American Idol Wants Younger, Hipper Judges

Miley Cyrus? Nicki Minaj? Why not?

American Idol Wants Younger, Hipper Judges

Things are getting busy for American Idol rumormongers. On the heels of the recent report that Idol brass was eager to get Adam Lambert on board as a new judge, several new names are emerging as possibilities, with the clear message being that Fox wants its most important show to get younger.

E! News, which first reported the Lambert rumor, added several new names to the producers’ reported wish list. They include, his Black Eyed Peas cohort Fergie, current movie star Katy Perry, tabloid perennial Miley Cyrus, and space creature Nicki Minaj. All of these acts have some past relationship to Idol: and Cyrus have been guest mentors, and Perry had a surprisingly effective appearance as a guest audition judge in Season 9.

Perry has already publicly said she’s not interested in Idol at this time, but there haven’t been any comments on the rumors from any of the others who are named. The most intriguing name on the list is probably Cyrus, who has been making a lot of “I’m all grown up now” tabloid news lately, but hasn’t been doing much actual work. She would make for an obvious contrast with fellow Disney teen Demi Lovato over at The X Factor. It may be true that Miley isn’t the greatest singer in the world, but that’s never been much of a qualification for Idol judging before.

Is there anyone you’d like to see considered that hasn’t been mentioned in any of the current rumors?


  • JackyStacky

    I haven’t been a huge fan of AI over the past few seasons. Seems now like they’re trying to win over The Voice crowd and actually have *current* musicians as judges (with the exception of Cyrus).

    I think it may have jumped the shark– I’m not really sure there is any judge that would make me say “wow- I really need to tune in and see that”.

  • BBFan4Ever

    They should steal Jesse J from Voice UK

  • HoH8

    Oh Dear…J-Lo is Not gonna like being called “Old”…lol….☺…..

  • donna

    they should get rid of the judges all together and turn the judging over to america only.

  • Willie Lump-lump

    There’s a lot of talk of who will be filling the judges spot on American Idol. I think it’s just a way to get ratings since none of the judges have stated they’re no longer going to be on AI. I think it’s great and I hope we don’t lose any of them or I might now watch the show anymore. I enjoy watching AI when it records during PrimeTime Anytime. I can always go back and play it on my Hopper commercial free a day after it’s recorded. I’ve had the hopper for awhile and the Auto Hop feature makes a great addition to PrimeTime Anytime. It’s only compatible with PrimeTime Anytime recordings the day after they air, but it works out great for me, since I watch PrimeTime networks more than anything. I’m glad my coworker at Dish told me about this great new feature, which saves me a ton of time not watching commercials. This will also save me money on batteries since I won’t use it as often.

  • JanaInSendera

    I think past finalist and winning contestants would be a great idea. Clay Aiken, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Daughtry – just avoid those who dropped like a rock as soon as their season was over. A judge needs to know about music, have class and credibility as an individual (this eliminates Minaj, Chris Brown, kanye west), and be able to play nice with others. I liked Steven, but won’t miss Jennifer Lopez. She’s way too impressed with herself in my opinion. Whitney – may she rest in peace – would have been perfect. Usher would be good.

  • Heavenly_voice

    I actually think I’d watch the show everyday if Miley Cyrus was a judge. She is hot as hell, and all this talk of her not having a great voice is bullshit. Her vocal range is amazing and she is one of the best voices of this generation. Stop judging and actualyl do some reasearch on her voice. Listen to her vocal range and some of her live performances and songs. She is amazing. and I’m a guy… Plus she is funny and tells it straight up. She is always real with it. She was great when she was a mentor before. MILEY ALL THE WAY!