Twinsanity Leaves The House

An all-night fight leads to a walkout.

Twinsanity Leaves The House

I’m still not entirely sold on the idea that Bachelor Pad needed the six “fans” to augment this season’s cast – it’s not like there’s any shortage of ex-contestants – but the twist at least allowed us to meet twins Brittany and Erica, who joined the ranks of legendarily annoying reality show twits in almost no time at all. But it’s probably for the best that they flamed out so quickly, because I couldn’t have spared any additional brain cells.

The week’s big challenge involved a salute to the Olympics, a strange bit of cross-promotion for the main programming on another network at the exact same time. Both the men and the women had to learn a rhythmic gymnastics routine, which isn’t even an Olympic sport for men. There was all the requisite footage of the guys getting all gay-panicky about having to wear leotards and twirl their ribbons. The one person taking things seriously was newbie David, who failed in his coup attempt on the premiere and figured he needed to continually win immunity.

The women didn’t have the same self-consciousness – except for Erica Rose, who is none too coordinated, and was worried that finishing last in a second straight challenge, and the fact that she’s just unpleasant, might endanger her. Most of the girls were different degrees of bad, but it seemed that everyone knew that being better than Erica Rose was all they needed. Then it was time for the men, and while they weren’t what you’d call talented, they at least had a good time and got credit for that. Blakeley was named winner for the women and Erica lost; while a still hungover Ed was the male loser with Michael winning.

Fan Donna had hoped to use her gymnastic background to get a win, and now set her sights towards having Michael name her as one of the three he could take on their date.

Bachelor Pad 2012 Week 2 Donna

Erica Rose, who already had one vote against her on account of losing, tried to get Michael to include her on the date so she would have a chance at the rose, but the ex-champion is still determined to “find love” rather than work any kind of strategy, so he chose Donna, Rachel, and Lindzi instead. The quartet went to a Hollywood theater where some horrific emo band was giving one of those Bachelor private concerts. In the fun department, it looked like one step up from having a root canal with a crying baby in the room. Donna made out with Michael afterwards and thereby achieved a lifetime goal, but he ended up giving the rose to foghorn-voiced Rachel instead.

Before Blakeley could make her date picks, she needed reassurance that her first-week partner Chris was still “loyal” to her. Chris is making no bones about being loyal to the money, and is also trying to string along Jamie, who thought she had gotten a promise from him to switch partners. But Chris wasn’t about to ditch his partner with a rose on the line, even though he seems to barely tolerate her. “It’s not a big deal if I have to sell myself a little bit,” he said as he climbed into bed with Blakeley, aka Mrs. Robinson.

Chris did end up with the date rose after him, Ed, and David got to race soapbox cars (why?), but what was interesting was that she picked David at all, on the grounds that he seems to be a nice guy. What happened to the idea of getting the fans out of the house? It seems that as time goes on, David and Donna are being thought of more as regular players and not some invasive force. The same couldn’t be said for the twins, who seemed like the best of friends a week ago, but clearly have all sorts of rivalries they have yet to work out.

Brittany and Erica started arguing at the beginning of the episode and never did stop, eventually just walking out of the house after their last screaming match went literally all night long (actually, Brittany was the one who wanted to quit and Erica had no choice but to follow). Aside from accusations of someone being a “slut,” it was impossible to figure out what they were fighting about, such is the pitch of their voices. The other players were too soused to be anything but amused, and certainly the women weren’t unhappy to see people voluntarily leave.

So which guy would be going home? David went from being Public Enemy #1 a week ago to being totally ignored this week, even though he never seemed to campaign. Instead, Kalon decided he wanted inoffensive Ryan out – why, we never really learned. Reid tried to launch a coup against his old Bachelorette enemy Ed, who was too busy drinking and hooking up with Sarah to realize what was up. Reid’s plan might have worked, but for Jamie’s desperation to get rid of her partner Ryan, who had been getting a little too clingy. So Ryan is gone without anyone even knowing why he was there to begin with.

Will you miss the twins? And how much therapy do they need, seriously?