VIDEO: BB14′s Joe Arvin on Great Day Live

Joe has some Valentine's Day ideas from MadLove Cooking!

VIDEO: BB14′s Joe Arvin on Great Day Live

Big Brother 14‘s Chef Joe Arvin made an appearance on Louisville, Kentucky’s local news station, WHAS 11′s Great Day Live where he showed off his MadLove Cooking skills.

This clip is hilarious is so many ways…

First off, did someone spike the anchors’ coffee? Right out of the gate the woman stumbles on her words and the guy does as well. Joe just steamrolls over both of them, talking twice the volume as they do. He compares himself to Muhammed Ali (or he at least quotes him) and has more energy than a toddler who just quaffed a half-rack of Mountain Dew. That’s our Joe!

In all seriousness, Joe had some fun ideas for Valentine’s Day, and I have to admit I would be willing to try the “Cupcake Lasagna” sometime. Looks like it’s easy to customize anyway you’d like it.

Check out Joe Arvin’s website for more recipe ideas at


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