FIRST LOOK: Mariah Carey, American Idol Judge

Is it us, or is this photograph just plain AWKWARD?

FIRST LOOK: Mariah Carey, American Idol Judge

Fox has just released the first promo pic of Mariah Carey as an official American Idol judge.

Um…so why is she wearing a ballgown on a beach at sunset? And what exactly is she doing with her arms?

We’ll be kind and not mention the Photoshopped waist, because we are big Mimi fans, we really are.

By comparison, here’s J-Lo’s official Idol promo shot. Looks more … professional, right? (Wasn’t it just last week that J-Lo was hemming and hawing over whether she was leaving Idol? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!)

The Mariah pic is clearly some kind of rush job, as the announcement happened only Monday. It looks exactly like those awkward Dancing With the Stars pics ABC releases after the announcement of the cast. But why the rush?

Mimi will not be rushed. Mimi operates on Central Mariah Time. Bad things happen when the MIMI is RUSHED!

Like this photo. She doesn’t look happy to be on American Idol. She looks constipated.

Let’s make this right, Fox Publicity Team!


  • Cory ✌

    This looks like an old promo for “The Emancipation of MiMi”

  • Romesick

    Maybe it was so rushed that they couldn’t find the actual Mimi, and instead had to use her wax figure from Madame Tussaud’s?