AGT’s Tim Poe Admits To Lying

America's Got Talent contestant says he did not earn medals

AGT’s Tim Poe Admits To Lying

America’s Got Talent contestant Tim Poe has admitted he did not earn the military honors he claimed to have earned during Monday’s episode of the talent contest.

Poe told fans of the show that he was injured in Afghanistan and had been given the Purple Heart and Bronze Star. After that back story and his emotional performance of “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” fans were in tears. But not long after, fans’ tears turned to outrage as the Minnesota National Guard said they had no record of Poe’s injuries and that he had not received any honors.

Since then, Poe has said he got caught up in a story once at a golf tournament where he didn’t want to be the only veteran there who had not been given high military honors. That’s where he apparently first claimed to have earned the Purple Heart and Bronze Star. Apparently he decided to carry the story over to the America’s Got Talent platform.

“It was just something stupid,” Poe said in an interview. “They don’t want to give Purple Hearts out for TBI (traumatic brain injury). Everyone there had (medals and honors). It was just one of those things where you feel out of place and you want to feel like you were part of something.”

Apparently Poe did sustain a head injury, but that was reportedly from falling out of the back of a truck, not from combat.

To make things worse, AGT producers say a photo Poe submitted of himself in Army gear was actually that of another soldier named Norman Bone. The photo was aired during Poe’s segment Monday night.

“We sincerely apologize to U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Norman Bone for using a photo of him in our story on Tim Poe,” the producers said in a statement. ”It was supplied to us by Tim and used on the show in good faith. It has now been removed and will not be used again.”

NBC has not commented on whether or not Poe will be allowed to remain on the show. Something tells me he might not want to remain regardless of what NBC says. He’s not going to have many fans after this.

Do you think he should be allowed to remain a part of America’s Got Talent?



  • Faceones

    well he still a veteran that should have a purple heart just because he got brain injury dont mean he should not

  • Faceones

    i got to hear more of his story first got to be more to it

  • Melissa Zeigler

    This whole story pisses me off! Seriously ??? Thing is his voice is great!!

  • BB12 Matt

    Lying on a reality show??? What a scumbag.

    • Chelsia Hart

      I know, who does that?!

      • BB12 Matt

        It’s an insult to REAL veterans who were injured. Like myself.

  • JayLow1

    I figured Tim Poe’s telling lies to hopefully help launch him into a win. He should’ve been hones and just let his talent speak for him instead of making up a story. Now it’s possible this may cost him his chance on Americas Got Talent. This is a great show I never miss. Now I can enjoy this great show commercial free. I’m able to watch all my primetime shows commercial free with the new Auto Hop feature. I think the Auto Hop feature is great, which has come along for all of us who already fast forward commercials. This just makes it easier by doing all the work for you and I’m going to be able to save some money on batteries because I no longer need to skip ahead every ten minutes. I’m glad my coworker from Dish told me about this great new feature, it gives me the option to choose to skip the commercials or not. The Hopper just keeps getting better and better.

  • Charlie Toft

    The sob story helped get him on the show to begin with (obviously), so the AGT people have every right to feel betrayed. Besides, the country audience is going to take this kind of thing very, very badly, so he’s got no chance of ever pulling any votes now. He might as well take the high road (for once) and quit.

  • Teresea Avant

    This is so sad because he is an awesome singer….I can’t imagine what the judges will say if he stays on & the fans will boo him stupid he was

  • Albie

    Being injured in Combat is something you don’t lie about. I do not think he should be allowed to continue on AGT, even if he said he lied. Once a liar, always a liar!

  • KayKay

    A lie that was totally unnecessary, he would have been chosen anyway, his voice is outstanding!
    Just NEVER heard of anyone lying on a reality show!!! LOL (I watch Big Brother by the way, so that was supreme sarcasm!) LOL

  • Flaming Artisrty

    Regardless of how you sustain your injuries, you don’t lie on national TV. That’s a no-brainer!!! It goes against the whole Code of Honor!

  • Shastr

    I feel everyone deserves a second chance. Look how many music stars have done wrong and the public over looks all their falts and still buys their records. As for the military story, there are millions of men and women in the military and there are some of those men and women that have their tall tells. It is sad that Mr. Poe was not able just to tell it like it was with him as far as his history goes. Though he still served our country and along with many other men and women. Just for that I thank not only Mr. Poe, but also everyone that had served in the military, even thoughs with their big tall tails, the only difference, those tells were not made public, if those tall tails were they would be in the same shoes as Mr. Poe. So I say give Mr. Poe a break and lets gather our forgiveness for what he had done. Lets hope that he will learn from this that hononsty is the best policy from here on out. I remember another country singer that stuttered Mel Tillis a great singer and honost man at that. I hope that Mr. Poe will look at Mr. Tillis in reference to honosty and try to step on to that path in life. So keep on singing and for all those soulders out their fighting, if you want to make up for what you had done on national TV than sing for them and bring them home. Giving it your all, for keep in mind it is them you had faught with at one time in your life. So start to stand by them even now as you apoligize to all America. For I for one except that apology, here in Washington state, this little ole house wife, whom had a dad that served in World War 11, and two brothters and two nephews and one niece that aslo served in the military, but not in the war. A niece that is now in the service and the one nephew retired from the service. So sing for all of them to come home safely. Besides I do not know of anyone person that can say, “My closet has not dark side to dig up”. We all have done something one time or another in our lives that was wrong. It just was not publisized. So keep singing and do not stop! Sing our men and women soulders home with pride!!

    • Retired Veteran

      “As for the military story, there are millions of men and women in the military and there are some of those men and women that have their tall tails.” Really? You are a disgrace. I would be willing to put my Disabled Veterans Check on the fact that you don’t know what the hell you are talking about and that you never served OUR country a day in YOUR life. How dare you stick up for a piece of sh!t like this. Why don’t you go to your local Veterans Hospital and volunteer for a day – then come back and defend this miserable maggot. Maybe then you’ll see why your comment is ludicrous.

      • Mel515

        My husband is a 100% P&T Disabled Combat Veteran. He has Combat PTSD along with other physical and mental disorders. He has always wanted to go on AGT, but he would not be able to do it now. My husband felt for this guy because of what he has been through, but now… Let’s just say we better not ever see this Poe guy in public. He has disgraced his military code. Shame on him. He had his chance to tell his story honestly. People would have been supportive of him when told the truth. Where is his future headed now?? Not anywhere good. To lie to MILLIONS of people or maybe more on National TV – That must be one of the biggest lies ever told to a group of people at once. TBI or not… His girlfriend knew.

        • carrie

          No I did not

  • Shauntil07

    I work with people who have brain injuries. If I had not worked with people of traumatic brain injuries, then this would probably outrage me too. But from the healthcare provider perspective, this makes perfect sense. TBI (traumatic brain injuries) can cause a person to lie about things that didn’t really happen to them or put out a story that they believed did occur to them. Depending on which part of the brain was affected and what side, it could’ve affected what he said on the show as well before that. Do I condone it, no, but I understand why he said the things he said and I do feel sorry for him.

    • Michelle Combs

      I have a TBI & I know first hand what a head injury can do to a person. Every injury is different & affects them so. I was in a brain injury rehab for 3 months in 2002. I’ve seen people that stuttered, seen them that couldn’t speak period from the injury; some cant walk……… The BRAIN controls everything. Also some are so out of touch with reality that it really made me appreciate my blessings a lot more. I hate to see people jump the gun & accuse someone of something that they don’t have a clue about. I wish him the best, he’s got talent no doubt

  • jerry scalze

    absolutely NOT!!! he is now a DISGRACE..and from now on, anyone is is a vet, might be 2nd guess!!!he is OUTTA THERE!!!

  • Kirstracing630

    NO, This guy shouldnt be allowed to be on america’s got talent. Kick him off! How dare he lie about being hurt over seas! And putting up a picture of an honest true soldier. Screw him, excuse my language but he is a discrace.

  • No


  • REAL

    This guy is a loser and should be kicked off the show! Why would you lie about something like that? Makes me sick!

  • Linda Hampson

    I think he is one sick individual, not becaause of his supposed brain trauma but because he could minimize what true Heroes have done. And his Girlfriend is hust as bad, standing in the background, crying and supporting his lies. Even if the lying is “NOT HIS FAULT “, SHE IS NOT SUFFERING FROM A BRin injury is she? Now his Ex-wife come forward and says he did not ” Learn to sing in the shower as speech therapy”, but that he has sung in a band for years. SICKO

    • carrie

      I didn’t know the truth and I was just as victimized by his lies and deception. Although I was hurt, mad, and humiliated I still stuck by his side thinking I could help him. I loved him very much. But now I now he is nothing but a lier. It doesn’t matter what it is he just lies

  • HE LIED!

    No he shouldn’t be allowed to continue on AGT. If he does go on I hope he’s boo’d off the stage & is humiliated. He’s disgusting.

  • Adrienne

    We live in the 21st century and still burn people at the stake, just different than they used to. Let it go. He probably lied on the application for the show and had to follow through. Good grief, the last two winners were a chicken farmer and a car washer. I respect the military but if this makes you angry than no wonder America is failing.

    • C_elder

      What does it matter that a person is chicken farmer or a car washer?.. Eggs and Chicken do not grow on store shelves. If it was not for us that work 7 days a week 365 day a year Farming, you would not have chicken or eggs to eat. We aare not dumb Hillbillies as you might think.