TAR Season 21 Premiere: Top Moments!

TAR racers begin in Pasadena and fly to Shanghai in the season premiere

TAR Season 21 Premiere: Top Moments!

The Amazing Race Season 21 contestants begin their journey in Pasadena and fly to Shanghai, China where it’s hotter than a rotisserie. During the premiere episode we learn that if the couple who wins the first leg of the race also wins the last leg, they will win DOUBLE the prize money this season. $2 million dollars.

Ping Pong Junior Champion Roadblock: The gender of the champion was questionable to some of the TAR contestants, but she could whoop all of their tushes when it came to ping pong, whether she was using a paddle, clip board, or even a frying pan. Natalie and Nadiya had the hardest time with this challenge and the one who wasn’t doing the paddling was losing her shit. Doubtful the two twins will last long in this race, but anyone who loses their shit on the show is fun to watch. Kudos to TAR for the HEE-larious graphics of the laughing Chinese girl every time she scored a point.

Frog Fallopian Tubes: The teams had to eat a couple of papayas stuffed with frog fallopian tubes (which apparently stink) and the monster truck team Rob & Kelly fail to read all of the directions before doing the challenge. It cost them time and it forced Rob to eat twice the amount of fallopian tubes as the rest of the contestants. I can’t help but wonder if he shit tadpoles later.

Nice Guys Finish Last: First it was the FABULOUS gay goat farmers, Josh & Brent, who let the monster truckers, Rob and Kelly, go ahead of them in line at the airport, causing them to be on a later flight. Who does that!? Then it was Amy & Daniel who told Abbie and Ryan where the lady with the abacus was, causing them to lose out on first place – and the shot at $2 million dollars. Yes, Amy and Daniel were stupid to tell other teams where to find the woman, but Abbie and Ryan win major douchebag points in my book for  passing up the double amputee and her boyfriend who was carrying both his and her backpacks. The least they could have done was offered to take a bag off his hands, they already had the win. To me, they are the new Vanessa and Ralph. Except Ryan is Vanessa and Abbie is Ralph. Good luck with the world “bowing down” to you, douchebag. Let’s hope they don’t win the last leg. I know, I’m such a bitch.

Top Quote of the Week: “We’ve been on a flight for 17-hours…and I’m wearing the same underpants.” – Ryan

Say goodbye to teammates Rob and Sheila, the couple from Ketchikan, Alaska. They failed to hustle, and it cost them the game. 

Amazing Race 21 Rob Sheila



  • mistjosa

    I’ll be very surprised if Abby and Ryan make it all the way to the end. I think the other teams will definitely want them out now since they might not want them to get the 2 mill.

  • Frank

    Abby and Ryan – dating devorcees. . . more like dating douchebags!

  • http://www.gearculture.com/ CZ

    Seeing Abby and Ryan pull that ultimate douche bag move almost made me throw the remote to the TV. I hope they got detoured and eliminated.

  • Quiturbttchn

    totally agree, I can’t believe they passed her up and they got there because they gave them the info when so many of the others were lying … Hope they Lose for being az

  • AnnieO

    two thumbs down for Abby&Ryan

  • racefan

    I can’t believe the comments about Abby,and Ryan passing by the double amputee.This is a race for a million bucks.Why should Amy get a pass because of her handicap?Have you people even watched TAR?You don’t give out information when your’e that close to coming in first,and you have a chance at 2 million.If Amy expects other teams to let them go first,than they shouldn’t be on the race.I can’t see them going far in the race with that attitude.Abby,and Ryan,and most of the teams are playing to win for themselves,not to give a pity party for someone that can’t keep up.Also if Amy is as competitive,and athletic as she seems to be,I don’t think she would want a pass from other teams.I’m sure Amy has worked hard all of her life to be able to compete,as anyone else,to feel sorry for her (IMO) cheapens what she has done thus far to gain the exceptance that she has earned in her life.I hope they do go far,but I don’t see them winning.Only because amputees haven’t done well on reality shows ie Survivor,and also TAR.(Remember Sarah from a few seasons back?)