BB14 Week Five Fan Chat

Fans chat about what's been going on inside the BB house

BB14 Week Five Fan Chat

Big Brother Superfan, Missy, chatted with other BB fans about all the shenanigans going down this week on the Live Feeds. Eric, from Reality Recaps, talked about how he misses Janielle – don’t we all? Gabor was happy to see the Zingbot back in the BB House. Us live feeders can’t wait to see how the Zingbot plays out on tonight’s episode. Julie’s favorite moment was last night when Frank made the moves on Ashley. What do you think, could a showmance be brewing? Alan thought the kiss between Ash & Frank was steamy and hot! Alan also thinks the two are missing some affection while being locked in the house.

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We want to hear your thoughts! Comment below and tell us if you agree with this group of fans. Would you make a good guest for next week? Tweet Missy and let her know you want to join in on the fun!


  • Tony Robinson

    Yay Frank made the moves for game play. Finally a good showmance for game play other then having too deal with Dani going crazy over Shane. Also super glad Zingbot really Zing Dani last night.

  • wellsfam

    love all the fun times in the BB house! Every year we look forward to the show CBS and watch every show as a big family and argue on our favorite houseguest and who we would evict or hope to win. It is a great escape as our children have serious illnesses and have spent great many months in the children’s hosp. So once again though it may not be perfect we sit each night excited to see all the crazy outfits and competitions and escape the harsh realities of our own situations. Many thanks for all the fun.. but next year lets hope will return to a regular game without the past houseguests!!!

  • bbfan

    Hope that CBS does not ruin the show and try some special power to save Boogie!! He has to go!!