Who Won American Idol 2012?

Was it Jessica Sanchez or Phillip Phillips?

Who Won American Idol 2012?

Phillip Phillips, the soulful guitarist from Leesburg, Georgia, took home the American Idol 2012 title tonight after besting fellow finalist Jessica Sanchez.

Phillip, 21, won the 11th season of the competition show after a world-record number of votes. Phillip will now release his winning single, “Home,” which he performed during the very emotional and tearful climax of the season finale.

“It’s been such an honor to be up on this stage playing with everybody…all the fans out there, thank y’all for voting for us,” Phillip said moments before the results were revealed. It’s just been crazy.”

Even though host Ryan Seacrest reminded viewers all season that this season was one of the tightest, Phillip was the clear front-runner all season, as he was the only one of the Top 12 to not end up in the Bottom 3. Jessica was nearly eliminated during Top 7 week until the judges use their one save on her, which sent her all the way to the finale.

Phillip is the fifth guy in a row to win the American Idol title.

Are you happy with the winner of American Idol Season 11?




  • http://twitter.com/Michynkrs Michynkrs

    Yes I’m happy and I completely enjoyed Philip’s musical interpretations. I completely think the song that was written for him “HOME” was a clear winner. Jessica had no chance once he sang his song!

  • AnnieO555

    Philip is super. If he does this well while not very healthy , imagine what he’ll do once he’s feeling better. Can’t wait for his first album.

  • Janice

    No I am not happy with results. How can you compare apples to oranges. Jessica will have a much bigger career than Phillip ever will. Every song he sang sounded the same, BORING!!!

  • Seagerdenise

    very happy Phillip won. Jessica is a terrible singer who only screeches when she sings. She has no personality and didn’t deserve to be in the final two.

  • Fuckyadumbpeople

    I will never watch American idol again

  • getaclue

    Never will watch American Idol again, Jessica got burned, come on America get a clue.

  • Jenny

    Jessica deserved to win. She had the most amazing voice. Philip was OK but no where near Jessica. America you dont know quality singers when you see one.. Get it right next time!!! or its not worth watching. Jessica will still do great. Some one will pick her up for sure and she will have a fantastic career, Its like Adam, he deserved to win but got 2nd and now look at him!!! I love the final concert seeing the great singers perform. Holly did great too.

  • Jenny

    I’m glad Phillip won. Jessica was good but all that screeching starts to sound the same when she does it on every song. She will be wonderful when she is a bit older and realises screaming is not singing.