Top Model Recap: Fashion Rewind

Go back in Tyra Time for never aired scenes from this season!

Top Model Recap: Fashion Rewind

Before Tyra crowns a winner on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion, she is taking us back to relive the US vs. UK challenges, photo shoots and drama of this amazing season, as well as plenty of juicy never before seen footage. Tyra took us back to the very beginning when the seven American models found out they would be competing against seven British All Star models.

In a never-before-seen clip, we see bisexual American Laura putting on the moves on American lesbian AzeMarie. AzeMarie was not interested in Laura, which only made Laura want AzeMarie even more. In another never-before-aired scene, we see the models take their rivalry off the catwalk and back stage at their first fashion shoot. American model Eboni rapped a song about how the American models would be sending all of the Brits home.

Tyra relived the moment when the models first saw their model mansion and Laura and AzeMarie jumped into the pool naked. The culture clash between the models was made very clear when the American models had a hard time understanding the British accents accents and  British slang of the British models.

We watched one of the most explosive moments of the season when the British models decided to play a prank on American model Seymone as she slept. What started off as an innocent prank quickly turned into a heated argument between the lone American and all of the British models. Things went from bad to worse when Seymone decided to throw the British’s girls wine away which caused the British models to go crazy. In a never before aired scene, British model Alisha apologized to Seyome and told her that Seymone genuinely frightened all of the British models with her Hulk like behavior.

Tyra then took us back to one of the most ridiculous moments of the season, when she gave the models their very own Intoxibella name or Super Model Super Power. The ridiculousness included names such as: Illuminata, Next Dorsia, Legs For Days, and 30 Never. Later that week, British model Louise butted heads with Judge Kelly and even exchanged some hurtful words. At that week’s judging panel, Louise shocked everyone when she decided to walk out on panel and out of the competition.

In some more never-before-seen footage of the models trip to Toronto Fashion Week, some of the models were judging Seymone’s lack of confidence and bad attitude on set. Once the models were back in the states, America’s Next Top Model All Star winner Lisa Demato paid the models a visit and told them that they would be recording a single and filming a music video for it. Since it was Brits vs. Yanks, each team would have their own British and American pop star as a team mentor. In the next never-before-aired scene, the models took time off from the high stress to the competition and spent the afternoon bootytooching with Tyra.

For the next photo shoot, the girls brought out their claws as they had to pose in Hello Kitty Couture. Once again Seymone had a bad attitude on set that translated into her photo and was sent home leaving two American to battle it out with four Brits. After Seymone’s elimination, American Laura let the only other remaining American Eboni know how she really felt about her. Laura told Eboni that she did not deserve to stay over Seymone and that she should of gone home weeks ago. The drama was short lived because Judge Nigel Barker surprised the models at their mansion to tell them the competition would be going overseas to Macau Asia.

In another never-before-aired scene, the models took advantage of the presidential suite at the MGM Macau by having their very own mock elimination panel. Catherine was Nigel, Eboni was Tyra, Laura was Kelly and Sophie was all of the models. But it wasn’t all fun and games as the stress of the competition started to wear on British model, Alisha. Alisha lost her mind when she found out that fellow British model Sophie had gone through her luggage without asking for permission.

For their 1st overseas shoot, the models had to pose in couture silk gowns while being covered in silk worms. American model Laura was once again scolded for being too sexual while British model Catherine struggled to get a good shot and was sent home.

For their next challenge, the models traveled to Hong Kong where they went on go sees and auditioned for Hong Kong pop star Nicholas Tse. Some of the girls embraced their inner Hong Kong action star as they had to learn lines and a choreographed fight scene. After Laura won the challenge, the other models were extremely upset that Laura had won and accused her of using her sexuality to win the challenge. The high drama was no comparison to the high location of their next photo shoot, 767 feet about Hong Kong. At judging panel Eboni was sent home but Alisha shocked everyone when she took herself out of the competition. That’s the 2nd British model to take herself out of the competition for those of you keeping track.

With only 3 models left in the competition, the models yet again went on go sees. The models walked for 4 top Hong Kong designers and for every booking that they got, the models would also get 1000 Hong Kong dollars. Sophie won the challenge by booking all 4 go sees and  earned 4000 Hong Kong dollars all of which was spent at the club that same night. For the next photo shoot, the models did an ad campaign for the Top Model fragrance, Dream Come True. Over sexual Laura found it difficult to stay young and innocent and found herself in the bottom two along with British model Annalisese. In the end it was Annalises that was sent home.

After 11 weeks of fierce competition, its down to the final American and the final British model as they battle it out to become America’s Next Top Model. Will it be American bass ass Laura or sophisticated Brit Sophie who will take the crown? Find out next Wednesday if the American has the home advantage or if a Brit has what it takes to become America’s Next Top Model!


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