BBUK Recap: Natasha Evicted, Karissa Reacts

BBUK Recap: Natasha Evicted, Karissa Reacts

Friday the 13th brought an unlucky second eviction to Borehamwood, as Natasha Giggs followed Andrew Stone, becoming the second person cast out of the Celebrity Big Brother house.

This time the great British public was divided, as the votes were reportedly close – much closer than the percentages here at Reality Nation, where you all supported keeping Natasha over Nicola by a whopping sixteen votes to four. Sorry, Reality Nation readers!

When we last left the house, Playmate twin Karissa Shannon had been cast as Goldilocks, assigning her housemates into various characters for the purpose of a two-day shopping task. Karissa finally faced her own challenge on the second day, with the help of her own personal Three Bears, played by Denise Welch.

Karissa was asked to sample three bowls of porridge and select one that she felt like finishing.

The only bowl Karissa was able to mildly tolerate was the small bowl – until she was informed that it contained porridge flavored with…

…Cow urine.

Karissa did not take this news well.

Elsewhere in the house, the Georgia Salpa-Kirk Norcross showmance continued to fizzle on what’s either the world’s slowest boil or a great train to nowhere. Probably the latter. Has the phrase “nomance” been coined yet? It might be appropriate here.

But, back to Karissa’s reaction to the revelation that she just ate cow urine.

Meanwhile, Natalie Cassidy’s early season popularity began to erode after the first post-eviction live feeds revealed a cattier, less pleasant side to her personality, and Michael Madsen’s alienation from the house grew more evident. This week saw Michael and Denise erupt into a full-fledged war, after she confronted him about his tendency to stay in the Diary Room for long periods of time.

Did I mention that Denise had to eat the other two bowls of porridge?

Jedward returned once more this week, following an apology from Brian Dowling on behalf of Ireland. (That’s not a joke. That is actually how they were introduced.)

This time, the twins had their sights set on their fellow identical twins, Kristina and Karissa. After a  dialect barrier between the two sets of twins was resolved, Jedward doled out two more troublesome tasks.

(Actually it was three, but one task was judged to be impossible to complete due to weather conditions and scrapped from the broadcast.)

First, the brothers returned Michael’s hat to the sisters, having possessed it since Denise and Natalie stole it for them earlier in the week. The sisters had to hide the hat in Denise’s bed and frame her for the crime. Their success did not do much to help the growing tension between Michael and Denise.

Having accomplished this, mischievous Jedward next tasked the sisters with dumping Frankie Cocozza’s clothes in the pool, to his great annoyance. First the Jedward cupids cut his hair, then they dumped his clothes in the pool.  Jedward and Frankie all gained their fame via The X-Factor in the UK, are they now living out some weird rivalry via Big Brother?

Oh, and Denise did try to eat that cow urine porridge, much to Karissa’s delight.

The boys of the house continued to strengthen their friendship this week, with Kirk, Romeo, Frankie and occasionally Gareth happily engaging in horseplay. Inseparable Kirk and Frankie are now being referred to as a single entity: “Kinky”, appropriately enough.

Denise really enjoyed that cow urine porridge, by the way:

And then there were ten – or eleven, depending on how you count the twins.

Never before has an American won Celebrity Big Brother. Could Michael Madsen or Karissa and Kristina Shannon be the first to bring an overseas Big Brother title back to the United States? At the moment, all three Americans are polling high on many sites across the internet. Stay tuned to see what happens!