BB14′s Shane Meaney: Exclusive Interview

Shane speaks about his eviction - and he is pissed off!

BB14′s Shane Meaney: Exclusive Interview

On Thursday night’s EXCITING episode of Big Brother, Shane got the butterknife and Danielle continued gulping down the Kool-Aid while breathing in Dan’s “mist”. At this point I’m ready to drink the damn Kool-Aid.

We spoke with Shane after his brutal and shocking eviction, and let’s just say he isn’t too happy with how things went down. From the sounds of it, Dan won’t be getting a vote from Shane if he makes final 2.

Read on to see what Shane had to say about his eviction, his showmance, and the one person he will NOT be friends with outside the house…

What allowed you to win so many early competitions?
I am very competitive. I have always been this way and I cannot stand losing.

What surprised you most about being on Big Brother this season?
Just the twist surprised me the most but also what people say or promise you and then do the exact opposite.

You seemed hot and cold on your potential showmance. Can you explain your thoughts around the pros and cons of a Danielle showmance?
Obviously, I was hot and cold because I didn’t want it to be detrimental to my game. I did have feelings for her but I didn’t want to show them to the other houseguest. The pros – I did really have feelings, but the cons were that the houseguests would see us as a duo and put us up against each other.

Who could you see being friends with after the season is over?
Everyone but Dan. I think I will stay in touch with all Houseguests besides him.

Is there a move you regret or a move you didn’t make that you think would have gotten you further in the game?
I just regret not specifying my concern to Danielle to leaving the nominations the same and keeping the power in my hands instead of listening to Dan. That is the only thing I would change.

What was the most difficult moment you had in the house?
My eviction! I feel like I was betrayed by both Dan and Danielle after I was loyal to them throughout the whole game.

Which competition gave you the hardest time?
I usually struggle with puzzles or counting, but I did really bad in ”field of veto.”

If you went in again, would you use the same strategy?
I would definitely use the same strategy but I would be a little bit more conservative and I wouldn’t trust people as much as I did this year.


  • Saintsdisciple8

    What a hypocrite. Every week he told the person on the block he was going to keep them even though he knew he was evicting them. He just did it to Frank the week before. He was a horrible player who had no clue how BB worked, and even admitted he didnt watch a single season all the way thru in sequester. He got what he deserved. Without Dan this season would be the worst ever.

    • Jennifer Savoie

      agree! Shane was a pussy and had the worst convo’s ever. He deserved to get the boot and end up w nothing short if his stipend.

    • Shane’s reality drug

      Spot on.. santsdisciple8… Shane is a hyprocrite. He told Frank twice that he would not put him up, but did it anyway. When Dan does the same thing to him, dan is the devil.. Plus, he manupulated Danielle, especially towards the end, with his massages and tongue kissing.

  • CelebrateStyleMN

    Seriously, trust isn’t really a factor in the BB house. Get over it Shane. Dan deserves your vote-it’s all about game play, and he’s spot on right now.

    • Auntjulie67

      Dan doesn’t “deserve” anything. He has to earn the votes. Jury management is part of the game and if Dan loses over a bitter jury, then he didn’t plan the entire game the best.

      • Ambersonian

        If Dan gets to final two then he does deserve the win. If Dan makes F2 with Danielle he won’t lose to a bitter jury, he’ll win by an awe-struck one. Shane has no clue how bb works. That’s what happens when you’re cast as the seasons eye candy lol Britney will talk some sense into him. If not he’ll be the only vote for Danielle.

        • Sqmara

          Dan deserves nothing

          • Jennifer Savoie

            No..I disagree! Dan deserved the win and he did win “title wise”…the jury voted personal so Ian got the money. It is what it is….Truth is Dan was the better player. PERIOD!

      • Chilltown5ever

        You’re stupid. This is the first tie the jury has been bitter. Any other season he would have won. Egos were just to big.

    • Bbef

      Seriously, and maybe Shane doesn’t think Dan deserves his vote after Shane removed the knife from his back. Maybe u need to get over Dan’s egotistically opinion of himself and not everyone in this world adores him. The guys kinda of creepy with those bulging eyes and maybe someone slipped him some Kool-Aide. IMO, he’s a SLEAZEBAG. Toying with ppl’s feelings like that with no conscious at all. He said in his rambling speech about blood up to his elbows or something like that (stopped listening at one point) about Jenn and Joe (rambling) at that point u need to take out whoever. Well, if he wins, hope he enjoyshis blood money that he felt he needed to do in order to win. He truly is pathetic truly to expain his ruthless behavior.

      • Saintsdisciple8

        When he wins, I am sure he will enjoy the blood money. Shane was dumb enough to let Dani put him on the block so he didnt get blood on his hands, so he got a knife in the back! Dan is cold blooded and I love it.

        • Bbef

          Glad I’m not ur friend ! LOL

        • Trueastruecanbe

          Yeah and you’re just as evil but in real life. Disgusting!

          • Saintsdisciple8

            I am sorry I hurt ur little feelings

      • Skip016

        So your one of those guys that doesnt realize that IT’S A GODDAMN GAME. Dan did what Dan had to do to get
        Himself where he is. Like him or not, he knows what you have to do to win the game. Yup, it’s a game.

        • Guest

          It is NOT a game! It is a television show! And, it is being produced. And, the creators named it after the government (i.e., the producers) in the Orwell book that controlled the people that they watched through cameras 24 hours a day. If the people did not do what the government wanted, the government reprogrammed them by making them face their greatest fear. The government would get them to do the one thing they swore they would not do by making them face the thing they were afraid of the most.

          Shane, it seemed really did not want to make out with (kiss) Dani on camera or whatever, but he did at the end. They got him to do what they wanted. Whether this was manipulation on the part of the producer or explicit direction does not matter. It was intentional.

          Just as having Dan in the Final Three is intentional. Dan is good for the ratings in their target demographic. That is why he is winning. He is not a genius. He is an actor. He is being fed lines and being told what to do. Did you not see him going over his lines before his funeral? The lines they just fed him in the DR? His script might even be in the bible he carries around.

          Also, Ian is very popular this season and good for the demographics. That is why he stayed instead of Shane. Why did Shane make it to the Final 4, Showmances are good for ratings.

          Why did Jenn make it to Final 5, she is friends with people in production.

          Why did Janelle and Boogie go out early, they wanted to. They have small children at home.

          Do the actors (HGs) really not have contact with the outside world the whole time. Doubt it.

          It is not real and really they are not even trying to pretend that it is!!!

          It is good entertainment, but more like a drama than a documentary.

          • amazed

            Sorry, but you’re stupid if you don’t see it as a GAME. Games have strategies and the person with the best strategy wins. Plain and simple. It’s obvious that you are a new viewer or you would know the answers to your own questions.

          • jill

            Most moronic post ever. Give this guy an award at the Wrap party.

          • Steve

            Are you really that stupid. Its a game show, with lots off money to the winner. You do what you have to to get to the end. Dan is controlly everything here just as Boston Rob did in survivor. Unreal how these clowns that know nothing have to always say its fixed and this is how they set it up with no proof. Its been a great show and believe me if Dan or ian are on again I will be there to watch and enjoy it again. Also bring back boston Rob.

          • Guest

            You all are a little too invested in this. Take a look at your own life and ask yourself what is missing that you get so passionate about a television show. It is not real! Sorry to burst your bubble, but it is NOT!

            GB and no hard feelings.

            p.s. I hope you consider being sensitive in your future postings instead of trying to be a bully with name calling etc…

          • Boozigmon

            No, I am sorry I agree with guest it is fixed that is why Rachel won last year.

          • guest

            How would it be fixed if rachel won? Why would anyone want that? Or why didn’t jeff win ever
            ? Or the season where maggie won? Why would they let a floater win. yea dan was probably going over the script he wrote. But im not mad at what you said. you just live in a world where Elvis is still alive and the government killed jfk right? lol Jokes

          • Alice Land

            Hey .. STEVE .. read up! and get schooled! You have noooooo idea what u r saying so .. read my replies above and u might UNDERSTAND .. IT IS ALL SMOKE AND MIRRORS! .. U got FOOLED! I fooled you .. so did the rest of the ppl who work on /produce these shows .. U wont hear about it by ppl on the show .. cuz they sugn thier life away if the say anything! So listen up and than stop this b.s. in ur life .. IT IS ALL FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            BTW .. ummm PPL like ME RE CONTROLLING EVERYTHING! SO TYVM 4 the compliment .. DAN is just A TOOL!!!!!!!!!! A play thing 4 us to make do WHAT WE WANT! SAY what WE WANT! DO WHAT WE WANT .. WE CONTROLL IT ALL .. no1 there on “realityshows” HAVE ANY SAY unless they self evit! than we rewrite the story so it goes in another direction .. and tht is what we do 24/7 .. Always writting for the “HGs” you see .. and you hear them say or DO what WE want them to! HAPPY U LIKE OUR WORK :) WE GET PAID A SHITLOD to do it for you!

          • guest

            No one would pay you to do anything…You don’t even know how to spell….and frankly you seem a little nutzo.

          • justme

            You seem very paranoid to me.

          • Alice Land

            Agree Across the board w/ you! I have Produced these so Called Reality shows .. there IS NOTHING REAL about them! We Tell the ppl what to do or say or manipulate them in2 doing things WE as PRODUCER want them to do! RATINGS RATINGS RATINGS!!!!!!!!!!! It is all about Producers having THE CONTROLL! Dan is only doing what his is told to do by ppl like ME!
            2 think ppl r that naive 2 think these shows/this show .. is REAL at all KILLS ME LOL! IT IS ALL SCRIPTED .. I have the scripts to show u if u like! I have written this stuff and told ppl what 2 say in interviews or “DR” whatever u call it per show!
            Not a GAME NOT a REAL SHOW … it is SCRIPTED ALL THE WAY! We reedit EVERYTHING THEY SAY IN the “DR” or whatever! We rewrite as the SHOW goes and change what we need 2 to make the shoe get the best/better rattings than we are!
            ppl on Survior EAT! u just dont see it .. we feed them! IT IS ALL A LIE and FACT that sooo many of u PRAISE DAN .. LMAO .. is 2Fing Funny! HE IS JUST A GUY DOING HWTA HE IS TOLD!
            You ALL WORSHIPING HIM IS SO FUNNY .. You PPL HAVE NO IDEA THAT YOU are the 1s being laughed at by ppl like me that MAKE THESE SHOWS! SO get a Grip .. buy a clue and GET REAL

          • Alice Land

            As my Aunt has said 2 me b4 .. “Ppl talk about these “written shows” like they are a SOAP OPERA! Like she did in her day! IT IS A MODERN SOAP! .. LOL my Aunt is smart enough to understand that w/o me telling her hwta i did .. now she knows that she was right! Once I told her what I did exactly .. she was shocked but saw it b4 hand .. if a 70-80 yr old knows whats up .. and YOU all dont .. well YOU GUYS are so sad and I hope u get some help and a life!
            Hell I work on the shows .. I dont watch em cuz I KNOW it is ALL FAKE!
            There are better things 2 do w/ life .. like NOTHING! lol that would be better than wasting my time watching a FAKE SHOW and yelling at ppl, being RUDE .. and cheering on the wrong PERSON .. like DAN! LOL So if u like what is going on in BB14 than TYVM! :) Cuz it is ppl like ME you should thank not any1 on the show !
            U GET IT? UNDERSTAND NOW? ANY questions? well IDC 2 hear em! GUEST: u rock and are not naive like most ppl in here or in the world! so Congrats! You re part of the ELITE!

          • Wltdat93

            So you don’t watch them because they are fake & you have better things to do…like reading the interviews from the show and posting comments???!!! Haha if I knew like you say you do I wouldn’t be here rofl. And if I worked these shows(as u said u did) & ppl watched them I’d be thanking ppl not belittling them because that’s how u make money. Remember u said “ratings” no viewers no ratings, therefore no job!!!

          • guest

            You’re one crazy bitch

          • Steve

            grow up you clown. You have no idea whats going on and coming in here yapping like that only proves how stupid you really are. Players like Dan and Boston Rob are few and far between and you really want credit for that. Get a life. whats next if it wasn;t for you the US team would only of won half there medals. Get a Job

          • KiMarsha

            Oh come on. We’ve seen people on Survivor who were fat at the beginning of the season who SURVIVE so to speak lose gobs amount of weight by not eating sone so bad they look anorexic and Russell Swan got so dehydrated from not having water to drink that he was life flighted out so don’t sling your BS about what you think you know about these reality shows.and unless you’ve watched BB live feeds or Big Brother After Dark you wouldNOT know that these people cry and llose their minds in the game. Poor Ian Terry this season, talked to himself, rocked back and forth like a crazy person trying to control his emotion. Michele on season 11 or 12.. Not sure.. The nerdy girl who went pin up model. She did the same thing minus the rocking.. Just got extremely real and weird behind the camera when she was alone and I’ve seen others believ us when we know and say it is not all scripted. I do believ the DR’s are kinda scripted to an extent. I believ this. And it’s obvious sometimes. Britney Haynes was asked about this once as to whether a certain DR she had done was scripted or not..she said that particular one was coming out of her own mind and moth. So, believe waht you want. But The Amazing Race, BBn Survivor, Celebrity Apprentice, we know is real. Now the Housewives shows.. May def be a little scripted. The dude on here acting as if he had the inside secret on what happens behind the scenes is putting on show for himself to boost his own ego or he’s one of those guys/gals who knows-it-all. He’s the one who needs a dose of Reality.

          • Jennifer Savoie

            it’s TV..we luv what we luv and ur not gonna single handedly be the dumb ass to break that. So go to bed

          • Pamhanks123

            i also wonder if they dont talk to outside and if everyone remembers when Brittneys diamond was loose or she so thought it was and she annocced on after dark to the jeweler(dont remember the name) but says call me —- here at the BB house I need to talk to ya .and apparently she did ,cause she was still wearing her wedding ring the rest of the time she was in the house !! and I know if I thought my stone was loose in my wedding set and didnt have my jeweler say it was ok I SURE AS HECK WOULDN”T OF been still wearing it !! Just sayin.thats one thing I do remember and it made me wonder at that point also.

          • Jennifer Savoie

            well…ur just an ass hole in my opinion based on ur comments and why do you bother watching BIG BROTHER?

        • Jennifer Savoie

          And Dan should have NO regrets over his choices! He played the best game and WON in the objective opinions of BB fans. Ian won the money from the jusy

      • Voiceof911

        I agree with Skip16. It is a GAME. Tell me you wouldn’t do whatever it takes to win $500,000?!?!?! Anyone who has watched the game since the beginning should know that honesty doesn’t make you win. It’s a cutthroat GAME for God sake.

      • bigboynow


      • Boozigmon

        I truly agree with you. Dan is a jerk. Joe said Frank has an ego the size of Texas. Joe was wrong the one with the ego the size of Texas is. He is so stuck on hisself. He does not deserve to. I am sorry you just do not swear on the bible you just don’t. And I do not care if you tell me to get over myself.

      • Boozigmon

        I truly agree with you. Dan is a jerk. Joe said Frank has an ego the size of Texas. Joe was wrong the one with the ego the size of Texas is. He is so stuck on hisself. He does not deserve to. I am sorry you just do not swear on the bible you just don’t. And I do not care if you tell me to get over myself.

      • guest

        Yea you’re so right. I hope next season everyone is completely honest with each other and every ones really nice and no one gets upset. That’s so what people want to see on big brother. You’re so right.

      • Jennifer Savoie

        UR a freak! Dan played the game…. henceforth the term…”played”. he was honest…go back and watch the live feeds!..Houseguests were pissed at Dan when things didn’t go there way (ie.Danielle)near the end he owed her nothing! He played as hard as everyone else! If ur pised that ur player didn’t win…well…they didn’t play as hard!

    • Jennifer Savoie

      Dan kicked ur ass Shane and Danielle’s too for that matter. Get over it…..the game came to an end and the best 2 deserved to be there. Dun!!

  • Lisa Barlow

    Shanes still trying to figure out what game he was playing.. LOL..

  • Dixie

    People have done a lot worse on big brother and come out the other side friends. Get over your butthurt, shane!

    • Francisco Rodriguez

      Haha, pretty much. Rachel and Ragan are great friends now and look how they were on S12

      • NiHi

        So are Janelle and Beau and they HATED each other during their season. Beau was in Janelle’s wedding.

  • Jackie Momma-t Tillery

    For the last time…..IT IS A GAME!!! Don’t be a poor sport, Shane ~ “You got, Got” that’s all ~ Dan deserves to win!

  • ex houseguest

    you guys will never know what that bitterness is truly like until you walk through those doors…

    • Auntjulie67


    • jill

      you shouldn’t play the game then if you can’t accept the fact that the people you lie to are also lying to you.

  • itismyname

    Everyone keeps saying Shane did the same thing about lying to other house guest but the one big difference was he was not on the people side he was on Dan,, Dani, Brits, and Ian team so of course he would lie to the others and not to the ones he was loyal too.

    • Pullenna

      I agree 100%!

    • Saintsdisciple8

      Dan was on Ians and Dani and Shane’s team. He had to take out someone. Shane wouldnt take him to Final 2, Ian and Dani prob will. So please tell me what he did wasnt smart?????

    • Jared

      Okay, you’re right, but Ian/Dani/Shane/Dan were all on the same team. Dan had to lie to someone to ensure that he wouldn’t be going home, and getting Shane out was just a beneficial aspect of Dan’s game. If Shane had watched a single season, or had any insight on the game, he would respect the move. Dan’s basically guaranteed final 2 now. Dan was loyal to Dani the entire game, as that is his only team-mate. By your standards it doesn’t matter if he lies to Ian/Shane because they aren’t really on his team.

  • Rich Glanzer

    I get that Dan has done some great things in here. No doubt. And he made it very entertaining. But he’s Boston Robbing it in like Rob did in All-Stars. I typically would like to think I’d vote for the best player, but I don’t think Dan is playing a great game.

    Yes, he’s making every decision in the house but at the same time when you backstab so many people, they may not vote for him. I don’t think he’d get my vote. Ian and Danielle have both been horrible too though.

    • Lezjenkins

      The majortity of the past winners have been people everybody hated in the house and backstabbed everybody. Why should it be different this year? Rachel won last year and they hated her coming in the door, Evil Dick won his year and he was a BIG asshole in his year, Mike boogie ad Dr. Will also. Dan has had a hand in almost every elimination even before the jury. He has been quietly running the house when Boogie and Frank thought they were. Im sorry but he should win.

  • Brooke_hutchison011

    Okay… It’s a game! It’s all about the way you play BB. Dan a flippin genius in BB. He deserves everyone’s vote. He’s the only one that’s actually played this game! Everyone else played with feelings, which will get F****d in this game. Dan’s a master mind. Period.

    • Lynda Perky

      Agree, but deep down I was hoping one of them (Shane,Dani) would wake up and stop it with the veto. I am really angry at them after last night. To top of it all both Ian and Dani threw the 1st Final Comp to Dan. How is he not laughing out load at them? He sure can’t stop smerking though.

      Shane is new to the game and I feel bad for him, but Dani and Ian both know the game and the behavior that goes with it. Shame on them. Good for Dan to take advantage.

  • Rdouvillier

    Maybe he should have actually watched the videos he was provided, and learned what the game was about.

    • Saintsdisciple8

      Amen! He got on this show bc he is a good looking guy. If he was to stupid to watch all of Dan’s season, then he deserved exactly what he got!

  • Lsdy

    chill out people! he just got stabbed in the back ! im sure he will be over it soon. hes still in shock.



    • Trueastruecanbe

      I really hope he loses his job over this, how dare he parade around “ST. MARY’S” and pledge on the bible and his wife. For that matter, if I was Chelsea, I would take half then divorce him. Can you just imagine how he would be so sneaky with her in real life, with that way of conniving scheming?

      • Jennifer Swarbrick

        And you were probably one of the ones that threatened Shelley’s daughter last year too.
        What is the matter with you?

      • justme

        He lied on a game show where lying is expected. Just get over it. He didn’t break any rules nor has he harmed anyone. Correct me if I’m wrong but I doubt there is anything in his job contract stating he had to be honest in the event he is selected for big brother. I don’t see why you think his job would be in jeopardy.

        Everyone who has ever played the game has lied at some point. With your logic, they should all have lost their jobs too. Ian lied to Mike and Frank when he helped form the quack pack…should the school he goes to expel him? Or is that too harsh because for some reason when Dan does it he’s held to a higher standard than the rest of them?

  • Steena

    R u kidding me Shane? Trust is something that doesn’t exist in the BB house! Don’t be upset cuz u and Dani were planning on getting rid of Dan soon enuff anyways but Dan got to you first! You’re lack of knowledge about this game and willingness to be a pawn was your downfall not Dan.

  • Janna

    Give Shane time. The interview JUST happened. He needs time to process this and realize Dani really didn’t know.

  • MooMoo

    Shane has seen episodes, he was just playing dumb. He’s being a dumbass because it’s not like Dan turned on him the way they all turned on Britney, when there were still other viable options in the house. The four of them got to the end, and then you have to turn on each other. That’s how it works!

    Shane wouldn’t have taken Dan to final 2 and that’s that. Dani, knowing that Dan and Shane both would take her, wouldn’t have even tried to win a competition and while Dan is a threat, he is not so much in the physical department so he did what he had to do and got rid of his biggest physical competition.

    What I don’t get is why Ian is acting like Dan backstabbed them all. Ian wouldn’t be there if Dan hadn’t pulled his “mist” out when Dani had taken him down. Considering how little Dani cried about Shane being gone, but how long she cried when Dan told her she was dead to him says A LOT! She prob knew that she wouldn’t win against Shane so she let her coach do the dirty work for her so she could be seen as a victim at the end of the game.

    • jill

      Shane was “just playing dumb”??? HAHAHAHAHHA

  • Shanes gay

    This idiot and complete moron got what he deserved. He has no balls and did the same thing to Frank- he would “yeah yeah yeah” everyone to death instead of being a man and owning what he did. In the immortal words of Mike Boogie “You’re in a lot of trouble, son. I can’t wait to see you get done wrong. You’re Dan’s bitch.” For once- Boogie was right.

    Shane’s eviction was also the most hilarious next to Dustins. LOL

  • Taliseth

    This a game Shane! Part of the game is being a Backstabber !!! I think the amazing Race is better for you lol … There is a lot of ways to play this game , being honest is not the only way to win. Go Dan !!!I would Vote for the person that got me out .

  • NiHi

    The things Shane should regret most is 1) his Jimmy Neutron hairdo, 2) wearing puka beads, 3) wearing bright white KSwiss sneakers and 4) strutting around in his little sister’s (pink) shirt. The same one worn above … lol!

    • KiMarsha

      Love this.. Yes his Jimmy Neutron hairdo was just wrong. Puka beads.. Sissy. Pink shirt…………..well, sissy. Omgosh..

  • Saintsdisciple8

    Shane let Dani convince him to go on the block, and shane agreed so he wouldnt get blood on his hands. So instead he got a knife in the back.

  • Saintsdisciple8

    Can u imagine a final 3 with Ian Shane and Dani? It would be sad and pathetic. Glad it worked out this way.

  • Oh Brother

    This has been one of the most tired seasons ever – if you watch enough of these competitions then you know that alliances disintegrate all the time AND that you have to get rid of master minds (the real threats) early, like Mike Boogie and Janelle. Frank should have been gone; Dan was close to being gone but they fell for that flaaaat Dearborn accent. He played them all. I don’t think he’s played a great game, he just had a bunch of amateur floaters (besides Ian) to manipulate. Shane deserved to be voted out and Britney predicted all of this. Ugh!

  • Trueastruecanbe

    Shane is right, and he has morals. Just because it’s a game it doesn’t mean you lose your soul! Dan is the evil person who parades around with a St Mary’s shirt every freakin day and swears on the bible and on his wife! I would fire him, especially a catholic school who represents the total opposite! If his wife is just as evil, she would keep him but can you just imagine if she wasn’t? I’d get a divorce, take half and skidaddle!

    • Laraway1

      dam only swore on the bible to Frank about the Qiuack Pack. That is all

    • justme

      and if only falsely making alliances to people (not even on school property) was a reason you could fire him! What Dan does on his own time away from work is not your concern. Neither is is personal life. Just because you don’t like the way he played a game doesn’t give you any right to wish bad things for him. You’ve really got some audacity. What would people say about you if they had constant feeds filming your life for two months nonstop? They would definitely approve of everything you do, right? Get over yourself.

  • Lisa L Payton Raikes

    i dont think dani will get to f2 with dan i hope ian gets there and i feel that ian will win the next 2 hohs

  • Hironimus1

    lets hope Shane votes for Dan. It would be a shame if Dan doesnt win and he swore on his marriage and the bible. I’m surprised he didnt throw his mother in there. I love the example he sends to the kids he coaches. Its onlya game. Win at any cost!

  • leonlovesbutts

    big brother is NOT just a game.
    especially when you bring your outside life/world into it, it is NOT just a game. when you’re competing for half a million dollars, on camera 24/7, etc, it just isn’t.
    and nobody currently in that house really deserves to win. the only reason why frank & jenn decided to save dan is because they needed safety for the upcoming week & at the time britney & shane were proven liars, and dan swore on his wife & his religion. swearing on someone/thing & then going back on it does not make you deserving of another $500,000. apparently ian’s only concern is having an alliance. what an idiot for sending jenn home last week instead of somebody from “the quack pack.” danielle is believing dan because she’s delusional. they recruited dumb people this season to be the coaches’ pets. at least if ian manages to win he was actually a fan of the game and it will benefit his real life, unlike dan who has already won, isn’t that great, and doesn’t need the money..

    • Lezjenkins

      Dan swore on the Bible and his wife that the information he was giving him was true, ot that he would take him to the end. OMG GEt it RIGHT!!!

      • leonlovesbutts

        i watched it on the live feeds as i’m sure you did. he didn’t mean it that way, if he did he’d be in the diary room saying “haha he didn’t realize i was only swearing that blahblahblah” not “while i don’t take it lightly breaking a promise that i swore on my wife about, etc. it’s what i have to do to benefit her & i in the long run.”
        YOU’RE GIVING HIM TOO MUCH CREDIT & you’re probably listening to his wife’s tweets where she is in-denial that he didn’t just swear on her life & then break his word.
        also i have no clue what your comment means, it doesn’t really make sense..
        other points that he’s just a liar word breaker, not a mastermind with loopholes are as follows (the ones i can remember off the top of my head):
        *swore he was telling the truth about working with frank/jenn/danielle & that they were 1000% safe the following week
        *swore he would not evict frank MULTIPLE times.
        *swore he’d have ian’s back & then tried to get rid of him
        * his DR sessions show that he knew he was breaking his word of stuff that he swore on his wife/religion/dead grandfather/etc.
        *swore on his wife’s life to danielle just the other day that he would not evict shane when it was quite clear he was going to.
        there are many more that i cannot think of off the top of my head
        he’s hiding behind his bible like a pansy. his word means nothing and that includes real life.
        he was aware that he was breaking his word. he was not being a good player, just a shady liar.

        • Steve

          to funny. get a life. show me 1 winner that never lied

          • leonlovesbutts

            apparently this came across as “anti-lying in the big brother house” idk i’m not reading what i posted because i don’t care. dan’s in the house with a bunch of idiots. if they weren’t so dumb they wouldn’t still be treating dan like he’s a saint and that he’d never lie to them. these people are playing FOR him.
            so anyway long story short he’s overrated.

      • Steve

        yes finally someone got it right

      • Steve

        yes finally someone got it right

    • Steve

      wow do you really believe that. It is a game, Everyone has lied in every season. Take off the blinders. Maybe next year you can go in and tell everyone everything you know and see what happens. idiots

      • leonlovesbutts

        there are easier, smarter, better ways to lie. dan’s just overrated scum.
        also telling people “everything you know” has nothing to do with lying, what are you talking about? “idiot.”
        wahh somebody doesn’t agree with me so i have to call them an idiot wahh

    • Steve

      wow do you really believe that. It is a game, Everyone has lied in every season. Take off the blinders. Maybe next year you can go in and tell everyone everything you know and see what happens. idiots

    • justme

      The nature of this game is obviously upsetting to you. Even if BB didn’t recruit their contestants, they would still lie. They would still manipulate. Some would be bigger targets than others. You’re probably better off not watching.

    • justme

      The nature of this game is obviously upsetting to you. Even if BB didn’t recruit their contestants, they would still lie. They would still manipulate. Some would be bigger targets than others. You’re probably better off not watching.

      • leonlovesbutts

        them recruiting people has nothing to do with them lying. they shouldn’t recruit people because the recruits have no clue what big brother is, never watched an episode. they should pick people out of the many that audition, not pick them out on facebook. & most of this year’s cast was there to advance the coaches.

        • justme

          That’s exactly my point. Even if every single player was a long time fan, knew the game inside and out and sought out being on the show on their own, doesn’t change what they sign up for. It doesn’t mean they’re all going to have an equal amount of ambition to get to the end. Some people are going to try and float their way there and some people will try to feel safer for longer by making an alliance. And some look like they’re more interested in getting a tan than winning. I agree that people like Shane shouldn’t get selected when there are definitely more deserving people who have actually seen the show. I also agree that the coaches idea was a bad one. I would like to see them scrap the veterans idea and just let a bunch of new contestants play without the added pressure of having people who’ve played the game before in the house.

  • Mon

    Again, loved Dan in 10 = a$$hole factor 7/10 – actually I like his allaiance in THAT one

    season 14 = a$$hole factor has no limits – this allaiance sucked so bad it’s ridiculous – most annoying people ever ecept Shane :(

    • Mon

      and my spelling ROCKED just now

    • justme

      The alliance sucked because Ian was the only one who believed in it. If they had all truly worked together then it would’ve been much better. Dan WAS a lot more likable in season 10 but I still respect him enough to know he did what he had to do to stay in the house. If he had played nice this time around, he’d have been gone long ago.

  • Yvon

    Everyone said it all the Time : Only 1 can win and only 2 can be in Final 2!! … You have to give yourself the best chance to be in Final 2! … That is why Shane wanted Frank gone, and why he lied to Frank!!! — Thee irony is that DAN helped Shane get as far as he got! … If Shane was not an ally of Dan’s, he would have gone a Lot earlier! – Shane you did NOT really like danielle, you played her for game. Then, the last few days, she really tried to showmance her for game! .. Dani saw through it! – It does not matter though cause Dani really likes DAN! – Dan was the greatest player ever before BB14 – and NOW, he has just Proven it again and agaIN ( WIN OR LOSE)

  • Sunshine Girl

    This is the biggest jerk going. He can’t see that everyone kept him safe. Like Dani said “he has rocks for brains”. How many times did he tell Frank and Boogie they are safe and bam. Get lost jerk in the girly shirt. What a loser!!!!!

  • Moody

    Dan’s game play this season is only good relative to his gullible house guests’ game play. Therefore, Dan only deserves to win because he managed to make Frank/Jen/Ian/Shane/Danielle tools for his success. The only thing that he did that I disagree with is his swearing on the bible- considering he is a Catholic teacher and all. My morals draw a line there. Everything else, however, was fair game. If Danielle and Shane thought that Shane evicting Ian would look bad to jury, that only goes to show how ignorant they are. Besides, this season, Dan doesn’t do YOUR dirty work. He does his own. More importantly, why would Danielle use the veto on Dan if he told her a week prior that he wanted Shane gone? Congrats, Danielle. YOU got rid of Shane.

  • cynicat

    Commenters here are being hard on Shane but this interview was less than 24 hours after his eviction so he’s bound to be feeling sorry for himself. Cut the guy some slack. I’m sure he’ll get over it very soon.

  • Optics

    He had no conscience when everyone else before his eviction were blindsided. He’s just pissed because he was bright enough to figure out that his type of showmance is a detriment in the game, and that he didn’t do his homework on the whole premise behind Big Brother.

  • Regbush4pres

    Dan is despicable atheist scumbag that I hope get’s everything he has coming to him once he get’s out of this house. It’s alright to lie and cheat and do whatever to win but a catholic school teacher bringing a bible into the game to use as a tool to further his game play. The man can rot in hell for all care. I would not piss on the scumbag if he was on fire.

  • justme

    Ultimately I do like Shane. He does seem to be a few cards short of a deck but I really think he’s a good person. He was obviously very bitter at the time of this interview. He looked like he was about to cry when he was talking to Julie. I felt kind of bad for the guy. I think once he calms down he will eventually forgive Dan.

  • Dallasdawg1119

    i have to say, yes, shane kinda screwed up by offering himself as a pawn, but, even thought his s a game, i think there has to be some intergrity involved. it goes to show that even in this world, you still have to stoop to being unscruptulous to get ahead. i think shane was playing a pretty clean game, although everyone in the house had their angle & had their moments of “deceit”, i kinda was hoping that the shane / danielle combo would have been the final 2, but unfortunely, that didn’t play out. if this “game” was based on playing a clean game, there would be a lot more popularty with it. i mean, look @ professional sports, there’s no so-called “cheating”. it’s all about being a better player than others, playing w/ skill vs playing “dirty”. if it was based on that, i think shane & danielle would be duking it out for the $500,000, since it’s not, there’s a good bet dan will win for playing dirty. but in the end, i hope danielle wins, & starts a life after bb w/ shane, cause i think they are a good match for each other. good luck dani, i hope you win!

    • justme

      I agree with some points but not with others. I don’t think this game has cheating, at least not the way we’ve been taught to understand it. The unscrupulous behavior is allowed within the context of the game and it’s confusing to the viewer. A player like Dan will receive the result of that confusion every time. His particular…appreciation, shall we say, for theatrics only increases the tension. And even though a lot of people call foul, they huff and puff, make outrageous claims about how the people in his life should hate him as much as they do OR they applaud it, respect it, see past it, whatever, they’re STILL tuning in for each episode. That’s all that matters to them.

      CBS thrives on people like Dan because his moral compass clearly doesn’t point the same way as most of the people who watch the show. What it boils down to is that he’s good for ratings. They will cast people who have no problem lying to win money and people who do specifically for the drama it will create. People need to consider that when they watch big brother or any reality show for that matter. They heavily edit each show to portray their villain, their hero, their underdog even when they don’t always fill the role. If everyone could see the live feeds or BB after dark, I think they’d be very surprised with the picture they see then.

      They’ll probably never clean up the game to punish deceit and manipulation because it’s less dramatic. Plain and simple.

      • tildenleif

        Moral compass. PLEASE. When your in the house there is no compass. They are Hampsters in the most primitive level. A game to win a prize. No one should be judged while they are in the house doing whatever it takes.

      • tildenleif

        and why should anyone be punished? crazy. ok i have an idea why dont they re-define the show and call it BIG HONEST GOD FEARING BROTHER. Select contestants from churches.

        • justme

          I think you’ve misunderstood what i’m trying to say. I’m not saying that they should be punished for how they play the game. I support Dan’s game. I think he’s done great. Same with everyone else who’s done whatever it takes to outlast the others. I’m saying that people who call for it need to understand what they’re really tuning in for. Just read some of the awful comments about how Dan should be fired and his loved ones should abandon him! That’s completely uncalled for. I know it’s a game and I don’t think Dan or anyone else who gets on it is actually that way to the people they care about. My main point is that the people saying these things need to realize that’s what CBS created and if they don’t like it they should go watch something else.

  • Eleven

    The picture says it all…what a loser…the WORST final 4 BB player ever…

  • Sarah

    None of them know how to play. You NEVER go on the block EVER! The pawngoes HOME! At F4 you talk about how you can’t win, you make F2 deals or firm them up, and you do everything to stay OFF the block!

  • Gvstvns

    What is wrong with all these people thinking that this season wasn’t somewhat fixed. It was clearly announded that the ratings were down and they needed something like thew coach twist to bolster the ratings. I personally have nothing against Dan but all his manipulations and the way everyone is buying into them is ridiculous. Say what you will about Danielle but she isn’t that stupid and Ian certainly isn’t and yet Dan just continues to “mist” everyone! Whatever!! Bottom line is Dan is destined to win for whatever reason. But anybody who calls it good gameplay needs a reality check.

  • cmd

    Shane is proof that nice guys finish last. It’s not fair that they expect the newbies to play as well as someone who has already played this game before. So the newbies have a disadbantage in this game so of course Dan is going to win the game. But I thin

  • murlut

    He might be a really nice person but he has no guts. What he did to Britney was the worst. He put up Frank and Boogie and then blamed it on BRITNEY. What a lowlife thing to do. The only one who was playing the game is Dan. Shane, you lied as much as everyone else. You thought it was funny to blindside Janelle, well was it so funny when it happened to you?

  • tildenleif

    Where do I start? Shane is a bitter man with a bruised Ego. Frank too. So Hypocritical to be so self righteous. “He looked me in the eye when he shook my hand”. Buddy, you were played by the best and you can’t handle it. HELLO there Shane, this is BB. The point is to get the prize at the end by any means possible. Not only are you judging his game from a place of bitterness, you are qualifying Dan and this game based on “goodness”.”honesty”, “Integrity”. Let me remind you that it is YOUR fault you lost. You are responsible for your own actions. YOU chose to trust him. YOU chose your own strategic moves. YOUR life, YOUR game, YOUR choices! You even knew his rap from another season and YOU still chose to put your game in his hands. And now, you are threatening not to give him the prize because you claim he was such a mean and dirty player. One of the many things that Dan does right is that he tries very hard not to trust anyone and to make sure his fate is not decided by you and Frank. Get over yourself. and you know what’s even worse, your going to kick yourself when you see at the end, that everything he did in the game, was to uphold his only loyalty to Danielle, so she had a shot as he promised. He Suffered the slings and arrows for her as well, took the heat for her…did you lover boy?? NO.

  • Christina

    You people really need to get lives. It’s just a game, seriously, and Dan is schooling them ALL. Shane, you didn’t do crap in the BB house, you backstabbed as much as Dan did, you’re just P.O’d that he got you first. What it comes down to is that Shane didn’t have a f2 deal with Dan, so Dan axed him. I would have done the same thing. And for you idiots to sit there and say that Dan’s wife should divorce him…you people are sooooo stupid. It’s a game, it’s a gameshow, Dan is NOT like this in real life. In order to be on Big Brother, you need to check your morals at the door. Everyone is essentially a character, and Dan was given the “bad guy” edit this time. If you watch the feeds (which I do) Dan words everything very carefully and meticulously. So please….before you guys judge or cast the first stone, take a good long look at yourselves and what you would do for 500K.

  • Guest

    The house guests are getting paid to entertain the viewers, not lie to us. Shane is a moron to think that no one remembers him saying privately to Julie on national television that he was not interested in Danielle. Shane is just as disgusting as Danielle for this bizarre need to lie about things that are not game related.

  • Nylagre

    I’m sorry totally off topic but I’m so over Danielle, really!?!?!? She makes all women look bad, why can’t she see that she the reason she is the position she is in

  • Robyn44

    I think Dan is an asshole and is in this just for himself!! Not for Danielle. Danielle will never learn how stuiped can you be to trust him to dropof that seat and give it to Dan after all the bad dan has done!!
    I wanted to see Shane and Danielle in the end. Danielle does NOT deserve to win she is so far up Dan’s ass she can’t see straight!!! GO IAN!!!!

    • Guest

      You are just as ignorant as Danielle. This is a game not a dating show.

  • MBeresford154

    Shane looks like a woman in his HOT PINK tank top!

  • Parobinson14

    Just don’t understand why people get so mad about evictions. It’s a GAME! Dan has out played almost all of them and deserves to win. But most won’t vote for him because they got played! Grow up!

  • Jennifer Savoie

    Here’s to SHANE MEANY!!! The biggest and sorest loser in Big Brother History! Also influenced Danielle to NOT talk to Dan Gheesling cuz according to Shane….Dan took his money to get his fam out of bankruptcy! OUCH Shane….did u really have to stoop so low!? No one else in BB 14 did! ur kind of a pig

  • Josie

    Whatever. Ignorant asshole.

  • Stars121

    These season of Big brother has some sexy guys Cody and Caleb however Shane Meaney is and will always be the hottest and sexiest guy ever to be on Big Brother!