Recap: But You Pinky Swore!

Recap: But You Pinky Swore!

Ah, Bachelor Pad 2, the place where crazies are embraced by America (oh no, wait a second). Melissa was in rare form this week. If you had thought you’d seen her acting crazy before, you hadn’t seen anything yet.

But before I get to Melissa, I have to address our little cliffhanger from last week after Jake was voted off. He was going to really give it to them and take people down with him if he went home. Well, congratulations Jake, you really accomplished that goal. (Note the sarcasm). Jake ultimately gave a pretty polite speech telling people to get rid of the power couples (a little late for that) and telling Vienna she was forgiven in his heart.

Were you worried that we might be drama free now that Jake is gone and Kasey and Vienna don’t have him to gang up on? Well worry no more, because there is still PLENTY of drama.

The kissing challenge is always a great one on Bachelor Pad. There were definitely some good moments this year. One of my favorite moments was when all the girls made faces when kissing Kasey because of his terrible breath! Yuck! How embarrassing.

Also, of course, Holly was in the center of all the drama. She was passionately kissed by Michael and Blake. But clearly she has chosen Blake. And yes, I STILL feel sad for Michael. It would be so much easier to root for Holly and Blake if Michael wasn’t such a nice guy. I bet there will be lots of girls waiting to cheer you up when you get home, Michael.

So Blake won the kissing contest for the guys and that’s where the trouble started. He basically does all but tell Melissa that she’s going to be going on the one-on-one date with him, so understandably she thinks he’s going to pick her. Then…he thinks with…his other head and picks Holly for the date instead.

That’s when all hell breaks loose. First, Melissa’s immediate reaction of “but you pinky swore!” had me on the ground laughing. I mean, a pinky swear was a binding promise when I was 8, but certainly a 32 year old woman should not be relying on one. The funnier question is DID Blake actually pinky swear to her that he would take her? The whole idea of it is a parade of ridiculous and absurd.

Then Melissa goes ballistic about Holly. Now I know it is a classic woman thing to blame the other woman, but really, Melissa? What did Holly ever do to you? Besides having a far more pleasant demeanor and looking cuter in a pair of booty shorts?

Michelle Money’s comment that Melissa not only wears her heart on her sleeve, but on every item of her clothing, including her hair-tie, was directly on point. Poor Melissa. On top of all of that drama, you also got voted off this week. I’ll actually miss her crazy antics, won’t you?

And we also said goodbye to William. William, we hardly knew you on this season of Bachelor Pad! What happened to the guy who gave that vicious, mean, totally un-self-aware roast of Ashley Hebert? Maybe if you’d brought a little more crazy to the table, you would’ve gotten a little more screen time, buddy. Sad to see you go.

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