BBUK Recap: Georgia Salpa & Michael Madsen Face Eviction

BBUK Recap: Georgia Salpa & Michael Madsen Face Eviction

Things grew chillier in Borehamwood this week, as housemates nominated for the third time, and the ice thickened between Michael Madsen and Denise Welch.

Housemates were given a chance to save themselves this week, in an immunity challenge that might have seemed familiar to American viewers. The competitors, dressed in brightly colored pajamas, had to crawl through a sticky substance, duck under a chest of drawers, rip apart pillowcases, and find bears that matched their pajama colors.



Big Brother’s identical twin





If you thought you’d seen this before, you probably watched the first week of Big Brother 10, featuring a Power of Veto challenge that looked pretty much identical, down to the mass of sticky, feather-covered bears. (Similar challenges with different themes were also used in Big Brother 12 & 13.)

This wasn’t the first similarity between the Big Brothers: Big Brother 12‘s sock puppet punishment was thought to be inspired by a puppet task on Big Brother UK, and our American Zingbot is rumored to be a takeoff of Britain’s Titan the Robot.

In this case, there was no vagueness about it.


Denise did a spot-on Kathy Hillis impersonation, stuck and struggling in the honey.





Romeo and Denise lost the challenge, and were tortured with Michael’s snores all night as a punishment. Frankie Cocozza and Nicola McLean won, and we were tortured with their presence in the house for another few days. Remember, on Big Brother 10, this challenge was the single reason why Jessie Godderz stayed beyond the first week. Just saying.

Following a self-described “ironic” shaving accident in which he nearly cut his own ear off last week, Michael took it upon himself to give shaving lessons to young Frankie this week. Savvy Big Brother editors took the joke a step further, setting the montage to the tune of “Stuck In the Middle With You.”



Frankie was visibly nervous, but he and his ears survived intact.





Much of Frankie’s drama this week took place in the bathroom, apparently, as he also revealed to the  house and the great British public that he wanked down the toilet. For some reason, this caused Nicola to retch.

After fighting over the time Michael spends in the Diary Room, Denise picked another fight over his reluctance to identify a last meal. The two appeared to be developing a strange love-hate relationship this week, emphasis on the hate.

Frankie was given a dating challenge, taking turns with the twins, while Romeo played the role of Cyrano de Bergerac to his Christian.  Round one with Karissa (“the bitchy twin”) was a disaster, with Frankie shoving a bottle of champagne in his mouth, then burping in her face throughout the rest of the date.


Dating fail.





After declaring it the most uncomfortable date he’d ever watched, Romeo de Bergerac laid out some ground rules for the second, specifically:

  1. No staring below the breast
  2. No burping

Frankie was able to stumble through these rules with Karissa’s sister Kristina (“the nice twin”). This time, Frankie managed to pour the champagne in the glass instead of his mouth, meaning that the burping was done by Kristina instead. With this improvement, Frankie won the task.



Dating success!





That wasn’t the only action Frankie saw this week, as a drunken Nicola nearly made out with him in the hot tub, then threatened to quit the show once she’d sobered up. Sadly, she was talked out of it.

Michael, in the meantime, went to Natalie Cassidy for help with the Denise situation. Natalie decided to help by reporting this conversation to the entire house. The Denise-Michael dynamic continued to deteriorate as nominations approached, with Michael asking whether he could nominate himself for eviction, or nominate someone else twice. Being advised that both of these were against the rules, he chose instead to beg his housemates to nominate him.

Georgia and Michael took the bulk of the week’s nominations, with Kirk, Kristina, Karissa and Denise also appearing on the tally count in the safe zone. With the showmance stalled in cocktease mode, Georgia and Kirk actually managed to nominate each other. Nomance!


Denise and Michael: A match that could only be made in the Big Brother house.






In the end, Michael struck up a tentative peace with Denise by donning her fur coat and parading around the house. Whether this worked or not remains to be seen, as does the fate of this week’s nominees.

Will Michael get his wish and be sent packing, or will Georgia fall victim to the “beautiful women” curse?