ANTM Recap: Bottled Beauties & Battles for Bookings

The models pose for The Dream Come True Fragrance

ANTM Recap: Bottled Beauties & Battles for Bookings

The race towards the finish line intensified as the last standing American model battled it out with the 2 remaining British models on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion. The British Invasion would have been in full swing if it had not of been for Alisha’s shocking decision to leave the competition last week. The shocked and confused final 3 made their way back to their presidential suite at the MGM Macau, where they were still in disbelief over Alisha’s self-elimination, but were extremely happy to have made it to the final 3.

The next day, Judge Kelly Cutrone welcomed the models on to the Star Ferry in Hong Kong and told the models that they would be going on go sees with 4 of Hong Kong’s top designers. Kelly then told the models that not only would they be booking but banking as well. For every go see that was booked, the model would be receiving 1000 Hong Kong dollars. Kelly sweetened the deal by letting the models know that they would each have their very own guide to help them navigate Hong Kong. But these were no ordinary tour guides; they were also top Hong Kong male models.

Sophie’s 1st go see was with designer William Tang who loved the way that Sophie modeled his clothing. William was not impressed with Laura’s walk and told her she needed more practice on her walk. William loved Annaliese’s personality and walk and he told her she had a very special flare that radiated off the catwalk. The next go see for Sophie was with designer Gregory Derham and the House of Siren. Gregory thought that Sophie was sophisticated and elegant and even described her as perfect. Annaliese was first to meet with designer Henry Lau. Henry said he would not be booking Annaliese because she was not cool and sexy enough. Laura was first to meet with Nude Is Rude designer Marisa Zeman. Laura was once again told that she needed to work on her walk. Gregory Derham loved how Annaliese committed to the costume she was modeling. Gregory also loved Laura but also felt she needed a stronger walk. Henry Lau felt that Sophie had the perfect look and confidence for his brand. The models meet Judge Kelly back at the pier to find out how they did. Laura booked 2 out of 4 go sees, Annaliese booked 3 and Sophie booked all 4 and earned 4000 Hong Kong dollars which is almost 500 American dollars.

The next day creative director Jay Manuel told the models that they would be shooting an image campaign for the America’s Next Top Model fragrance, Dream Come True. Jay let the models know that whoever wins America’s Next Top Model, will have todays photo used worldwide to promote the fragrance. Jay then let the models know what the high fashion concept of the shoot would be. They would be posing inside a huge life size bottle of the Dream Come True fragrance. While in hair and makeup, Jay introduced the models to the Dream Come True creator, Ben Bennet. Ben reminded the models of the importance of an ad campaign for a fragrance.

Sophie was up first and brought her bubbly personality to set. Jay described her performance as magical and pretty. Annalises was reminded to keep a light and happy attitude during her shoot. She failed to do so as soon as she stepped into the bottle. Ben encouraged her to keep on smiling throughout the shoot. American bad ass Laura had a very hard time trying to be girly and happy for the shoot. What started off ass a dreamy shoot quickly turned into an over sexual shoot. Jay had to constantly remind Laura to tone down the sexiness. Jay said that Laura’s performance might knock her out of the competition.

Tyra sniffed and welcomed the models to the judging panel and introduces fellow judges Nigel Barker and Kelly Cutrone. Up first to be judged was Laura. Nigel called her photo ethereal and feminine. Kelly said it looked more like an ad for plastic surgery then a fragrance ad. Annaliese was next to be judged. Kelly told her she was very proud of her and was really won over by Annaliese’s personality. Nigel said the photo was good but she didn’t look like a model. Sophie was told that her photo was stunning and extremely youthful. The judges had nothing but positive feedback from Sophie.

Best photo of the week and first finalist was Sophie, leaving Laura and Annaliese in the bottom 2. Tyra told Laura that the judges loved her uniqueness but at the same time were very nervous that she was a one trick pony who could only rock the tuff rocker look. Tyra then told Annaliese that as the weeks went on her pictures improved. Tyra also commended her on booking almost all of her go sees even though she is not as tall as other models. Tyra handed Laura her photo and told her she was still in the running and a finalist to become America’s Next Top Model.