ANTM Recap: Crouching Tiger, Soaring Model

ANTM Recap: Crouching Tiger, Soaring Model

It’s down to the wire on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion. The competition has come down to 3 British models vs. 2 American Models. After last week’s dethroning of Queen Catherine, the models went back to their presidential suite at The MGM Macau. American model Laura quickly bonded with the 3 remaining Brits and isolated fellow American Eboni.

For this week’s mini challenge, the models made their way to Hong Kong where they were welcomed by runway coach Miss J and Asian actor and pop star Nicholas Tse. Nicholas told the models that this would not an ordinary acting challenge because the winner would also win a role in his next music video. Before learning their lines, the models had to master a choreographed fight sequence. The final five stepped up their game as they each filmed a screen test with Nicholas Tse. Before announcing the challenge winner, Nicholas told each model the positive aspects of their shoot. American model Laura won the challenge and a role in Nicholas Tse next music video.

Back at the suite, Laura admitted that she didn’t do the best but still won the challenge. The other girls felt the same and accused Laura of seducing Nicholas to win. Laura fueled the fire by saying that she wouldn’t mind having sex with Nicholas. Eboni told Laura that she was sleeping her way to the top, which caused Laura to explode on everyone.

The next morning, the models were woken up by their hair and makeup team at 5:30 AM. After getting their hair and makeup done, the models made their way to The Macau Tower. Creative director Jay Manuel let the models know that this tower, 760 feet above the ground would be their next photo shoot location. While most of the models were still in shock, Jay announced that their photographer would be Judge Nigel Barker and that they would be harnessed and shooting outside of the tower at its highest point.

Nigel told Sophie she was up first and she instantly broke down into tears and asked if someone else could go first. Laura stepped up and eagerly volunteered to go first, but then Sophie changed her mind once again and said she would go up first. Sophie’s breakdown continued onto her shoot and she managed to be crying throughout most of it. Jay was extremely impressed as to how Annaliese used the harness to look like it was a part of her outfit. Laura was extremely excited to go out to shoot and totally turned it out. Both Jay and Nigel were extremely impressed with her. Alisha had an emotional breakdown before steeping out for her shoot. Jay even mentioned that this week was critical for Alisha to have a good photo.

Tyra welcomed the models to their first judging panel in Hong Kong. First up was Annaliese. Judge Kelly told her she looked like a true warrior and Nigel complemented her on how she used the harness to her advantage. Next up was Alisha. Nigel told her she did a good job but he felt that she could have done better. Sophie was praised by Nigel for overcoming her fear to get an amazing shot. Eboni was told by Nigel that she fell short in her photo and Tyra told her that she didn’t know what angles worked for her. All 4 of the judges loved Laura’s photo and gave her nothing but positive feedback.

Best photo of the week was American Laura. Runner up for best photo was British model Sophie. Before the next model was called, Alisha broke into tears. Annaliese was called next, leaving Alisha and Eboni in the bottom 2. Tyra told both models that they were the two most physically stunning in the competition but their problem was that they could not translate their beauty to their photos. Tyra told Alisha she was safe but before she gave Alisha her photo, Alisha dropped a bombshell. Alisha told Tyra that she could not stay in the competition because she felt she was being selfish by staying there when she knew she needed to work on herself. Tyra told Alisha that she respected her decision and that she could leave if she wanted to but Eboni would be leaving with her as well. Both models said goodbye to Tyra left behind the final 3 models that are still in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model.