The Twins Are Obnoxious…And My Favorite on TAR 21

The spicy twins are tough competitors and they make great TV!

The Twins Are Obnoxious…And My Favorite on TAR 21

When The Amazing Race Season 21 began a few weeks ago there were a couple of  teams I didn’t think I was going to like right off the bat. One of them being the Sri Lankan twins. I think it all started with the ping-pong challenge and all their screaming, but something about them rubbed me the wrong way. Now, three episodes into it, I absolutely love them. Why? Because they have crazy enthusiasm, are tougher than some of the men out there, and they make great TV.

Natalie (nose ring) and Nadiya (nose stud) Anderson say whatever the hell is on their mind, especially when under pressure. On last night’s episode they made me laugh but also shocked me with a few of their brutally honest comments. So for this week, I am bringing you the Top 3 Snarkiest Comments made by the feisty twins.

1. “We can go with the stupid Chippendales.” 

So I’m not exactly a fan of any kind of male strippers either, but this comment made my jaw drop. Hey, I never said the twinnies had tact!

2. “This guy is the worst cab driver ever, let’s get off.” 

Okay, to say it is one thing, but to say it to the guy’s face while on camera?! Ouch!

3. “We’re with all the stragglers in the back.” 

The twins BARELY missed the first train, and the second one set them back 3-hours where they were stuck with the blondes, the delusional monster truckers, and David & Goliath. They came out on top though, beating all three teams to the finish line.

Amazing Race 21 Episode 3

This week it was the blondes who were eliminated from the race after missing the first train and then choosing a Becak (pedicab) driver who had no clue where he was going. Man, the bicycle pedicabs and the TAKSIs have really been a problem this season so far! Pressure got the the blondes, particularly Brittany, who screamed at her pedicab driver afterwards when he didn’t know how to speak English. She completely lost her shit, screaming louder every time the poor guy didn’t understand her. She ended up paying for 25 pedicab rides because she wasn’t patient enough to find an interpretor and she left a beautiful impression of Americans on the Indonesians.

Other Top Moments of TAR 21, Episode 3:

  • Jaymes can taste culture, y’all.
  • Nadiya running into the cameraman as Natalie admires someone’s photo on the U-Turn.
  • The longhairs still stay away from the pack. I think it’s because they don’t want to share their weed with the rest of the teams.

Who is YOUR favorite team on The Amazing Race 21?


  • Charlie Toft

    When they’re both screaming at the same time, it’s really obnoxious (I think one of them likes to yell more than the other one), but I like their attitude. It’s always good to see a team of two young women that isn’t all princess-y.

  • Imaprincessnyc

    One of the twins running into camera was priceless. I still laugh when I think about it.

  • TruthTeller

    The blondes were way more delusional then the monster truckers. I’m glad they are gone. The clueless monster truckers aren’t so bad, just not a lot of personality.

    I agree with you about the twins. I didn’t think much of them at first, but I like them more each weak. Same with the chippendales.

    The rock star & lawyer are a lot more boring then I expected.

  • HoH8

    Gosh Spicy…make ur recaps a little longer…i Love reading what u have to say…cut the pics and write more bout the Epi…..☺….

    Loving my Hottie Chipp dancers…they are so HOT…mmmmm….im waiting for Phil to give them a water challenge to see them only in their trunks, yummy, lol…..☺….

  • Fejodap

    somebody knows english? hey! straighten your tongue…i cant understand you. the are both loud and boastful…

  • Kmiz

    These two are a disgrace and are disgustingly arrogant. Especially given the comments made about their domestic help etc. Not cool. Not impressed and most certainly not a fan!!!

    • ManiMar

      You really need to get your fact checked Kmiz. They were talking about their “servant” aka housekeeper in American lingo who they felt is a part of their family. They were not speaking of him as a slave that they abused, but of a family member they felt would be proud of them.

      • Earl

        They apparently(I haven’t seen the bid cuz it was taken down) stated that they have “many” servant including a driver who has worked for them since he was 14.

        Also, I can’t believe that no one has called them out on here for their referring to the goat farmers as “the gays”.

        I hope these bitches lose and that they rot some place very warm.

        • Earl

          Vid not bid

  • Grayson82

    I would rather have salt poured into my open eyes than have to listen to them anymore. these girls are annoying, dishonest (don’t lose anything around them and hope to get it back), and helpless. they would have lost 6 rounds ago if they didn’t pair up with other racers and ride their coattails.

  • Runnergirl

    If these twins go ANY further, I will not watch Amazing Race any further, nor will my group of 20 friends who all watch each Sunday and convene Monday morning to discuss. They are wretched human beings, thoughtless and absolutely disgusting in every way.

  • Gerry Madoni

    The twins were overly annoying for a reason i.e to promote themselves and hope to get some more TV later on. Many disliked them and had good cause to , as many of their comments and utterances just spanked of ignorance, meaness and arrogance. It was that smug look on one of the twins faces in the mid episode clips that was too irritating to watch. I for one think that the twins felt they had to assume this misguided certainly naive approach to what they thought was being on an American TV show. Hence the overusage of the “kick ass” “this sucks” and all the other hackneyed sports terms that littered their lines throughout the show. It was almost like a bad asian production of ” The Sri Lanka Twins come to America”. For now I think the twins will go away never to be seen again. Not to be mean , but they sure as hell were , you girls had your moment in the sun so now enjoy the sunset.

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