A Twist Saves Chris

The big alliance gets cocky, and its leader pays.

A Twist Saves Chris

We can all think of reality shows that have instituted a well-timed twist or rule change at the exact moment when it was needed to save a season’s primary antagonist from walking the plank. I’m tempted to say that Bachelor Pad joined that list this week, but the fact is that Michael Stagliano set a trap for Chris that would have been perfect, had he not left an escape hatch wide open.

Chris began the night assuming he and new partner Sarah were doomed, based on all his failed plotting last week. “The definition of ‘chopping block’ is my name,” he grumbled, irritated that Kalon and Ed had lied to him (the nerve of those guys: lying to a player who was lying right back). His former partner-turned-fiercest enemy Blakeley remained out for revenge, buoyed by her new flirtation with occasional single father Tony.

This week’s challenge called on the players to stack cups and saucers and carry them from table to table, with the winner being the first person to transfer a stack of six. Everyone conceded this one to Blakeley based on her long career at Hooters, and so it was. She then went on to coach Tony to victory in the male half of the competition, depressing Chris even more.

Since this was another week where the two winners were likely to choose each other for their date, Blakeley was given an option of which one to take with Tony. She chose the date designated as “overnight,” not surprisingly. The pair decided to give the other date (and the date’s rose) to Kalon, who naturally chose to take his new preoccupation Lindzi.

As Blakeley looked on in well-disguised horror, Kalon and Lindzi were granted expensive jewelry and the keys to a Bentley, which he drove to an allegedly romantic location near downtown L.A. The pair shared dinner as a very fake-looking moon beamed down upon them. The surprise here was that the show aired footage of Kalon admitting to Lindzi that he never felt anything for Emily Maynard. He actually seems sincere in his pursuit of her, so I’ll keep an open mind.

Blakeley was still positive her date would be equally awesome, but she and Tony had to settle for a Jeep ride into the desert, a little charcoal grill, and an overnight inside an Airstream trailer. I really can’t see these two together for any sort of long-term thing, but Blakeley did sound honest when she talked about just wanting a nice guy, and she seems willing to give the lumber man a chance (what he sees in her is pretty obvious).

Virtually everyone was romantically paired off now, though Ed created a crisis when Chris Harrison asked him about what he had going with Jaclyn, and he coldly (if honestly) said he was only on the show for the money and considered her a mere partner. Jaclyn is hardly sympathetic, but man, that’s harsh.

Bachelor Pad 3 Episode 5 Chris Sarah

Chris was too preoccupied with his pending demise to pay much attention to Sarah this time around. Seeing no good way to save himself, he at least figured he might be able to convince Tony to give his rose to Sarah, and talk his remaining friends into punishing Kalon by voting out Lindzi. But Tony gave the rose to Jaclyn, letting Chris know that the four-couple alliance was going to go its own way on this, thanks.

Sarah and Chris were on the verge of telling the warden what they wanted for a final meal, when Harrison provided a reprieve from the governor. New rule! This week, everyone in the house, men and women both, would vote only to get rid of a woman – but then the evicted woman would alone choose what man would be leaving along with her.

All sides saw how this blew a hole in the alliance’s plan. Vote to oust Sarah, and you get rid of the one woman in the house who definitely would not take Chris along. The key was to find a female patsy who wasn’t in the alliance, but might still be anti-Chris anyway. One woman alone fit the bill: Erica Rose, who was partnered with Nick (something I swear they hadn’t mentioned in any of the first four episodes) and was friendly with both Michael and Ed – the only three men other than Chris who didn’t have roses already.

Michael’s idea was to tell Erica that everyone was voting out Lindzi, but to also plant a seed that Chris was plotting against her – the thinking being that when she was surprised by the vote, she would immediately suspect Chris had masterminded the result. When Erica confronted Chris multiple times about all the people who were telling her he was out to get her, he reacted with annoyed puzzlement … until he realized he could always prove he wasn’t anti-Erica by letting her actually watch him vote.

Yep. Michael had thought of everything, except for the not-at-all-minor detail of making sure Chris had already voted. Once Erica realized he had lied about that, she knew who to blame when the alliance’s votes sent her packing a bit later, and she returned the favor by picking Michael to go. She didn’t leave before telling an embarrassed Stag that he deserved to be humiliated by Holly and Blake a year ago. Michael has been a good deal more likable on Bachelor Pad than Erica, and he appeared willing to view his exit as a fair outcome for a plot that had failed … but this was still fun to watch.

Next week: a spelling bee. Will they even make it to the three-letter words?