The Amazing Race Cast Announced: Brendon & Rachel Confirmed

Clowns, Feds, and Houseguests on TAR 20

The Amazing Race Cast Announced: Brendon & Rachel Confirmed

The 20th season of The Amazing Race will definitely star Big Brother super couple Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas.

We reported the possibility of the pair starring in the upcoming season earlier and with CBS’ official announcement, we can now confirm that report.

Among the teams Brendon and Rachel will be competing against are federal agents, twins and even married clowns. It’s probably too much to hope that they compete in clown makeup, isn’t it?

The Amazing Race 20 Cast:

  • Brendon Villegas, 31; Westwood, Calif.; Ph.D. student; Rachel Reilly, 27; Westwood, Calif.; event hostess (engaged)
  • Dave Gregg, 44; New Port Richey, Fla.; “Ambassador of; Laughter”; Cherie Gregg, 44; New Port Richey, Fla.; “Ambassador of; Laughter” (married clowns)
  • Art Velez, 43; Temecula, Calif.; border patrol agent; J.J. Carrell, 42; Carlsbad, Calif.; border patrol agent (friends)
  • Nary Ebeid, 32; Los Angeles; federal agent; Jamie Graetz, 33; Los Angeles; federal agent (friends)
  • Vanessa Macias, 31; San Antonio; freelance writer; Ralph Kelley, 36; San Antonio; bar owner (dating divorcees)
  • Misa Tanaka, 27; San Diego; car buyer; Maiya Tanaka, 25; San Diego; professional golfer (sisters)
  • Dave Brown Jr., 33; Madison, Wis.; U.S. Army Officer; Rachel Brown, 30; Madison, Wis.; project manager (married)
  • William “Bopper” Minton, 41; Manchester, Ky..; motorcycle mechanic; Mark Jackson, 45; Manchester, Ky.; former state inspector (best friends)
  • Joey “Fitness” Lasalla, 29; Whitestone, N.Y.; trainer/supplement; company owner; Danny Horal, 27; Holbrook, N.Y.; nightclub promoter (friends)
  • Elliot Weber, 28; Scottsdale, Ariz.; musician; Andrew Weber, 28; Menlo Park, Calif.; professional soccer player (twins)
  • Kerri Paul, 30; Gulfport, Miss.; program coordinator; Stacy Bowers, 30; Gulfport, Miss.; self-employed/”basketball” wife (cousins)

Brendon and Rachel TAR 20



  • gma

    There should be a Yes, but not because I love them.

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  • Sick of them

    I am so disappointed with Amazing race /CBS for putting these two on my TV again. They ruined BB12 BB13 and now Amazing race. I hope they lose leg one so I can watch other wise for the first time I will skip the season.
    Guess it true that they blew all of her winnings from BB13 because Brendon said he was never doing reality TV again. Ha ha lies just like I am going back to school!!
    Drinking game for you people watching ever time you hear engaged/fiancee or BRENDONNNNNN or see them arguing!!

    • Gmabso3


  • SickofRachelR

    Oh no, guess I won’t be watching AR this time around, I’ve been tortured enough already!

  • Kaytee Young

    Hahaha haters gonna hate. I’ve been waiting for the conformation for what seems like forever. If I could thank CBS I would. I miss them on my tv. Life is GOOD now :D Team Brenchel forever!!!!



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