Bad Girls Club: Who’s a Slore, and Who’s the Drunk?

Based on first impressions, Maisy identifies the Super Bitch, the Dirty Ho, and more.

Bad Girls Club: Who’s a Slore, and Who’s the Drunk?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned during previous seasons of Bad Girls Club, it’s that the first friend the girls make is usually the person they wind up punching in the face in subsequent episodes.

And that’s the way things were shaping up in last night’s season premiere of Bad Girls Club: Mexico. Mehgan and Rima instantly bonded because they were “the prettiest girls in the house,” and decided to room together. But later that night, when Rima started acting all slutty, Meghan was disgusted and started calling her a “slore.”

Christina and Ashley also vowed to be best friends, and while they got along last night, we know from experience that it’s only a matter of time before someone gets drunk and throws a wine glass across the room.

Here are our first impression predictions for the cast and the roles they’ll play this season.

THE BITCH: Mehgan. This title is kind of an benign, since 98 percent of all BGC cast members have been raving bitches. But Mehgan is the definite front-runner for Super Bitch this season. She’s one of those holier than thou types, judging and ripping on every person to walk through the door, while repeatedly boasting that she’s the prettiest and classiest one in the house. Let’s see how cute you are with a black eye, Meg, because that’s what being the biggest bitch will get you.
Most likely to: Get knocked the eff out.

THE DRUNK: Ashley said it best herself: “I’m fun, loud and I like to party. I’m not classy at all whatsoever.” All she wants is a bestie to do shots with; she couldn’t care less about arguing with others or keeping her dignity intact.
Most likely to: Break her ankle on a platform heel; stain her clothes with vomit.

THE SNOB: Julie. It’s funny to me when people on this show think they’re better than everyone else. It’s like, really? This is, like, the lowest common denominator of reality TV. Anyway, Julie instantly hated Christina because she deemed her to be fake. But the snobby ones usually get their asses kicked right there alongside the bitches… which is great, because she and Mehgan seem to be hitting it off. Even though Mehgan called her “overweight like a mug.”
Most likely to: Get put in her place by the third episode.

THE SPLIT PERSONALITY: Christina. This poor girl from Jersey City was just chillin’, having a cocktail and minding her business when Julie called her fake (which, of course, is something you can always determine after knowing someone for just a few hours). Christina got all up in her face, spit on her and channeled a lunatic. She’s a Jekyll and Hyde, fo’ sho.
Most likely to: End up in Mexican jail.

THE DIRTY HO: Rima. The Kim Kardashian lookalike seemed sweet and innocent at home, but once she got a few drinks in her, she danced on the bar, pulled up her dress, pulled down her underwear and showed off her ass and possibly her vagizzle. She hadn’t showered since she had arrived two days prior.
Most likely to: Screw someone else’s man; catch an STD.

THE INSTIGATOR: Erika. Last night, after getting blackout drunk and pranked, Erika was a good sport, so she doesn’t instantly fly off the handle about things. But she does like drama. Later, when she wanted some excitement, she told Rima that the other girls were grossed out that she hadn’t showered, and refused to go in the hot tub after her because it was a cesspool of her filth.
Most likely to: Get caught in the middle, but wind up winning the whole damn battle.

THE QUIET STORM: Falen. Last night, she played the peacemaker between Christina and Julie, but you can tell she’s a little rough around the edges and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty when she needs to. “I don’t give a f*** what nobody thinks about me,” she said. “I am who I am.”
Most likely to: Wound people with words, and if that doesn’t work, get scrappy.

Who is your favorite Bad Girl so far? Who will be the first to be sent home?


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