Who Won TAR 20?

Amazing Race finale, "It's a Great place to Become a Millionaire"...

Who Won TAR 20?

On The Amazing Race 20‘s finale episode, “It’s a Great Place to Become a Millionaire,” we saw Rachel and Dave continue to slaughter their opponents and dominate in every leg of the race. Vanessa struggled with a bad ankle, perhaps costing her and Ralph the million dollars, Rachel and Brendon argued the entire time, and Art & JJ struggled every step of the final leg.

For me, the most entertaining part of the night’s 2-hour episode was the Roadblock. I think you’ll agree with me there. The Japanese game show, “Bring That Chicken Home Game Show” was an absolute RIOT! I don’t think I laughed so hard all season long. Watching Art run, grab a chicken, fall down & go boom (repeat) was the highlight of the night for me – until it was Vanessa’s turn of course. Heh. Okay, okay, so I wasn’t a fan of Vanessa’s, and as much as I enjoyed watching her fall down and grab her ankle over and over again I have to commend her for at least finishing.

It was a great finale of Amazing Race and you have to agree that Rachel and Dave earned their win and the million dollars. They owned this season and not even super competitive and fit Rachel and Brendon could keep up with them. I have to admit, I didn’t think I was going to like Rachel in the beginning, but after 3 or 4 episodes in she really started to grow on me. I loved the way she would snap back at Dave when he would get bitchy. She puts that soldier in his place!

Congratulations to Rachel and Dave on their win!

Just a head’s up, on Tuesday (tomorrow) we will have Big Brother’s Brendon and Rachel joining us on Superpass to discuss this season of The Amazing Race! Hear all the scoop on the things that happened behind the scenes that you didn’t get to see on the show! Join us at 3:30PT/ 6:30ET and call in to ask your own questions!