Amazing Race Recap with Rachel Reilly

Amazing Race Recap with Rachel Reilly

TARTalk is THE Amazing Race Recap show where host Kevin Campbell reheats, rehashes, and rewinds the latests happenings on The Amazing Race.  This week we nominate Rachel for the”Quote of the Week” for not knowing what a beard is (WTF?), we translate team Mark & Boppers “Country-nese” language, and we giggle at a loop of Brenden falling in poo. (EW!).

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  • ImNOTKevinISwear

    I love Kevin! He is SOOOO SEXY!

  • Meghan (& Cheyne)

    I LOVE THE FAST FORWARD RECAP! AMAZING. I just want to put that little Kevin chipmunk in my pocket and take him with me e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e!

  • Tamdihugs

    Thanks, Kevin and Rachel… Love the recaps.. especially the fast forward.