Who Won America’s Next Top Model?

Find out who won The British Invasion

Who Won America’s Next Top Model?

After 10 weeks of high stakes high fashion completion, it’s down to the final yank and the final brit on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion. Will it be Brit Illuminata Sophie, who impressed the judges with her amazing runway walk but at times failed to impress with her photos? Or will it be American Zagalicious Laura, who blew the judges away with her stunning photos but left the judges worried about her weak runway presence and walk? Who will come out on top? Let’s find out!

The final two models celebrated as they made their way back to their suite at The MGM Macau. The next day the finalists were told by creative Director Jay Manuel that they would be shooting their Cover Girl print ad and commercial. He surprised the models by telling them that they had actually been shooting their Cover Girl commercial through the entire competition. From backstage at Toronto Fashion Week, to their music video shoot and all the way to their go sees in Hong Kong. Jay reminded the final two models that the winner of America’s Next Top Model would have the photo that they shoot that day appear as a campaign ad in many national magazines.

Sophie was up first to start her commercial and received nothing but positive feedback from Jay. Meanwhile Laura was shooting her print ad. The photographer told Laura that she was too self-conscious and her nerves were coming through the photo. Half way through the shoot Laura had an emotional breakdown but she managed to work through it to get the money shot. Her emotional breakdown turned into an anxiety attack that only got worse when she showed up on set to shoot her commercial. Her shaking was so out of control that Laura had to be sent to the hospital. As Laura was taken to the hospital, Sophie was shooting her print ad. Sophie blew both Jay and the photographer away with her performance for the shoot. At the end of the day, with Laura’s condition unknown, Jay was unsure if Laura would even be able to shoot her Cover Girl commercial.

Late that night Laura returned from the hospital and let us all know that in fact she had suffered from an extreme anxiety attack but was ok to carry on with the competition. The next day, the final 2 models meet with a stylist for Vogue Italia, Valentina Serra, to shoot their editorial spread for Vogue Italia. The photo shoot was going to be a beautiful high fashion salon concept shoot and only the winner would have their spread published in Vogue Italia. During the shoot, Valentina told Sophie that she was super elegant and sophisticated. Valentine said that if she had to choose a winner she would go with Laura. After the Vogue Italia shoot, Laura got the chance to shoot her Cover Girl commercial.

The next day, Tyra surprised the final two models at their suite to have an individual heart to heart conversation with each of the finalists. Tyra asked Laura if her outrageous behavior was used to cover up some pain in her life. Laura opened up to Tyra about her troubled childhood and adolescence. When Tyra spoke with Sophie she asked her if she thought that a British model could win America’s Next Top Model. Sophie told Tyra that regardless of the outcome she felt like she had already won.

After their chat with Tyra, Jay Manuel let the models know that they would be modeling clothes from Forever 21 for their final runway show. But Jay let the models know that this would be a runway show unlike any other. The models would be walking in a holographic runway show and would be interacting with life like images and walking in sync with the outline of their own body. Jay also brought back eliminated models Catherine, Eboni, Alisha and Annaliese to participate in the final runway show.

The holographic runway show started with an oversized Tyra wreaking havoc on the streets of Macau. Laura was first up and surprisingly did a good job. Sophie turned it out as well. In one part of the runway show, the final two models battled ancient Asian warriors and defeated them all. In another part, the final two models posed in a holographic field of dandelions which were digitally blown over the audience.

Tyra welcomed the final 2 to the final judging panel and introduced the judges: Kelly Cutrone, Nigel Barker and Jay Manuel. Tyra then reminded the models what the winner would be getting which included a fashion spread in Vogue Italia, a celebrity guest correspondent for Extra, have a single produced by CBS records, be named the new face of the America’s Next Top Model fragrance, Dream Come True, a contract with LA models and a $100,000 contract with Cover Girl Cosmetics.

Laura’s runway performance was first to be judged. Kelly told Laura that her runway performance didn’t match her bad ass rock and roll attitude. Tyra told Laura that she was very impressed with how much her runway walk had improved but was disappointed in the smirk she had on throughout the entire show. Nigel told Sophie that she was very elegant, had an extremely strong walk and was very aware of the audience. Tyra told her that her body language in the dandelion scene was perfect. Next up were the girls Cover Girl commercial. Nigel told Laura that her commercial was his favorite in the history of Top Model. He told her that whenever she wasn’t looking directly at the camera she looked stunning but when she was looking at the camera she looked lost and nervous. Nigel told Sophie that she did a great job but he was not crazy about her commercial as he was with Laura’s. Tyra told Sophie that she felt let down by her commercial.

Up next the judges judged the models print ad for Cover Girl. Jay told Laura that he loved that you couldn’t see the panic and emotional breakdown in the photo. Nigel told Sophie that he loved her photo because she actually made human contact through the camera. Kelly told Sophie she also loved her photo and she did want that ad was intended to do which was selling Cover Girl. The models were sent backstage while the judges deliberated on who would become America’s Next Top Model.

The judges pulled up each of the finalists photos throughout the competition and judged them side by side. Jay said that Laura always made “noise” in her photos while Kelly said that Laura would not be as bookable as Sophie. Kelly then said that it was Sophie’s music video shoot that really proved to her that Sophie could win it all. All of the judges agreed that Laura’s performance in the music video was lackluster. But when the judges compared the finalist’s photos from the silk worm shoot, they all agreed that Laura’s photo was a million times better the Sophie’s. Jay then reminded the judges how well Sophie did during Toronto Fashion week and how the international press fell in love with her. Kelly said that from a PR point of view, she felt that Sophie should win because of her perseverance from being runner up on her season of Britain’s Next Top Model. Jay though that Laura would be so much fun as a correspondent for Extra.

After a long and hard deliberation, the judges finally reached a decision! America’s Next Top Model is… SOPHIE! Sophie was in total shock and disbelief and instantly started crying. Tyra thanked Laura and told her that she knew that Laura would have an amazing career as a high fashion model. All of the judges celebrated with the newly crowned British America’s next Top Model. Sophie said she had been fighting for this for years and she finally did it. She went on Britain’s Next Top Model and came in 2nd place but that didn’t stop her. She signed with a top British agency and kept on going for her dream. Then she came over to America and kept fighting and fighting and now she was America’s Next Top Model!