A Mudslide Claims Two Victims

Reid’s scheming fails for the third and last time.

A Mudslide Claims Two Victims

Reid Rosenthal seems like an intelligent guy, at least by Bachelor franchise standards, and definitely fancied himself a power player in the Bachelor Pad mansion. Yet he was thoroughly owned, both in the game and the hookup departments, by a drunk who would probably be stumped by a challenge where the players had to tie their shoes. This proves nothing about this game that we didn’t already know. Success in life and success in the mansion require different traits.

Reid came into Week 3 worried about his game future, not surprising since he spent the first two weeks trying to engineer a particular result and failing. For his part, Ed acted surprised that the game features lying and deception. He was joined in his depression by apparent new squeeze Jaclyn, his partner-by-default in the first week who now seems to actually like the shaved Neanderthal.

For this week’s challenge, couples had to run in a “Hot Sludge Fun Day” obstacle course, during which they had to cover themselves with ice cream, whipped cream, fudge, and nuts. The women ran the race in one direction, with the guys going in reverse. The wild card was that the couples were randomly selected, which was bad news for Jamie in particular. She ended her half of the challenge in the lead, but had to hand off to partner Ed, who was apparently too weighed down with Old Milwaukee to haul himself up a fudge slide. Incredibly, he fell all the way to last, giving both he and Jamie an automatic vote against them at the rose ceremony.

David edged out Michael for the win, giving immunity to both himself and Rachel, and providing a further boost to his attempt to move out of the fan zone – while also signaling to the others that he will be a physical threat going forward. He returned a favor by selecting Blakeley as one of the three he took on his date, along with first week enemy Erica Rose and the endangered Jamie. The four went to a makeshift “prom,” where they were serenaded by some unknown country chanteuse.

Blakeley seems to be one of those people who just develops delusions out of thin air. She entered the date assuming she had a promise of safety from David, even though she didn’t protect him last week, only took him on her own date. Instead, David was taken in by Jamie, who needed the rose just in case the vote she already had would make her a safe target. She started crying as she related the story of how her home life kept her from attending prom originally, boo freakin’ hoo. But it worked – she got the rose, the first one she has ever received on a Bachelor date. Blakeley didn’t take it well.

Bachelor Pad 3 Mad Blakeley

There wasn’t much drama on Rachel’s date, since she had already paired off with Michael and it was obvious he’s get the rose in the end. But the two of them, along with Tony and Nick, still had some fun pretending to be wax figures in a Bachelor display at Madame Tussaud’s in Hollywood, and spooking tourists who dropped in. Tony should get a prize for standing impassively while a woman described him as a pathetic figure on The Bachelorette.

Back home, where half the remaining players are pretty much waxen already, Jamie forgot she had just been kissing on David, and resumed her seduction of Chris, who has now spent two episodes demonstrating he couldn’t care less about her. He crawled into bed and actually dropped the “it’s not you, it’s me” line in his attempt to escape. Whatever happened to Jamie to give her such miserable self-esteem? “I just want to fall in love on TV … I need to show him that I’m sexy, that I’m a woman, that I know how to please him and make him happy,” she said. About Chris!

As time for voting approached, Sarah, still with guilt feelings about last week, informed Ed that it was Reid plotting against him. He confronted his old Bachelorette rival, who did a decent job of deflecting suspicion. But Reid had yet to give up on the idea of offing Ed, emboldened by his having lost the challenge again. Ed was relying on his core alliance, which is basically the existing couples in the house (plus Blakeley/Chris, which Blakeley at least thinks is a couple) to keep him safe.

The targeted woman of Reid’s outcast alliance was Blakeley, while Ed’s couples alliance was focused on the last female fan, Donna, who was upset her time in the house might end without a good boinking. “Everyone is getting action but me, and that is not how it usually goes down!” she whined. Meanwhile, Ed learned that Reid still wanted him out, and even though Ed had the disadvantage of a vote from losing the challenge, he was able to survive, ending this rivalry once and for all (Sarah presumably keeping her word and not voting against him a second week).

Donna and Donna’s boobs will do just fine outside the house. For his part, Reid said “Bachelor Pad is a sick, deceptive place,” and thank goodness.

Next week: Chris has another new woman? WAKE UP!


  • PWND

    “I need to show him that I’m sexy, that I’m a woman, that I know how to please him and make him happy”

    Ummmm….she didn’t say that about Chris. She said that about Ben. On the Bachelor. How do you not know this REALITYNATION?

    • PWND

      btw…props to ABC to using an out of context quote from another show. LOVE THAT