Upcoming BB14 Events on SuperPass!

You won't want to miss our upcoming BB14 events!

Upcoming BB14 Events on SuperPass!

Just because Big Brother 14 is almost over it doesn’t mean that our exclusive coverage, live shows and interviews are! We have lots of fun stuff planned with BB14 houseguests for the next few months, so whip out your calendars and take note, here’s what you can expect:

Wednesday, September 19 between 8-8:15pm PT, we’ll be kicking off the BB14 Backyard Interviews! Tune in as we talk to each houseguest and find out what they have to say about their season. Catch the fun on the LIVE FEEDS player on SuperPass!

Thursday, September 20 at approximately 8:30pm PT the BB14 Finale Party will get underway, tune in to see Big Brother houseguests past and present mingle LIVE from TRU HOLLYWOOD. We’ll be doing fun interviews of course, and you can bet the drinks will be flowing! You know what that means, hot mess time! Watch it all go down live on SuperPass under the LIVE SHOWS tab. At 10:00pm PT we’ll begin the BB14 Awards Ceremony as well, see which houseguests will take home an award!

Thursday, October 4, we will have the WINNER as well as fan favorites LIVE in the SuperPass studios, call in with your questions!

Thursday, October 11 at 3pm PT tune into SuperPass for a live Skype show with a BB14 houseguest.

Thursday, October 18 at 3pm PT tune into SuperPass for a live Skype show with a BB14 houseguest.

Thursday, October 23 at 3pm PT tune into SuperPass for a live Skype show with a BB14 houseguest.

November 14-16 we are going to have a SuperPass Showdown week, a sort of BB Olympics where HGs will compete against one another. (What should we call this? Any ideas, BB fans?)

Which houseguests would you like to see in the SuperPass studios? Comment below and let us know!


  • http://twitter.com/LCPerky Lynda Perky

    Would love to see Ian, Dan, and Jenn

    For the olympics I would love to see Danielle, Janelle, Ian, Frank, and Boogie compete where they have to answer questions about the HG’s personal lives. These 5 HG are so self-centered it would be fun to see if they payed attention to others at all. I tink this would be very hard for them because they never spent time with others if the others were talking about themselves. I would be happy to help find questions.

  • http://twitter.com/BHaynesFans Britney Haynes Fans

    Id love to see Britney on Superpass!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1373460012 Jen Kim

    Have Britney and Ian on together! That would be awesome!

  • Jeremy

    Put Britney on Superpass!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/heathur22 Heather

    Britney!! And if you have 2 on at once then Britney and Ian

    • Guest

      Britney probably won’t do it she doesn’t care for bb fans and wants to spent time with her husband.

  • http://twitter.com/bbjamie10 Jamie loves BB

    Have Britney on Superpass!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/bbjamie10 Jamie loves BB


  • http://twitter.com/jack5791 Jack Olexovitch


  • http://twitter.com/ozcutie87 Jenn


  • Chelsi


  • http://twitter.com/LCPerky Lynda Perky

    SuperPass Showdown names; I am really bad at this but here we go!
    Quack Olympics
    Rock it Out
    It’s Not Person
    It’s ALL Personal (do you know your house mates?)
    Delusions (everyone was delusional)
    You’r Way Showdown (games designed for each attending HS’s gameing style)
    Warped (just gives me great graphic visuals of set design and each HG)
    Over the … (edge, wall, rainbow, hammok, Bible)
    Shoot ‘em Up (should involve shots and a hot tub or plastic baby pool)
    Carnival of Crime (games that embrace your inner villan)
    Recovery 101 (fund games and drinks designed to get minds off BB)

    Game idea:
    Make-up: would be fun to see the men have to put make up on, no women)
    Define This: let’s see how each HG defines common BB terms. Floater, backdoored,etc
    Rock the Night Away: name that tune
    Close Up: identify this close up photo (screen shotd) exs: slop burger, HG key, hammok, fridge

    Good Luck it’s hard thinking of things alone, brain storming is easier for me.

  • http://twitter.com/Gypsy515 Lanie Rantissi

    whats with all the Britney kiss ass’.. NO BRITNEY.. SHE TALKED ENOUGH AND IS SO ANNOYING.. her time HAS COME AND GONE.. bring back someone that has something more interesting to say on Superpass! ( Ian, the cutest nerd ever.. always on his swing.. thinking away)

  • Cora

    Britney, Ian, Shane, Ashley

  • 2wekawilliams

    you have to bring shane and danielle together… cant wait to see it

  • Johndon352


  • http://twitter.com/G_Boooo G_Boooo

    Dan Brit and Ian are the ones I wanna see!!

  • suzanne walker

    i would love to see dan shane danelle together after this is all over and they have watched the show and seen all the lies and backstabbing

  • Sakura

    you have to bring janelleeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Kasey

      Love to see, Dan, Ian, Britney, Janelle. the olympics, maybe Quack pack, BBmeltdown, BBstabber, BBhandsdown, then make up a game according to the name. For example for Quackpack/have to pack heavy items across finish line, BBhandsdown/who hits the button first with the right answer, BBmeltdown/maybe have to trudge in something sticky,,,say melted caramel lol. BBstabber/have to use darts to hit blown up ballons, ask questions if they get it right they can try to hit the ballons, whoever hits the most is the winner. Whoever you guys have and whatever the games are let them begin, it will be fun no matter what. Luv you guys at SUPERPASS!!!:)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1223200586 Kathleen Morford

    It would be cool to watch a What Ever Happend To… show! Let’s flashback to the early seasons of BB w/ players who haven’t been featured in a while (Eddie McGee, Nakomis, Lisa Donahue, etc).

    • sLer

      Yeah that’s a great idea! I’d love to see Eddie and Josh! Dr. Will would always be cool if he’d be willing to break away from his busy lifestyle…Jeff and Jordan are fun to see again every year…hmm who else? Jason (the bible guy, he was cute), and crazy James with Chelsea doing the interview ;) just to see if they’re still friends at all, because they were really close on the show and who cares that he had a secret lifestyle, he was still a really good guy. And, a check-in with any other old houseguests that we haven’t already seen in recent interviews over the last year or two…would be an awesome treat for us superpass subscribers!!! Thanks ya’ll, keep up the great work! And, Chelsea: No hard feelings if you don’t want to do a reunion with James but you guys did live together for almost 3 months and you were cute together while it lasted!

  • Sakura


  • Enilda Rivera

    I would love to see Frank on the show. Also, Boogie and Janelle.

  • Jennifer


  • http://twitter.com/ZacharyNicolos Zach (Nickel-Liss)


  • Itvgeri

    Britney and wil

  • http://twitter.com/me_twilightlove VictoriousFanForever

    Shane britney and ian

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000175635622 Andrew Sloan


  • JBlowinsky

    Britney & Ian

  • Kristi

    Shane, Shane, and MORE SHANE! Shirtless would be much appreciated! I hope he wins the Favorite HG $25,000!!!

  • Omayra

    Frank and Ashley PLEASE!!!

  • Tammyvillacorta


  • Sara

    Dan, of course! And Janelle please!

  • aubrey

    shane, danielle, & britney!!!

  • jcmiculka

    bring the quack pack back together ~ ian, britney, shane, danielle & dan!

  • Guest

    Brit dont know it’s a trap people are mean

  • Two4meemoe

    Dan, Dani, Ian, Shane, Britney.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1809948607 Bonnie Schouest

    Brit and Ian

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=656130093 Jon Brown

    dani n dan

  • Sosac88

    brit & ian!!

  • giddygirl

    Gooo Dan…!! Win it all Tonight!

  • Deedee910262

    Please ..superpass room…..any frank fans……..Want to see Frank interviewed please and ty

  • Lciotta

    Shane and Danielle.

  • Dnchambers

    just make sure that Frank the bsst player on b14 is back and interviewed

  • Babyblueeyes


  • guest


  • Kimmielynn


  • Koko

    I would love to see an interview with Frank BB14! Frank is awesome, loyal, hilarious, competitive and captivating to watch! Please interview Frank during the Superpass BB14 event!

  • lily

    We want Frank!

  • Scawley85

    I would love to continue to see Britney!

  • Scawley85

    I also wanna know if there was more romance with Frank and Ash in the house!

    • Scawley85

      I mean in the Jury House

  • Guest

    Definately danielle cause I have to see her reaction after she catches up on everything.. Then Shane, Ian, Frank, Boogie. I’d say Britney and Dan but they’d just repeat “it’s just a game” to everything the others confront them with.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cheryl-Fust-Siplin-Viehweger/1095825788 Cheryl Fust Siplin Viehweger

    I wanted Dan to win….waaaa. Poor Danielle…I love Boogie love him even more for the respect he paid to Ian!!!

  • James

    As far as the Olympics go, the title should be: Battle of the BB14 Houseguests

  • James

    As far as the Olympics go, the title should be: Battle of the BB14 Houseguests

  • Lady_canadian

    Going to be there …please get dani some help

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cheryl-Fust-Siplin-Viehweger/1095825788 Cheryl Fust Siplin Viehweger

    I’m with Kathleen Morford….What ever happened to…..!!!!!!!!!

  • Gizmogurl67

    dan, janelle and shane or anyone who is gonna talk about danielle’s crazy lies

  • Greenvicki54

    I would love to see Frank, Dan, Shane, Danielle and Ian. I would love to see how they interact with each other after seeing how they were manipulated by Dan.

  • mab2213

    Dan !!!

  • aubs

    shane & danielle! and if they’d all agree to it than i’d love to see dan with them!

  • Joe

    ## I say Britney but she doesn’t like the bb fans.

    • Guest

      Besides her wanting to spent time with husband she probably doesn’t want leave home right now and the interviews cant be done from home.

  • Mellonieb

    Quack Pack reunion to see what they think after they see what happened! Then I am curios to see if Shane/Danielle Frank/Ashley relationships are moving forward!

  • emilyneathery.

    i want danielle and shane to come togher. that would be great!

  • http://twitter.com/Jess_BBLove уєѕѕι¢α

    Shane & Danielle together, Britney, Wil, Dan, & Ian! :) I love the QP.

  • Mitch

    Why hasn’t been more interviews with Britt cant be done by phone or from her home.

  • Rich

    BRITNEY HAYNES- the most entertaining HOUSEGUEST ever!!!!!!!

  • Margo101

    Shane and Danielle together! Or at least an update on their relationship because everyone is curious to see what is happening outside of the show

  • bbluver14

    The 2 couples Danielle and Shane and Ashley and Frank!


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FUCK Britney she’s not even people on twitter i hope she gets AIDS.


    ~~~~ FUCK BRITNEY she’s not even tweeting or answers people’s tweets. I hope someone kills her.


    Britney’s a fucking cunt she hates her fans and bb. Fuck bitch needs to kill herself.

    • http://twitter.com/ZacharyNicolos Zach (Nickel-Liss)

      Fuck you you stupid ass mother fucking piece of shit.

  • Sakura