Recap: Bye Bye Jake

Recap: Bye Bye Jake

Welcome back to Bachelor Pad 2, complete with synchronized swimming, tears, terrible original songs, and a promise ring.

I had the privilege of watching last night’s episode with Ashley Spivey, Ashley Hebert, Jackie Gordon, and Robyn Ross (of TV Guide). We had SO much fun chatting about the episode!

Last week I gave the challenge department a lot of credit for the challenges so far this season…my fault. I take it all back. The synchronized swimming was funny, but it was a terrible challenge. (Although it did remind us of a birth control commercial…nuva ring, anyone?)

First of all, there were no objective criteria for winning. It was clear Natalie and Dave Good voted for their friends to win. Secondly, aside from a couple people who stood out as being terrible, everyone was basically the same. I prefer challenges where there is a clear-cut winner.

As per usual, we got to see some Kasey and Vienna fights. I loved that the editing made it look like Kasey said: “She’s just as much of a famewhore as he is” about Vienna, but in that clip he never says her name, so I think it’s pretty clear he wasn’t talking about her (and that’s what they are both saying publicly). But I still commend the editors for creativity, making it look that way.

Also, WOW. Vienna’s reaction when he pulled out a ring: “I hope it’s not an engagement ring” was shocking and mean! I’m surprised Kasey wasn’t like, well forget it, then, if that’s how you feel! I felt bad for him in that moment, even though I think he’s pretty villainous himself.

Oh and I have to address his singing! Oh. My. God. PAINFUL!! Now, I will be the first to admit that I’m not a great singer and can barely carry a tune, but I wouldn’t be caught dead singing on national television. Kasey, you should have kept your mouth shut.

Kasey complaining about people being “backstabbers and liars” on this episode was a bit hypocritical, don’t you think? Hello pot. Meet kettle.

Erica Rose cracked me up this week. Between crawling around like a very awkward spy to making out with Jake to giving some hilarious confessionals, I am beginning to like her more and more.

Another Holly and Michael date. I still think it is sad, but it has become abundantly clear that she’s just not that interested in him and yet he’s never going to stop loving her. It’s getting kind of depressing.

Poor Jake. Finally went home despite all the efforts he made to stay. Oh well, I guess it was bound to happen since Kasey and Vienna are running the house. Let’s see if they can keep it up? Who will be next to go? Blake certainly seems to be in trouble, doesn’t he? Melissa, too? Maybe they both should’ve laid off one another.

Speaking of Melissa, boy is she crazytown. I know she went on Bachelor Pad with hopes of repairing her image from her season of the Bachelor. Well boy was that an epic fail. She comes off as crazy as ever. As my mom @susanorlins tweeted, “Melissa makes everyone look so stable by comparison.” So true, mom.

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