!!” a user tweeted.

Another fan added: “ok ok if that happens i will watch for sure.”



  • TruthTeller

    I could see Russell doing ok , but Dick , LMAO , he’d have to stop every 5 minutes to smoke and how would he get his heroin through customs , lol. Ed wouldn’t make it through the first leg.

  • Kathykrause59

    Hate Russ and I doubt Dick could keep up with the race. But Id love to see it

  • Melissa Zeigler

    OMG! I would luv to see this happen!

  • Lilokie67

    That would be awesome to see both of these bulldogs tough it out. LOL I’d watch.

  • Cari Kay

    Russell Hantz is a wannabe – your 15 minutes are up, bro.

  • Rdouvillier

    Yeah, and 2 days ago Matt tweeted he was going back in BB for allstars and was busy packing. He then tweeted a pic of his wife Stacy sitting in a duffel bag. LOL


    to watch the two of them on da race would be a flipping big fat blast I can’t stand Russell but I love ED he’s the most entertaining reality man no matter what he is doing running in da race, smoking a cigg, spitting & hacking dealing with Russell’s big head along with Ed’s Big head oh what a show dat would make I’ll be there for sure tell me da time & I’ll pick a seat for da duration of da season!!!

  • Mindy Stephens

    It wouldnt work. Theres no one to mess with and get in their heads but each other. I would love to see dick do it but russell would only slow him down. IT is sooo out of russel’s element.

  • Guest

    Evel Dick would do a lot better with his own son, Vincent, as his partner. As for Heltz, who the hell cares! Wouldn’t watch him even if CBS paid me cash to do so.

  • Anonymous

    Evel dick needs no additional stroking of his ego, he’s a monster.

  • Baja_ahhh

    I’d like to see Russell on any show, he PLAYS to win at any cost. He’s a great competitor. Could care less about Evil Dick.