The Amazing Race Episode 8 Podcast

Listen in for this week's gossip and exclusives from Reality Rally!

The Amazing Race Episode 8 Podcast How to win back your ex

This week on The Amazing Race the teams went on Safari!  It was an episode filled with the beauty of nature, minus Art and “Cry Bay-Bay.”  That’s my new nickname for the BPA’s (Border Patrol Agents) and we need to make it stick!  Now don’t get me wrong there was lots of drama too… from a “Double U-Turn” to a much deserved first place check in!  If that’s not enough there was even a special appearance by Hillary Clinton!  But no worries if you missed anything because I’m here to fill you in.

I'll also be recapping Celebrity Apprentice, as well as bringing you the latest in Reality TV news, gossip, spoilers and more from over the weekend and Reality Rally!  So get comfy and Listen Now

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To see the full bonus scene of Art & JJ bullying the racers:  CLICK HERE

For my Rachel & Kevin at Reality Rally pic:  CLICK HERE


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