Veteran Tim Poe Booted From AGT

Controversial contestant did not advance on America's Got Talent

Veteran Tim Poe Booted From AGT

Tim Poe, the contestant who sparked controversy on America’s Got Talent after his combat injury claims were proven false, has been booted from the show.

And his elimination has nothing to do with the controversy he was caught up in. It was because the judges were not impressed with his version of George Strait’s “The Chair.” And how do we know the controversy wasn’t the reason he was booted? Because Tuesday night’s episode that resulted in Poe’s elimination was filmed before people starting questioning his story after his initial audition episode aired.

Tim Poe wowed the audience on an episode that aired early this month, after he told viewers he was injured in Afghanistan and that the injury left him with a stutter – one that doesn’t show up in his singing. The audience gave him a standing ovation after singing a very mediocre version of Garth Brooks’ “If Tomorrow Never Comes. ”

After that airing, his claims were questioned and he later confessed to lying about receiving medals and how his injury occurred.

Are you glad to see Tim out of the contest?


  • Fast Freddy

    I knew that when Tim Poe came to Vegas he would be leaving it just as quick. I didtn think he would last after the drama that was stirred about his injury. Americas Got Talent is one of my favorite primetime shows and I can’t wait for the next episode. Now for the past few weeks I’ve watch this show commercial free. This is part of my Auto Hop feature where I have the option a day after my primetime shows have recorded I can skip the commercials. I was thrilled when my coworker at Dish showed me how it works, since most of the shows I watch are recorded off PrimeTime Anytime. Now I’ll have the freedom to either watch the commercials or skip them. I get more enjoyment not having to watch commercials every ten minutes and I save battery life too.