Recap: Who Do You Find Least Attractive?

Recap: Who Do You Find Least Attractive?

Welcome back to Drama, Tears, and More Tears! Hope everyone is enjoying this second season of Bachelor Pad as much as I am.

I have to say, whoever heads the challenge department for this season has a diabolical evil genius mind. I have loved the challenges so far this season. The egg throwing with the paint inside after answering mean questions about the other contestants was a great way to stir up some drama.

Jackie Gordon has quite an arm on her and when she nailed Michael with that egg on the question “Who do you find least attractive?” I thought he might cry (but he saved that until later).

I felt sorry for Erica Rose getting hit with all the guys’ eggs, but then I felt a little less sorry for her when she starting saying horribly mean things about Ella in her confessional subsequent to the challenge. I think she was our only crier post-challenge. That was disappointing given that last year every single girl cried after a similar challenge.

The dates this episode were fun and total polar opposites! The “Blair Witch Project” date in the abandoned insane asylum was certainly interesting. I loved that Michelle and Holly are sitting there on some overturned crates drinking wine (apparently there is alcohol available 24/7 in the Bachelor franchise).

What did everyone think of the Holly and Michael scene on the roof? I thought it was devastating. It’s rare anymore on reality tv to watch real life emotions between people who have complicated, pre-existing relationships play out, but it really did. It was such an honest scene and I definitely got teary.

That being said, I do have to comment on some of Michael’s statements. He kept saying he waited a year to ask Holly to marry him as if it was SUCH a long time! I know he was on the Bachelorette where people propose in a matter of weeks, but that is NOT real life. He needs to chill out a bit. Guys who come on so strong are a huge turnoff. I can see why Holly wanted some space.

On to Melissa’s date with Kasey, Blake, and Kirk. You think she likes blondes much?

Melissa offered to give Kasey the rose if he will keep her safe. I hate that he is really running the show and I thought his true colors came out in last night’s episode and so I take back my previous comment about him being too good for Vienna. They deserve each other.

But Melissa didn’t give Kasey the rose. In fact, she gave it to Blake who made out with her (and pretended to be interested) to get it. If a girl were playing the game the way Blake is, she’d be being called a whore and yes, Blake did refer to himself as a prostitute in his confessional, but he’s getting off easy compared to if a female were doing the same thing.

However, I see the merits in his strategy. This isn’t for love, this is for money and he’s doing what he has to to stay in the game. Blake: “She’s not my type but I know what I have to do.” And he did.

Oh…and in case you were wondering, they haven’t reconciled. Check out both of them on twitter: @MelisSchreiber & @BlakeMJulian and look at the retweets from last night. Both are retweeting other people’s insults about the other one. Too funny. Love the continuing drama.

Back to Kasey and Vienna for a moment. I am actually starting to feel really sorry for Jake. Maybe he is a jerk and has been behind closed doors, but she is just terrible. The examples she gave of how he treated her badly: “He didn’t eat my food….Unforgivable.” Get over it. Also, her reaction to the twist was hilarious. No one is FORCING her to do anything and I loved how Chris Harrison called her out for that.

I have to talk about Gia’s exit. I felt sad for her that the game got too overwhelming and she saw herself and others becoming too nasty, and I was sorry to see her leave. She didn’t have a chance though. Everyone was stacked against her from the beginning, even her “friend” Graham. I respect her for leaving.

Of course, last but not least, I have to address Ames and Jackie. Was that not the cutest, sweetest thing ever? Loved him chasing after the limo! I think they are truly adorable and I hope they make it work! It’s worth noting, however, that he probably does not need the money. Nonetheless what a fabulous moment!

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  • Anotheroldhag

    Casey and Vienna made me want to puke … I wanted them to be voted out week 1…I’m sooooooooooooooo glad that they didn’t win…frankly, I don’t get why they’re even reality show worthy, especially her…CAN’T STAND HER ! I thought Ella should have won the game, and was the most deserving…it pissed me off that the girl who screwed her ex fiance got to win anything and Melissa is a drama queen in need of serious therapy. Erica…well, she’s quite a trip, but I felt terrible for her during the egging competition and thought those who kept hitting her with eggs were just trash.