Episode 3 Recap: Synchronized Swimming

Episode 3 Recap: Synchronized Swimming

This week’s episode of Bachelor Pad picked up right where we left off last week…with crazy Melissa getting even crazier…if you can believe that!

Melissa is upset after seeing Blake, what appears to be, simply hanging out with Holly.  Since she gave him the rose on their date last week, Melissa feels that Blake is “hers”, but clearly Blake doesn’t see it that way.

Watching just how upset Melissa is letting this situation get her, I have a feeling Blake and she had a conversation that the viewers didn’t get to see.  Maybe he did tell her that he liked her?  Maybe they did “hook up”?  Maybe he did, in true Bachelor form, tell her he loved her?  Either that…or she is the epitome of a female stalker.

What I found interesting, when she was getting all upset, is that she chose to run to Holly, of all people, to console her.  Seemed like an “interesting” choice considering the situation?

It was then time for this week’s competition…synchronized swimming.  Hot guys in speedos?  I’ll take it!

There were two performances.  A performance from the guys and one for the girls.  One winner would be chosen from each gender, and they were judged on technical ability, effort, and showmanship.

It was fun to see some familiar faces on the judges panel, last year’s winners, Natalie Getz and Dave Good.  Fitting as well…Dave loves any girl in a bikini, and Natalie can’t resist a half naked guy!

After some professional “lessons” and a few hours practice, it was time to see what these kids could do.  The girl’s were up first…and they might as well have not performed at all!

Who would have thought that a bunch of cheerleaders couldn’t act out a synchronized swimming performance?  They were horrible!

First of all, 2 of the girls didn’t know how to dive, so we knew it was a disaster from the moment their routine began.  Erica Rose couldn’t remember a single move, and the grand finale involved Holly and Michelle kissing each other…I’m sure that gave ‘em Dave Good’s vote!

Next up, the guys.  It wasn’t hard to assume these guys are coordinated.  They all have the bodies of an athlete, so I was excited to see what these speedos would bring to the table.

Absolute perfection…well…for a group of dudes who just learned how to synchronize swim in a matter of hours.

Their timing was on bar.  Their strokes were smooth…and let’s not forget about Jake Pavelka’s twirls!

Altogether, it was a highly entertaining challenge, and Michael and Michelle came out the winners.  As the winners, they again, were able to get out of the house and go on a date with 3 people of their choice.

These dates have been rather boring compared to those in Bachelor history.  The only exciting thing about both dates last night, was the cameo by Bret Michaels!

On to more exciting things…

As the others were on their dates, drama continued in the Bachelor Pad.

Much to Kasey and Vienna’s dismay, a few girls were starting to see that Jake isn’t as bad as Vienna is making him out to be.  In particular…Erica Rose.

I get that Jake is trying to gain some allies, but choosing to make out with Erica to get one?  Really Jake?

Of course this whole Jake situation continued to cause drama between this year’s power couple; Kasey and Vienna.

They fought 90% of the episode…to the point where Kasey even called Vienna a “fame whore”.  Sounds like they have a pretty solid relationship, right?

After watching the two of them bicker for and hour and a half, Kasey decides to make amends and give Vienna a “gift”.  Just when we think they are moving forward with their relationship in a positive way…Vienna looks at him and says, “I hope this isn’t an engagement ring!”

Wow…that was a zinger if I ever heard one!  I can’t imagine Kasey feels real good knowing his girlfriend has absolutely no intention of marrying him…at that moment at least!

Kasey brushes her comment off, and takes the opportunity to serenade her.

Lesson to anyone who ever goes on the Bachelor…DO NOT SING!  The only person who should have been allowed to sing last night was Bret Michaels, and that’s only because he has a record deal!

Amidst the Kasey and Vienna saga, the rest of the Bachelor Pad’lings were scheming on whether to send home Jake or Kasey.  Of course there was more Melissa drama in between, but quite frankly, I’m sick of talking about her.

The show starts to get very suspenseful with the idea that the vote is very close!  Who will go home?  Who will stay?

In the last 5 seconds on the show, Chris Harrison confirms that Kasey is safe, then…BOOM!  Lights out!  We won’t know until next week what happens…which really just means they are going to make an episode out of Jake’s exit.

I’m thinking that might just mean it’s…duh, duh, duh…DRAMATIC!

Until next week…