Bad Girls Club: The PABs Make Their Move

Who reigned supreme in the battle of the bitches?

Bad Girls Club: The PABs Make Their Move

Let's be h

onest: It's not like the plot changes that much on Bad Girls Club from season to season. Young, partying, skanks live together in a house and drink until they beat the stuffing out of each other.

That scenario unfolded three times last Monday, but for the most part this week, the women tried to use what was left of their atrophied brains to wage psychological war on one another instead of breaking nails on each other's faces.

After one brief fist fight between Julie and Christina (which began after Christina reminded Julie she had already given her a goose egg on her head),  Mehgan, Julie and Falen hatched a plan to drive a wedge between the other four girls — but more specifically between Rima and Erika — all without violence.

The idea: To suck up to the other clique and pretend everything is cool. Once they've gained trust, they would tell Erika that Rima was talking crap about her one night when she was wasted. Long story short, it worked. Erika got totally pissed, and the episode ended, which means next week's installment will probably kick off with some weave-pulling goodness.

Other highlights (or were they lowlights?):

Acronym alert: Erika's nickname for her nemeses is the PABs — the punk ass bitches. I like it.

Baby fresh: It got so hot in Mexico that the girls put “powder in the pooch” so their vaginas would not get sweaty. I'm sure that's only the first of many things that will wind up in their pooches as the season plays out.

Marked for life: Some  of the girls got the Bad Girls Club logo tattooed on themselves. Does it even really matter who? You know half these chicks will be kicked out by mid-season anyway.

We're curious: Does anyone else find Mehgan and Julie's whiny enunciation almost unbearable? I have a hard time not changing the station when they&#

39;re talking.



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