Mariah Carey And Idol: Has The Time Come?

Rumors are again connecting the diva with the show.

Mariah Carey And Idol: Has The Time Come?

The biggest name from the last big American Idol judging search in 2010 has resurfaced yet again, with differing reports on how interested everyone is.

Various sources have linked Mariah Carey with one of the current openings on the Idol panel. An Associated Press story cites “a person familiar with the show’s negotiations” as saying that the 42-year-old diva is being pursued, and that talks are “serious.” Some of you will remember that Carey’s name was floated two summers ago as an Idol judging possibility, but the announcement that she was pregnant with twins took her officially out of the running – paving the way for Jennifer Lopez, who of course also has twins.

Like most of the names being gossiped about, Carey has a friendly past relationship with Idol, having appeared as a guest mentor before; and current (for now) judge Randy Jackson has worked with her in the past, a fact he never tires of mentioning. Given the time she’s spent away from the recording studio, and given that she’s in a tricky age range for pop singers, the exposure that Idol provides could be highly tempting for Carey. Plus, it’s a job that allows a mom to make a lot of money while getting to (mostly) stay in L.A. and work part-time.

But just as he did two years ago, Carey’s husband Nick Cannon seems to be doing everything he can to bat the rumors down. Cannon, the well-regarded host of America’s Got Talent, told TMZ that his wife is likely out of the price range of Idol: “If they gave JLo $20 million, they might have to double that!” Nothing wrong with starting your negotiation with optimism.