ANTM Recap: Revenge Of The High Fashion Tooch!

The Models Step Up For Anti Bullying Campaign

ANTM Recap: Revenge Of The High Fashion Tooch!

Tyra Banks has struck model gold with her Booty Tooch which came back to reek havoc on the models this week. After last week’s shocking elimination of American front runner Azmarie, the playing field was back to an even score with 4 American models against 4 British models. The British models were surprised at their model mansion with their winning music video playing on their TV and a huge box filled with celebratory goodies. Meanwhile, American models, Seymone and Kyle bonded over the fact that they were excluded and “picked on” by the other American models. At the same time in another room, fellow American Laura, who had a feud with Kyle, was extremely pissed that AzMarie went home before Kyle. Laura took her frustration to several of the British models who all agreed that it was not fair that Kyle was still in the competition after she threatened to quit a few weeks back.

Judge and photographer Nigel explained to the models what their team challenge for the week would be. The handsome Brit announced to the models that they would be creating a 2 minute PSA for Tyra’s B.I.O campaign, which is an anti bullying campaign. Nigel also told the models that each team would have to incorporate 4 young girls into each PSA. The winning campaign would be released on The CW website and each model on the winning team would also be getting a personal video message from a loved one back home on their Virgin Mobile phone. The British team quickly jumped into the challenge and immediately started brain storming. Meanwhile Kyle's isolation from her fellow American models caused a strange tension between the group. The ladies managed to look passed their differences as Ebony opened up about being bullied in school.

Both teams bonded with their young costars and emotions were at al all time high when all of the girls shared personal stories of being bullied. British model Alisha broke down when she asked a young African America girl what made her not feel so beautiful The little girl told Alisha that when she looked at her skin color and hair she felt unpretty because were are no princesses that had the same color and hair as she did. Alisha instantly started crying as she reminded the young girl of her beauty. The American girls delivered a very inspirational and touching PSA but the British models did better and won the team challenge. Annalise received a video message from her roommate, Catherine from her parents and family dog, Alisha received one from her mom, dad and little brother and Sophie’s was upset that her boy friend’s video was not very heartfelt.

The next day, Jay Manuel welcomed the modes to a beautiful mansion in Bel Air and told them that for this week’s photo shoot, they would be taking the Booty Tooch to a high fashion extreme! The models would be portraying toochrific art installations at a fabulous dinner party at t

he mansion. Jay told the models that they would be sharing their photo with pop star Estelle. Jay also told the models that several of them would be in each other’s photo posing the background and sitting around the table. Catherine lost her tooch and made a desperate attempt to save her shoot but failed miserably. Annaliese did the best of the British girls as she let loose and took posing risk after risk. Extreme Booty Tooching was almost a bit too extreme for Alisha who struggled to bring the extreme tooch to life on her photo. Sophie surprised Jay and the photographer with her high energy and her high fashion tooch. Jay told American model Eboni that he wanted more out of her and she delivered. Fiercely real model Seymone caused quite a stir on set when she smothered Annalise with cake all over her face. Kyle’s lacks of an actual booty caused her to wear a booty tooch pad. Some of the girls were mad because they thought the tooch pad gave Kyle an unfair advantage.

Tyra and her extremely fab dress welcomed the judges Nigel Barker and Kelly Cutrone and guest judge Estelle to yet another judging panel. Catherine was told by Nigel that she was concentrating too much on her tooch and not enough on her face. Annaliese was next to be judged and Tyra explained to her that she nailed the art of the booty tooch by scooping out her lower back. Before Tyra finished the statement she stopped herself to admit how ridiculous she sounded and Nigel jumped right in and agreed with her. Alisha was told she was not committed enough to the tooch. Sophie’s photo was loved by all of the judges because she not only tooched like a pro but smized like one too. Annalise was told by Nigel that her photo this week was her best shot in the entire competition. Estelle commended her on her risk taking poses. Eboni was first from the US girls and was praised for her crazy pose. Kyle was told she had the same look week after week and that she was going downhill in the competition. Seymone got mixed emotions and reviews from her from her picture. Laura was told she was all over the place and really needed to control her face.

Best picture of the week went to British model Sophie. Runner up for best photo went to fiercely real Yank, Seymone. British model Alisha and America model Kyle were left in the bottom two. Tyra told Kyle that every week in panel the judges see a strong beautiful woman with no greatness and a lack of diversity. Alisha was told her legs and skin was amazing but her pictures didn’t match what the judge’s saw in person. Kyle was sent home because of her inability to translate her beauty into her pictures. Tyra told Alisha that her constantly being fierce in the background of all of the other models photos was what saved her in the competition and told her she was still in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model.



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