Bad Girls Club: Fight Night

Which was the best of the melees?

Bad Girls Club: Fight Night

Let’s be honest: The women on Bad Girls Club aren’t the classiest or smartest folks around.

But even though we feel our brains trying to roll out of our ear every time we watch, we can’t seem to change the channel. Last night was only the second episode and three melees erupted, making the show chock full o’ Bad Girls goodness: Weave pulling, tussling on the floor and asinine insults were just a few of the trashy treats on tap.

The physical altercations were punctuated by minor verbal arguments, and the whole thing kind of made us wonder… When do these people have time to drink, anyway?

After a lot of idiocy and club-hopping and public ass exposure, the show ended with Erika and Rima calling a house meeting to try and vote out Mehgan out, a venture that proved unsuccessful. Here’s what went down before that:

We saw the first part of this fight last week, but the extended version kicked off last nights show.
What started it: Rima confronted Mehgan about calling her dirty. Next thing you know, they’re on the floor in a pile of kicking legs and flying arms.
Best quote: “Bitch, you don’t even have a driver’s license!,” Meghan.

What started it: Erika stepped in to the above situation tell Mehgan that she was a liar; Meghan retorted and pointed at Erika’s face. Nothing physical happened, but intimidating Erika issued a warning.
Best quote: “Don’t put your hand in my face, don’t get too close to my face, or you will get punched. Or chin checked,” Erika.

What started it: Christina got on Falen’s nerves at dinner, so she jokingly pretended to smack Christina in the mouth. Christina popped up — “I wish a bitch would!” — and got in Falen’s face, screaming and yelling and egging her on. A huge yelling match ensued.
Best quote: “You’re the Target-wearing, Ross-wearing bitch of the house!,” Falen screamed.

What started it: Rima and Erika defaced Mehgan’s picture on the wall. Before you knew it, the enemies were on the floor and Mehgan was punching Rima in the head. Afterwards, Rima got a full bottle of cranberry juice and sprayed it all over Mehgan. Mehgan responded by throwing Rima’s clothes in the pool; Rima later tossed all Mehgan’s clothes and accessories in the pool and over the privacy wall.
Best quote: “Why are you guys throwing s*** in the pool? That’s s*** is lame. Bitches do that every time!” Erika.

What started it: On the way home from the bar, Julie disparaged Christina’s lady parts. When they got home, Christina went to change into fightin’ clothes (sneakers included!), then confronted Julie in the kitchen. Their fight was the most brutal, as they exchanged head punches and rolled around on the floor two separate times. Producers had to break up both fights. Julie wound up with a bloody nose and Christina lit some of Julie’s extracted weave on fire on the stove.
Best quote: “All I said was that she was fake. I didn’t even get into the fact that she looks like Jafar and her eyebrows need to be waxed,” Julie.

If you were in a bar brawl, which Bad Girl would you want on your team?


  • Brandon

    i like the bad girls really much…i am a huge fan.i wish if i could meet just the 4 originals.