Big Brother UK

Big Brother U.K. is based on the Dutch reality television show of the same name. An eye is used as the show’s logo to represent Big Brother watching over you. The logo has changed styles over the years. The show’s title, “Big Brother,” was inspired by George Orwell’s character in the book Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Big Brother U.K. aired on Channel 4 from 2000-2010 then moved to Channel 5 in 2011. While on Channel 4 the show’s host was Davina McCall. After it moved to Channel 5 Brian Dowling took over hosting duties. Marcus Bentley has been the show’s narrator since it’s first episode.

The Big Brother U.K. contestants live together in a house entirely secluded from the world as they compete for the £100,000 prize.

The first two seasons were broadcast from Bow, London near 3 Mills Studios, and since Big Brother 3 the show has been located at Elstree Studios , Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.

Each week contestants nominate two people for eviction. The two (or sometime more) contestants with the most votes then face off in a vote where the public chooses who they would like to see evicted, by calling in their votes.

There have been a total of 26 series of Big Brother U.K., including 13 regular series, 9 celebrity series and 4 special series. The celebrity version of the show was meant to be a one-time thing but was such a hit with the audience that it became a permanent series. The celebrity series are much shorter than the regular ones, and celebrities compete for money for their chosen charities.

Spinoffs include Big Brother’s Little Brother (2001-2010), Big Brother’s Big Mouth (2004-2007), and an online version, Big Brother’s Big i (internet show), Big Brother’s Big Brain and others.

In 2011 the show’s live feeds were axed after it moved over to Channel 5.

Channel 5 confirmed that they’ve renewed Big Brother through the year 2014. Two celebrity series and one regular series is guaranteed each year until then.


Big Brother Regular Series:

Craig Phillips Series 1 (2000)
Brian Dowling Series 2 (2001)
Kate Lawler Series 3 (2002)
Cameron Stout Series 4 (2003)
Nadia Almada Series 5 (2004)
Anthony Hutton Series 6 (2005)
Pete Bennett Series 7 (2006)
Brian Belo Series 8 (2007)
Rachel Rice Series 9 (2008)
Sophie Reade Series 10 (2009)
Josie Gibson Series 11 (2010)
Aaron Allard-Morgan Series 12 (2011)

Celebrity Big Brother Series:

Jack Dee Series 1 (2001)
Mark Owen Series 2 (2002)
Bez Berry Series 3 (2005)
Chantelle Houghton Series 4 (2006)
Shilpa Shetty Series 5 (2007)
Ulricka Jonsson Series 6 (2009)
Alex Reid Season 7 (2010)
Paddy Doherty Series 8 (2011)
Denise Welch Series 9 (2012)

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