Georgia’s Out, and Everyone Not Named “Gareth” Is Up

Georgia’s Out, and Everyone Not Named “Gareth” Is Up

It was a foreign showdown in the Big Brother house Wednesday, as Irish model Georgia Salpa faced the public vote alongside American cult actor Michael Madsen.

In the end, England opted to side with the colonies, and the British public saved Michael over Georgia in a close vote. Voters on Reality Nation were similarly torn, with Michael and Georgia coming out evenly split.

Ever the tease, Big Brother followed Georgia’s eviction by immediately forcing the housemates to deliver face-to-face nominations on the live feed broadcast.

The results landed everyone in the house on the block for Friday, with the sole exception of Welsh rugby player Gareth “Alfie” Thomas, who received zero nominations.

Before the shocking reveal, tensions were already on the rise in the house. Michael continued to alienate himself from his housemates in the wake of his nomination, threatening to go on strike and sabotage the weekly shopping task.


Mike, on strike?






However, by the time the task rolled around, Michael was only too happy to comply, especially since his task involved sequestering himself in a refuse bin, a place he apparently preferred to the rest of the house.

This week’s shopping task, titled “Minute to Get In It”, required the housemates to get in whatever Big Brother asked, with only a minute’s warning.


Housemates quickly piled into the Diary Room to complete the first task.





Denise Welch scored the best line of the week. While sitting in a giant pink high-heeled shoe to complete the task, she turned to the refuse bin to ask, “Do you remember when we were actors, Michael?”


Michael’s response, a close runner-up, was, “I’m beginning to wonder if it’s ever going to happen again.”





Kirk Norcross accepted a challenge to handcuff himself to the housemate he “most wanted to sleep with”. Before anyone could say anything, Gareth immediately tore into the house, screaming:








Whatever damage may have been done to Gareth in his rugby career, his intellect appears to be intact.

Once handcuffed to the nominated model, Kirk proceeded to try to kiss her repeatedly while confessing that he dumped his current girlfriend to come into the house. Georgia was not impressed.

Meanwhile, Natalie Cassidy was required to get into a vat of blue food coloring within one minute:


Natalie Cassidy, as Violet Beauregarde.






But the hardest challenge of all went to Playmate twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon, who pretty much asked for it, boasting about their task skills in the Diary Room.

Given one minute to land themselves in the papers, Karissa and Kristina briefly conferred, then marched out of the Diary Room and launched into a blazing, potato-peeler-hurling, egg-shattering screaming match. The rest of the house was terrified, with the exception of Michael, laughing his ass off in the background, who declared the fight “TV gold”.


Gareth, Denise, and a Smurf named Natalie moved quickly to contain Karissa and save the rest of their dairy.




In this case, the sisters lived up to their boasting – and did, in fact, make the next day’s papers.

Kirk was also given one minute to get into a boat in the bathroom with the people he nominated this week. The twins were somewhat surprised to be called out for this task, and the tense revelation led to a blow-up between Karissa, Kristina, Georgia, and Kirk.


Row, row, row in the boat.




Nicola, Frankie, Gareth and Natalie all had to intervene to keep the passengers in the ship until they were allowed to leave, but not before Georgia collapsed in tears.

Did you know that late-night Channel 5 in the United Kingdom does not censor boobies? I didn’t. I don’t think I wanted to know that. However, now we all do, thanks to a drunken Denise.



That which cannot be unseen.






Gareth went yelling for Natalie and Nicola – not to look (he’s the gay one, in case you forgot), but to try to help Denise recover her dignity. With all of his interventions this week, it’s no wonder Gareth was the only housemate left out of the high drama of the face to face live nominations.



Karissa and Kristina, showing and telling.






The celebrities impressively managed to complete the nominations in one round, trumping last season’s finalists, who reportedly took hours to nominate face to face. (Not that we’d know, without live feed.)

With eight options for this Friday’s eviction, rumors about a double eviction are racing across the internet. How many celebrities will leave Friday night? Only one thing is clear: Gareth won’t.