Bachelorette Villain Kalon Finds Love on Bachelor Pad

Emily Maynard's ex is dating Ben Flajnik's ex.

Bachelorette Villain Kalon Finds Love on Bachelor Pad

Emily Maynard infamously told Kalon McMahon to “get the f— out” on The Bachelorette, but it seems the cocky “luxury brand consultant” has at least one female admirer in the Bachelor Pad house.

Celebuzz is reporting that the reality TV villain has coupled up with fan favorite Lindzi Cox, the runner-up from Ben Flajnik’s Bachelor season. While fans may be scratching their heads over this bad-boy-good-girl coupling, sources tell Reality Nation that Kalon is “just like her ex-boyfriend” — he of the infamous “Welcome to Dumpsville” text.

Lindzi’s ex “has a polo tattoo on his left ankle,” according to our insider. Ugh. Lindzi seems like a nice girl and all, but between Ben, Kalon and Polo Tattoo, we can’t say she has the best taste in men.

Meantime, Emily is still holding a grudge after Kalon referred to her daughter as “baggage.” When the Bachelor Pad cast was announced, she tweeted: “The fact Kalon will ever be on any TV again makes me want to stab my eyeballs out with dull pencils.”

Bachelor Pad premieres July 23 on ABC.

Tell us: Do Kalon and Lindzi make a good couple?



  • Charlie Toft

    This is what happens when you change the spelling of your name from Lindsay to Lindzi. The caliber of the guys interested in you goes WAY down.

    • Pboyd

      The way she spells her name makes me like her less.

  • Ryan

    Really Lindzi? Really? Come on!

  • yellow bellow

    All he said was that Emily had baggage and she does. We say that all the time about guys with children or ex-wives. He did nothing wrong.