Who Won Bachelor Pad 3?

It was a night Rachel will truly never forget.

Who Won Bachelor Pad 3?

Has anyone in reality TV history ever had a worse two hours than Rachel Truehart – and how’s that last name for irony – did on the season finale of Bachelor Pad? After all, those folks we’ve seen medevac’d out of Survivor over the years only suffered physical injuries, and the worst that usually happens to you on the Bachelor franchise is that you lose a chance at love, something almost all contestants quickly realize was just an illusion anyway.

But while Rachel didn’t have to go to the hospital after the finale, the experience was a complete humiliation. She had to admit that her falling in love in the Pad was one-sided, and that the man who broke up with her using the excuse that he didn’t like long-distance romance has already started one. Her onetime “best friend,” Jaclyn, admitted she’s still not fully ready to forgive being voted out by Rachel and her partner a week ago.

Oh, and that partner? Nick Peterson, who I’ve been poking fun of for staying under the radar on a show that practically demands its participants hook up? He and Rachel easily won the vote of ex-contestants over Chris Bukowski and Sarah Newlon, but did not split the $250,000 prize money, because instead of doing what contestants in his position have always done before – agree to share with his partner and take $125,000 – Nick opted to keep all of it, gambling that Rachel wouldn’t make the same choice (if both winners choose “keep,” both get nothing and the pot is divided amongst the rest of the house).

But Rachel did choose “share,” meaning she won nothing – remember, this came on the heels of what had already been a brutal night. As Nick screamed for joy and the audience cheered hysterically (and I’m sure that helped her mood), all Rachel could do was speak for America: “Are you f ***ing kidding me?”

Bachelor Pad 3 Finale Rachel

So is Nick completely evil (“a schmuck with $250,000,” he called himself) or what? Rachel reminded him that she thought they had a deal – that they had been talking it over and mutually agreed to split the money so that there would be no uncertainty. And the reaction of the rest of the panel ranged from mostly silent admiration to anger that Nick would violate the partners’ code in this way. But it was interesting that the one person to jump up right away to give him a hug was the other Chris, nicknamed SWAT, the “superfan” who no one bothered to get to know and was sent home that first night. In a game about relationships, SWAT hadn’t formed any, and in the end, Nick really hadn’t either.

Nick’s defense of himself was simple – in fact, he pretended to be surprised he even had anything to defend. He reminded Rachel that they had been thrown together as partners out of necessity, and hadn’t been friendly before that. Even after partnering, she spent most of her time wishing Michael was back in the game (more on that below) and threatening to quit. Nick’s stance is that his victory was totally self-made, with no help from Rachel or anyone else in the house, so why should he willingly share?

Bachelor Pad 3 Finale Nick

He was probably exaggerating the extent of his anger in order to justify what he did, but Nick had a point – as we could see for ourselves when the end credits ran over snippets of the players dissing him all season long, belittling the idea that he had any game. Even after he won – a win the others voted on – there were still some voices, mostly Jaclyn, insisting he didn’t do anything to deserve it. Kalon proved to be the voice of reason (yeah, it was a weird night): “Is there anyone who actually understands what the word deserve means? None of us deserve this. This is a game!” He admitted he had underestimated Nick and congratulated him for going through with it.

So even though Chris Harrison self-righteously told Nick “what that will cost you in friends, emotionally, we will see,” Nick didn’t make any friends on the show, and looks like he’ll be just fine.

OK, what else happened on the show … oh yeah: Tony asked Blakeley to marry him. Yes, the man who went on consecutive shows in order to provide for his son is instead coming home with another mouth to feed – who by the way was wearing a spectacularly ugly top. She had thought they were merely announcing their decision to move in together when he dropped the bomb (with a ring from Neil Lane, of course). I’m going to be keep being skeptical about these two until I see the marriage license, and probably even then.

Bachelor Pad 3 Finale Chris Sarah

Chris and Sarah got only three votes to win, with Kalon being their only supporter from Rachel’s old alliance. Chris didn’t apologize for any game moves, but seemed chastened by the weeks of criticism, from folks like me and from more significant quarters like his own father. “The game got a hold of me,” he admitted. He didn’t have much to say about Blakeley – and in truth, her own smothering had a lot to do with their falling out – but did try to apologize to Jamie for things like the “new car smell” remark. She didn’t seem to buy it, but Jamie seems to have made no friends at all in that house, and especially with the women who knew her from The Bachelor. Maybe her “Pocahontas becomes a stripper” outfit had something to do with that.

Bachelor Pad 3 Finale Jamie


Finally, there was the Rachel-Michael “breakup,” which has been happening off camera in recent weeks. Bottom line is that this seems to be a case where one person thought they were having a Bachelor Pad fling – “a summer camp relationship” as he called it – while the other was falling in love. If he’s to be believed, he tried to let her down easy, but she felt misled, and then was really hurt when he started up a new relationship. Maybe it’s a guy thing, but I’m not really feeling her pain here. Bottom line is you don’t start thinking about your wedding gown when you’re on friggin’ Bachelor Pad.

OK, it’s a wrap! Nick, enjoy the loot. See you all for the Sean/Roberto/Arie/Ryan Lochte (?) season of The Bachelor!


  • KJ

    I’ve been waiting for 3-seasons for someone to wise up and take all the loot. Good for Nick. The rest of the Pad were just a bunch of bullies in a click that made the “fans” feel like a bunch of losers. In the beginning when the alum made statements like “this is our house, what are THEY (fans) doing here”.. Well, I was a fan… but now… I’m just a fan of Nick’s. It begs the question… “who are the LOSERS now”…

  • Janamwaring

    Huge fan of Nick’s thought process. Not such a fan of the execution. There was season to celebrate but not gloat. And I sure hope Rachel has the opportunity to become the new Bachelorette to redeem herself.

    • Guest

      Why would they have a Bachelorett who is low on intelligence, class and maturity?

  • Janet

    I cheered and clapped for Nick!

  • Wanda

    I wish the “fans” got to talk about their experience and put some of those disgusting, over-pampered, house bullies on the spot!

  • Treefrog

    I think Nick should be renamed Prick. That was an asshole thing to do. Especially since they had discussed it ahead of time and had agree upon sharing…. Wish she had put keep and everyone could have shared… would have been what he deserved… he really didn’t play the game.

    • Guest

      Look up the word game in the dictionary. She didn’t do a thing, unless Jaclyn or Michael directed her. Way to go, Nick!

    • Nathan

      Who would say, “I’m going to keep the money and see what happens” to their partner? The whole game is made up of lies, and that was just another one. Of course he’s going to agree to split the money, just like everyone agrees to vote for this person or that. If someone was truly honest in this game, they would be gone in an instant. I think it’s hilarious Nick took the money, it’s the epitome of Bachelor Pad. Sure, he’ll get a bad rep for a while and he’ll have to deal with it, but he wasn’t friends with one person in the entire house. Cheers to Nick for taking the whole enchilada.

    • WCB

      Dude, they all lie to each other at some point… it’s called gamesmanship! He owned nothing to anyone. That’s not to say that I didn’t feel sorry for Rachel… I did, it was a tough night for her but, expecting anyone to keep their word on these types of shows is short-sighted and foolish and she got burned.

  • Treefrog

    Happy for Blakely and Tony They seem like a good match….. best of luck to them.

  • Treefrog

    Emily was so so so very fortunate not to fall for Chris on the Bachlorette….. He turned out to be such a skank… and she would have found out too late…… he was such a sleaze…. it scares me to think she might have gotten another loser….. He was such a snake on the Bachelor pad…. yuck

  • Danny

    Nick deserves the money. This was a game and he’s the big winner. Everything he did was right and feel good about it. Way to go Nick and have fun. Thanks for making this show very entertaining. It was awesome. Two thumbs up.

  • Autumn

    This game is advertised as “win a 1/4 million dollars” – NOT $125K – and Nick was an outcast from the beginning. Whether it was his own doing or he was just not part of the main alliance, does not matter, we FINALLY have a great story where somebody actually stood up to these snobby chicks who try to manipulate at every turn either with their looks or pity or threats. His reasoning for his decision to keep it all was reasonable and sound. He got picked on and ignored and he didn’t make a love connection and barely made a partner connection. He won that last singing comp, so it was his to win. How is what he did any different than what those snots did to the “fans” at the beginning? Erica Rose telling them “they don’t deserve to be there” and all that. Picking them off one by one for no reason just because they were uppity. Those people didn’t care to even be kind or try being friends with their fans OR Nick, so they learned a valuable lesson from their snobbery. And why is Nick such a bad guy when Ed slept with 2 or 3 women on the show in drunken stupors? Why was Chris made to apologize over and over. Blakely stuck herself to him like glue and he wasn’t allowed to breath, so why was he the bad guy? He practically needed the Jaws of Life to extricate himself from her lock on him. Although it does seem that Blakely has met the man for her. He is “domesticated” and allows her to wear the pants in the family. Nick’s decision MADE the show! Loved it!

    • Wanda

      Well said Autumn! I agree 100%!!!

    • Guest

      Good comment! Unfortunately, most of them won’t learn from the experience. They don’t have the intelligence or class to know what they did wrong.

    • Guest

      I don’t blame Blakely. She was one of the smarter ones and her gut was telling her not to trust him. She didn’t have much of a choice. He was a slippery pr*** and she picked up on that very quickly. I think she was one of the smartest, more mature contestants this season. I wish her and Tony well.

  • cza

    Nick only got there because of Rachel. It was her singing that moved them to the top. It was HER FREINDS who voted for the couple. He is obnoxious and the fact he could do that to the sweet loving Rachel. He also set her up to believe they would share. He is dishonest and is a pariah and has a bad soul. I am physically nauseated seeing him and hearing him. Hope he looses everything! Rachel would make a great anchor of some kind and would also make a good bachlorette. She is drop dead georgeous and has a great heart. Michael Santiago I will never see the same. Now I know why Holly dumped him-not really a good amn after all-just knows how to pretend being a good man.

  • STAR

    Nick makes you physically nauseated seeing him and hearing him. I am willing to bet this istrue for most of the people watching and if they ever see him. If I was in distance of him I would have thrown a rotten egg at him or a rotten tomato.
    I could throw up all over him!
    Nick you are sick and you make me sick!

  • STAR

    Michael Santiago also is a downer! He played on someone’s feelings and that is not
    a good man who has a good soul. Rachel is beautiful and loving and Micheal had no right to take and twist someones heart or soul that way. He really played her and you can now see that in the tapes. I am glad Vivian Rose gave him the boost and told him what she said. He was hurt himself by Holly ( she must have known who he really was)and then with no soul played Rachel for his own gain. He is a player and I would be very afraid Ladies! I am disappointed as so many men look good with heart and then show their true colors as they are empty men playing someon who has a heart. Wake up Ladies it is apparent these men are simply EMPTY! Looks with an empty soul is really UGLY! Can never see him the same. Blakely found a good man who has some depth. Just what a woman wants some DEPTH for a HEART!

    • Don S

      Hurt people, hurt other people. Clearly Nick has issues and he played the game, but deceived his partner after they discussed how they will handle the win…….that’s where he lost me because he did not get there by himself……loser.

  • CZA

    Why are so many of these men such skanks or creeps. Do they judge them on looks alone-
    That is the problem as there is so many rotten men in these shows. This bachelor pad teaches
    greed and it is not a show I could watch again. Totally disappointing seeing 3 men that you thought had some heart. (Nick-Michael-Chris) Greed and Power made them UGLY UGLY Men! To think of them touching you or even being close to you is DISGUSTING and makes my skin crawl!

  • STAR

    Nick is Nauseating -names for Nick ladies are:
    Slick Nick
    Bitch Nick
    Nauseating Nick
    Parriah Nick
    P- ick Nick
    No Soul Nick
    Do you have any more names to ad and no we don’t want Nick to post for himself how good he was as no one is believing that. What did he get his sister and family to post for him, He obviously has no friends as who would want tobe his friend. Who wants a liar as a friend or one who is a betrayer.
    He rises to the top and then tries to claim that he did it. What a joke! The group was voting really for Rachel and since he hung on to her coat tails made it through and showed the parriah he is by lying to Rachel of his intent and leaves with the money. You are now infamous! Disgusting Nick!

  • ed

    Couldn’t have been happier for Nick… After watching the “cool” kids treating everyone badly every episode, it was great to see things go right this year. There’s a reason the crowd cheered.
    In terms of Chris, it’s as if no one noticed his very stable relationship with Sarah which has lasted for weeks. Way over the heads of Blakely and Jamie.
    Blakely was also clueless enough to criticize Chris’ tactics, which got him to the final with a partner he loved, and up against his friend, Nick. Blakely’s “cool” kids alliance got absolutely nothing.
    Again, way to go, Nick.

    • Beth

      It’s as if some people feel it’s their right to be aggressive and unpleasant, and that others owe them something. Blakely? Yes. Jamie? Yes. Jaclyn? Definitely.

  • Rjs6990

    Just watched the finale. All i can say is LMFAO good on you Nick, you made the right choice buddy!

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  • tracey

    I think Nick was disgusting at what he did.
    What is up with people and morals these days. Karma kicks you in the arse Nick. Keep a look out because I think yours will have heels.