Big Brother 14′s Superpass Super Bash

And the BB14 Superpass Awards went to...

Big Brother 14′s Superpass Super Bash

An hour before doors opened, Big brother 14 Superpass fans started lining up down the streets of Hollywood for Reality Nation’s own Big Brother 14 Finale Party. Once the doors opened, hundreds of super fans grabbed their swag bags and headed into TRU Hollywood for an evening of sipping cocktails and rubbing elbows with their favorite house guests. Most of the Big Brother 14 cast showed up to party, as well as former house guests such as new honeymoonersJo Jo at the Big Brother 14 Finale Party Brenchel, Big Brother 11′s Lydia Tavera and Kevin Campbell and America’s favorite BB couple, Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd.  For the second year, the party was live-streamed on SuperPass with hosts Carrie “Spicy” Milburn, Kevin Campbell and BB superfan, Alexander. The party raged until 1am, only pausing from a hot second at 11:30 for the Superpass Awards. Who won America’s favorite House Guest?

Drum roll please… the Reality Nation Award for awesomeness goes to…

Brownest Nose Award (aka Biggest Kiss Ass)
Joe Arvin

Most Likely To Make A Career Out Of Big Brother (aka Extend his/her 15 Minutes of Fame) 
Frank Eudy

Diary Room King or Queen
Mrs. Britney Haynes

Most Likely To Cause A FOH (aka. Feeds Cut To Fish)
Britney Haynes

Competition King or Queen
Frank Euny

Biggest Schemer
Dan Gheesling

Most All-Star Worthy
Ian Terry

Unsinkable House Guest (aka Biggest Floater)
Jenn Arroyo

Best Stealth Whisperer
Danielle Murphree

Best Backstabber
Dan Gheesling

Best Storyteller
Britney Haynes

Most Feed Worthy (aka. Big Brother’s Live Feed Fan Favorite)
Britney Haynes

Did you watch us live? What was your favorite Big Brother 14 Bash Moment?


  • rhonda johnson

    So happy you won Ian!! Made my BB summer complete!!! Rock on Ian!!!

  • Shadow

    Brittany’s Rapping an story telling..and when she was telling Danielle about umm well Joe and his night life motions an sounds…lol

  • Sunshine Girl

    I wish someone would offer Britney her own reality show. It is bound to be a success. Here’s to hoping someone is listening.

  • Tammy B22

    Any news on what Shane and Danielle are up to now?

    • Juicy2s

      I would love to know that myself, Tammy

    • Juicy2s

      I would love to know that myself, Tammy