Who won The Amazing Race 19?

Who won The Amazing Race 19?

The 19th season of The Amazing Race came to a conclusion Sunday night with one team winning the $1 million grand prize.

The season finale came down to three final couples: Ernie and Cindy (engaged), Jeremy and Sandy (dating), and Armani and Marcus (married).

So which couple made it to the finish line in Atlanta, Georgia, first?

The million-dollar prize money goes to Ernie and Cindy. The Chicago couple are the winners of the 19th season. Coming in second place were Jeremy and Sandy while Armani and Marcus finished third.

Ernie and Cindy said they want to use some of their winnings for charity. And surely, some of it will go to the engaged couple’s wedding.

“The race has been the best pre-marital counseling you can get,” Cindy said.