Big Brother After Dark Moves to TVGN For Season 15

BB15 After Dark show moves from Showtime to TVGN

Big Brother After Dark Moves to TVGN For Season 15

Big Brother: After Dark is moving from Showtime to TVGN  for Season 15. CBS announced the change on Wednesday.

Two hours of live footage from the feeds will air on TVGN beginning at 12:00-2:00 AM (live ET/delayed PT) on June 26, after the premiere of Big Brother 15 on CBS, and will continue nightly throughout the entire season.

Statement from CBS: “When the sun goes down and the cameras are still rolling, some of the best reality TV moments come to life, and we expect this season of Big Brother: After Dark to deliver more jaw-dropping action available only on TVGN.”

TVGN is owned by CBS and Lionsgate – FYI.

Ugh. I think some fans might be getting screwed here, as TVGN is not available to everyone. Your thoughts?

Big Brother 15 premieres Wednesday, June 26th. Are YOU excited? 


  • Branden B

    This is AWFUL. I guess they’ll be encouraged even more to keep their clothes on and not drink alcohol because there’s no way TVGN can air uncensored footage. Awful.

    • Branden B

      Not to mention I have U-Verse which = no TVGN!

      • April

        I here ya, WTF! how can we get it?

        • April

          I have U-Verse to and was keeping show time just for BB. So now I am going to cancel it

    • Poopypoo

      Actually, have you ever watched Comedy Central after midnight? They air a lot of stuff that isn’t normally available/viewable in the day. After midnight things become much more lax for cable. Only thing we MIGHT lose is some nudity, but we almost never get that in the first place.

      And LOL at saying they won’t be able to drink alcohol. They barely get to now, and after they divvy it all up, they all get one beer. Boohoo, big loss.

  • Donna Grammes

    This positively stinks…I don’t get TVGN!!! WTF!?

    • JustaFan

      I don’t either!!

    • David Bennett

      Now y’all have to figure out how you will get it, because I am sure that you all get it

      • Donna Grammes

        TVGN is available through Dish Network and Direct TV….My cable company does not carry it! Maybe available online? but I doubt it! So as I said before…THIS STINKS!

        • David Bennett

          That’s not comcastic…it stunk when it was on ShoTime for some no pleasing everyone

        • Kellie

          It is on Comcast too…but it sucks ass. They changed it to 2 hours and they are censoring. More bleeping than talking. TVGN sucks!!!!!!!!!!

          • TVGNsucks

            EXactly!! CONSTANT bleeping SO distracting. Awful!! I’ve stopped watching it. Also it’s full of ads now.

          • Kellie

            I still watch it but ahhhh it is so damn annoying!! I can’t afford the feeds this season so TVGN is all I have other than the regular shows on CBS. I watch on TVGN because CBS is bad about misleading you and making you believe the wrong thing. For instance, the season that Jenelle, Howie, and all of them were on I only watched on CBS and let me tell you…they made all of those people seem nasty and villainous. To this day I still can’t stand Jenelle or Howie…but oh well. As far as the commercials go…what happened to them saying it was going to be commercial free for either 1 or 2 weeks..can’t remember now which it was. It has been less than a week and they put commercials on it. WTF?!

        • Lisa May Carlson

          it sucks the showtime was so much better!!!

      • Sheli

        REALLY? Not me! In my opinion this show needs to go out of their way to keep an audience! I see them on the way out the door!

    • Kellie

      Trust me when I say that you are not missing anything. They cut it to only 2 hours and with commercials it is even less. Speaking of commercials, they promised it would be commercial free for either 1 or 2 weeks and it has been less than a week and they have already added the damn commercials. Then on top of that they promised it would be uncensored…they lied. Nothing but bleeps….well not really bleeps but they just cut the sound out completely. I’m not digging this shit at all!!!!

    • Lisa May Carlson

      your not missing much they bleep everything and can’t record one conversation at a time!!!

  • Francisco Rodriguez

    Well I guess I don’t have to worry about signing up for showtime

    • Branden B

      VERY good point. Please tweet that to CBS and Showtime

      • Layana

        CBS doesn’t care, and Showtime has no control over it. CBS moved it to a channel they owned. All these changes are coming from CBS. They’re putting all the content in places where they get all the money and don’t have to share any.

        • KataKimbe

          But Showtime is also owned by CBS. They just want to push for this new network they bought and nobody is watching.

          • David Bennett

            Everyone knows this channel…but people only watch it to see what is on…now they are trying to get people to watch it…I have been watching it for years…

  • Proctor Hagerman

    this just isn’t right why do people always try to perfect perfection

    • David Bennett

      But they did it

  • Brenda Kimbler

    that sucks

  • Hillary Renee

    Wow, I’m pretty sure I don’t get TVGN & I was gonna pay for After Dark this year…Showtime’s loss.

    • Beth Catrone Minieri

      If you have cable you have TVGN & it’s free.

  • BBTimeLord


    One One Hand I won’t have to Subscibe to Showtime for 3 Months.

    But on the other hand…ONLY 2 hours? COME ON! We wan’t more! GEEZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Monica Cantu

    Why don’t they just leave everything alone! First no more Super Pass and now no more Showtime!!!!! I don’t know if I will even watch this season as intense as the other seasons!

  • John Rivera

    This is jumping the shark in my opinion

  • Kim Gayheart

    So disappointed in CBS. They had a good thing going with show time and now people don’t even have that unknown station. CBS get a grip glass house was cancelled stop trying to change our favorite.


    WTF IS TVGNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS SUCKSSSSSSSSSSS

    • DeDee

      TV Guide Network…eat up with commercials..I dont think it allows no cursing or anything on it

      • Layana

        It does. They have said so on their twitter feed. Cursing and whatnot will be allowed. Save for possibly commercials, and the loss of an hour, nothing else should change.

  • Dawn Edwards Hardenstine

    This really stinks……I don’t get TVGN, what am I going to do?

  • Donna3232

    This sucks big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We not only get the screws put to us dedicated fans about changing the channel lineup, but now even less time…. 2 stinkin hours! This is a good way to end Big Brother, if that is what their trying to do. I sure hope this year is better then last season, cause it sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel the worse ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • Bernadette Flemming

      yes dish network has it its channel 117

  • BigRed

    Does Dish Network even have that station?

    • Bernadette Flemming

      channel 117

    • DeDee


  • Marie Halls

    That sucks since I don’t think Canadians get that channel :(
    I’m looking forward to Season 2 of Big Brother Canada more and more now.

  • memagirl

    The beginning of the end…..of Big Brother!!! I bet this will be there last year…

    • Beth Catrone Minieri

      Big brother will never end. I hear people say every year the same thing. They say they’re not going to watch it and there they sit watching it and the same with the feeds. I get them every year and the people who said I’m not getting them next year have them.

      Seriously, BB After Dark is now from on TV Guide Network. I myself am happy because that’s money I save.

      Praying the feeds will be free also but I highly doubt that. They did the feeds for a few years and did well, so everyone give it a chance. I understand that people don’t like change but you never know it might be better.

      Have a great day everyone and remember to smile, it goes a long way!

  • Adam Poch – BB13

    NOT HAPPY AT ALL! First they take the feeds away from Superpass – now BBAD to TVGN? UGGGG! I may have to Rant & Roar!

    • Brian Kyle

      the feeds are not gone, CBS will have their own Feeds. besides Superpass well it sucked

      • Andy Sloan

        I disagree, the Superpass experience was an integral part of what made Big Brother different. Although I’m disappointed with the move, I hope CBS does it justice and hopefully we can still win some swag :D

      • KataKimbe

        Superpass at least allowed us which feed to watch and the quadcam. I doubt CBS will have that… but time will tell. If they try to control too much of what we see… we won’t watch as much me thinks. I do remember the free feeds on season 1 however.

        • Brian Kyle

          just went to CBS website they are advertising New Season New Home Same Feed and Quad cam is pictured so basically the same, the only question is the price, just maybe it might be free

  • Dana Woolnough

    Well this stinks.. TVGN??….Umm ok guess I wont be watching then… Im guessing they are taking their cues from BB Canada, my bet is the feeds will be free and we all know that means lots of FISH!!! is this the start of the end of BB?? wtg CBS u stink

    • DeDee

      That was my thoguhts to Dana..the start of the end of BB..thats what i was thinking when i made my comment going down

    • Layana

      What? CBS ran feeds before, and controlled the fish when it was on superpass. And they have clearly said feeds will not be free.

  • mjstarr

    worst idea ever…almost all cab;e companies have dropped TVGN cause it’s all commercials and more of then are dropping it in EARLY JUNE!! I understand that CBS wants to drive traffic there cause it’s dying…but this isn’t going to work cause the cable cmpanies are not going to reinstate it in TIME for BB, even if they wanted to!!

    • Beth Catrone Minieri

      Bright House carries it. :)

  • Holly

    Woo-hoo! I’m actually excited! I have never paid for Showtime/BBAD, but this yet I’m getting it for free!! I’ve never watched TVGN, and didn’t know if I even had it, but I do!! I had to look it up. It’s the former TV Guide Network, and my Insight Cable carries it. Sweet!!!

    • Layana

      Same! Free for me this year. :)

      Plus I get feeds, so no loss either way. :)

  • Corndogger

    Are you sure this is going to be live ET?

  • DeDee

    I get TVGN but is that not like a family chan
    nel with no cursing and all the naughty things cut out ???Also Just 2 hours..THAT SUX..WHY NOT LEAVE A GOOD THING ALONE..AND NO SUPER PASS EITHER..CAN U SAY GOING DOWN???

  • DeDee


  • DeDee

    I’m going to jump out on a limb here and predict that the house guest will be instructed to not talk about their competitions or the winner of each competition during those 2 hours this yr other words if they have a veto competition tonight and it dont air on the CBS BB show for 2 more days they wont be allowed to discuss anything about it until after the Veto comp airs on the original BB CBS channel..that way those of us who do watch it HAS to watch the show in 2 days to know anything..maybe im wrong…I SURE HOPE I AM

    • Layana

      If they weren’t instructed to do that with Showtime, they won’t be with TV Guide.

  • j

    You people are BIASED, TVGN is not a premium channel!

  • lynn

    Nothing anyone says will make a difference they are going to make the change. But it worked just fine the way it was!

  • lynn

    I don’t get that channel so I will miss out on it this year! This is Crazy

  • Adeer1

    TVGN? That is a shame. I don’t have that channel and even if I did, it wouldn’t be live for me if they are going to delay it for Pacific Time customers. With all of the these changes I wonder if CBS looking for this to be the last season of Big Brother.

    • Layana

      Why think that? They’re just moving all of the BB stuff to websites and channels they own. It means they keep more of the money for themselves, which can in turn be used for BB. This isn’t all that bad at all.

      • KataKimbe

        Do you work for CBS? ;-)

        • Layana

          LOL, I knew someone was going to say that!

          No, I do not. I just have a general distaste for the overreactions and spreading of false rumors. I’ve been upfront, losing an hour and potentially (though unconfirmed) longer commercial breaks will suck. But most people have feeds, which will be unaffected, and TVGN goes out to more homes as far as I know. I don’t think we’re experiencing huge losses.

          • KataKimbe

            The problem is that we don’t know about the feeds yet. I personally am annoyed because I have paid annually for Super Pass for the last 10 years and just renewed… before this became news. That means I will have to pay twice for the feeds and I am bitter about that. I don’t much care about the BBAD, since I have had the feeds. The first season, BB1 they were free, one can not hope for that… would be nice though. Until I know if they manipulate the feeds or not… I have no comments on that.

          • Layana

            I believe I said it in one of my comments, but similarly to you, I had feeds in the past, so I was mostly unaffected by whatever was on BBAD.

            What I recall is that while Superpass provided the feeds, CBS controlled fish and the cams. I would assume that would mean flashback and the like are unaffected, but you are correct in that I have no basis for that claim.

            We do know the feeds will be charged, per several people from the referral program confirming that (Hamsterwatch as an example). Rumor has it that feeds this year will only be $15 and in HD, but again, there’s no solid evidence to back that up. Your predicament of buying the an annual superpass membership does suck and I feel for you.

            I suppose I’m just remaining cautiously optimistic at the current time.

      • Adeer1

        I think that Layana, because anyone who has AT&T uverse (which I do) can not get this channel. Also, it would be a waste of money to pay for a channel to watch something live that will NOT be live because it will be delayed on the West Coast. (I am on the West Coast) So it excludes a lot of people, Me being one of those people. Big Brother has a huge following and has had a formula that has worked for a long time. I understand the world changes, but too many changes too fast can do the opposite of what your trying to do. Plus I think CBS can afford it.

  • Brian Kyle

    guess I’m Lucky COMCAST has TVGN here in Chattanooga TN

    • April

      that’s the only thing good I can say about Comcast lol. uggg I really was wanting to watch after hour, I guess I will have to call at&t tomorrow and see if I can add it and get rid of some channels. Enjoy your after!

  • Mary Marvin

    I am happy yay!

  • Kim M

    Totally sucks! Especially as TVGN is so full of commericals and now going from 3 to only 2 hours. What’s this I see about no superpass (which I’ve pay about $40 to every 3 months and only watch when BB AMERICA is on)?

    • Layana

      Feeds are on CBS this year. No one knows pricing. Before people give you the wrong idea: just because it goes directly from their website doesn’t mean there will be more fish/cuts/outages (CBS controlled that in the first place), and probably won’t affect flashback. CBS just wants more of the money to themselves now.

    • KataKimbe

      Guess if I am annoyed… I just renewed my annual Superpass for that reason. That was $69 and a good deal, because of BB and $10 music credit each month. Granted… I still have $120 worth of music… but no BB Live Feeds. :-(

  • Andy Sloan

    Gotta take the good and the bad!


    1. Big Brother 15 is almost here!!

    2. We get an extended season (rumored 100 days)

    3. All new players = all new drama

    4. Bigger cast = More twists and possibly more double evictions

    5. We still have the live feeds no matter what


    1. No more Superpass. This is actually the worst part because Superpass has the best BB talk shows and the best personalities. I am VERY upset about this!

    2. Move of BB After Dark to TVGN costs the show a loss in an hour, possibly more commercials and censored material

    It looks like this season is shaping up to be a complete renovation from what we’ve seen in the past. I have no doubt, with Big Brother being the amazing show it is, season 15 will be one hell of a good time!

    • Delores Alderson Holt

      i think they will be walking out their own door. this season sucks so bad. too many changes,and not for our good

  • Sarah

    I’m happy. TVGN is free, people. Why on earth complain about that?

    • mike

      maybe cause not every ones a cheap ass, and maybe the best things in life really aren’t free

  • amy

    NYC has TVGN!!! boo to only 2 hours with lots of commercials!!!

  • Layana

    I don’t think this is a huge loss. After midnight, cable becomes much more lax, and we can hear/see things we don’t normally get to. Try watching Comedy Central after midnight. And more people get TVGN, so that’s more exposure for BB.

    The big losses here are:

    2 hours instead of 3, and potentially longer commercial breaks.

    Other than that, not much will change from what we normally get. House guests are rarely ever nude, rarely ever have sex, after splitting the alcohol they only have like 1 can of beer and a sip of wine, and no language will be bleeped.

    Overall I get why some people are upset, and I get some people hate change, but this isn’t all as bad as you first think.

    • Layana

      Also, don’t many of you get feeds? Doesn’t seem like a huge loss to me…

      • KataKimbe

        Seriously, I could not imagine watching the show without the Live Feeds… it’s like a whole different show and reality. What airs is so edited.

  • Guest

    Thank God I have the channel and it’s a free one. No more paying for after dark :)

  • KataKimbe

    I didn’t watch BBAD that much because I had the Live Feeds, but now with the Live Feeds not being the usual (which I have already paid for by the way and am somewhat annoyed) way they may not be watchable. Time will tell, but if CBS totally wants to control what we see and when… I will lose interest. The Glass House was so manufactured and I have watched all BBs from season 1, and if they take the reality of the feeds away… not cool.

  • Selim

    Boo fucking Hoo, buy the feeds whiners.

  • Lauren

    I’m happy about it! Didn’t have showtime, and I have TVGN so woohoo! Saves me money I would have had to spend on showtime!

  • BBCandice

    Not available to some and then will be crammed with more commercials so less viewing time and it will have to be censored. And to make matters worse, Allison Grodner is still in control of the show. Suck fest on top of suck fest year after year with her.

  • Connie Boyce

    I DONT GET IT EITHER. …. THERE WILL BE A LOSS OF FANS WITH THIS CHANGE. . Well I guess I will travel more. its been nice watching Canada this year so I will just wait till their next season.

  • tim


  • jason m.

    thats bullshit, they’re gonna edit the hell out of the cussing etc.

  • Mike Perry

    As usual CBS getting cheap 2 hrs too on wtf network feeds will be screwed with them running them i think this will kill Big Brother

  • Nancy Cole

    That sux! I pd for it every year now it goes to a channel we dont have….???

  • dovehaven1

    Anxiously have been waiting for Big Brother and Big Brother after Dark to start. Then out of the blue this shocking announcement. The two shows were a perfect blend and kept me captivated. Now I probably will not watch neither one. I am sure the number of people watching will decline and will signify the end of the shows. Another example of corporate people making decisions that do not serve the masses. I refuse to watch a show with tv listings scrolling at the bottom of the screen and not in HD. The best part was that the late night show was uncensored and now that will change to the shows demise. Shame on the decision makers and adios Big Brother

  • Mensan Russell Adam Bowden

    First off if you have Directv TVGN is Channel 273. Here’s what stinks…first off it is NOT in HD; SHO2 was in HD. Secondly there will only be 2 hours of live feeds and NOT 3 hours! Lastly since it is on a regular tv channel and not on a Premium a la carte paid network the feeds WILL be censored! This absolutely stinks in all aspects.

  • AllNamesTakenNow

    Looks like nothing is available in Canada. Guess I’ll be spending plenty of time at the beach this year.

  • chewy1001

    I haven’t seen anyplace where it says Superpass is gone.

  • Sember Kroeger

    Expect your ratings to crash CBS bad marketing move, a lot of people have At&t Uverse and its not offered to those customers, I am one of many, I’m not watching Big Brother 15 this year if TVGN isn’t offered on At&t Uverse.

  • John Schuler

    This sucks, I have been paying for years of Showtime just for After Dark and now it’s on a free cable network that isn’t on Uverse. I have Uverse and now can’t get it. CBS SUCKS!!!!

  • David Bennett

    I love the move…I get to watch it in my dorm…yay…but will it be uncensored…that is the only thing I wonder…good job…some people had to do to places and stay there because they at ShowTime. More people get TVGN than ShowTime.

  • David Bennett

    Real Big Brother fans will stick around…and watch what they can watch

  • Pete

    TVGN not on u-verse. So much for watching after dark.

  • mary green

    This sucks, A lot of people don’t have that channel. I guess we don’t count

  • grneryes53

    Well. I will get sleep this year….and there is so much not on the regular show…maybe just not watch at all.

  • Sj Howard

    I have watched after dark since its inception. I dont get tvgn. I am not going to had a higher package on my dish to watch it. I pay for the feeds so that is enough. This is just wrong. It is also wrong that the Canadian fans of BB are outraged that they are not going to be able to watch the live feeds. That stinks. There should be another way for people.

  • BtrGrl

    Oh no!!! I won’t miss Big Brother After Dark & my provider, AT&T U-verse doesn’t carry TVGN. Going to have to change providers.

  • Tabby

    This sucks! AT&T does not have the TVGN. I have been watching big brother after dark since it first started and now no way to watch it. Well so much for my summer entertainment! I wish CBS would have made it fair for all of its die hard fans.

  • Karen

    I think that really stinks also it use to be 3 hours. Why
    is this changing.

  • jen

    wtf cbs?!?!? … you just officially ruined my summer!!! no tvgn on unverse ~cries~

  • Bianca Canella

    I get TGVN, But it’s not going to be the same as Showtime After Dark, wonder if it is gonna be censored..

  • melissa reed

    CBS you Suck, no one in my area has TVGN, hope your ratings plumit!!!

  • Kathie

    That channel is not available in my area. I am so pissed.

  • brandybailey99

    This is ridiculous!!!! I don’t get TVGN through Uverse and several of my frends don’t either. Not happy AT ALL!!!

  • Shirley

    I am so upset as I DO NOT get this channel.

  • G Parsons

    This move stinks!! I am not going to change from cable that I have had forever to direct or dish just for this one thing…..but it ticks me off that loyal fans get the shaft just so that the network makes more money!!! I hope the ratings go down because less people are getting to see the off hours information!!!

  • Michelle Barnhouse

    Tvgn?????? Kinda mad! Can’t find it gonna go mental! Gotta watch after hours FIX IT! And only 2 hours geeezzz! ShowTime had 4

  • malia

    Unable to get TVGN and really upset, is there not another channel if cannot use showtime. Big brother will fail if some cannot watch after dark.

  • CBS has degraded

    Why after 14yrs of success did they have to go screw everything up very disgusted really not concerned now if they do away with CBS all together ppl look forward to this all year half don’t get that channel and if u do get it they took a hour from you and the third hour was when it got good angry viewer uuuggghhhhh!!!!

  • Tracey Huff

    f you have u-verse TVGN is on channel 670 part of the sports package. It sucks cause i don’t have it either!

  • Tracey Huff

    This really sucks! I was so looking forward to late nights on showtime. What a disapointment to us all!!

  • vv32

    This sucks! Canada can;t watch BB after dark???

  • jsmom

    I have AT&T uverse and I don’t get tv guide network. This stinks. The only reason I kept showtime was because of the after dark :( SOOOOO not happy

  • MissMandy

    I’m so pissed about the change up with BB After Dark! I have showtime & was expecting it to be on showtime! AT&T U-Verse does not provide TVGN, so I don’t think it’s really fair for them to make this change to their viewers who can’t even get the channel if they tried! We’re the whole reason your show has made it to the 15th season. Without viewers there would be no BB! Of course I’m still going to watch the show, I’m just bummed I can’t watch the After Dark episodes now.

  • Sheli

    This is BULLSHIT! This show hasn’t been that great in the past 5 or 6 seasons to be this cocky to charge for after dark.

  • Mike

    The coverage on TVGN sucks, they keep cutting the sound due to all the cursing, it is unwatchable.

  • judy

    After dark sucks to many bleeps big brother needs to go back to showtime will not be watching big brother after this

  • Jimmy Graves

    BAD BAD MOVE for CBS. BB After Dark is now censored, there is no cursing- no nothing. All you hear now on TVGN is CONSTANT muting of voices. It is VERY annoying to watch BBAD now. Watched it on SHOWTIME for 5+ years and it was perfect. Now its 2 hours of MUTING! NOT 3 hours of actual sound! Fix this TVGN, it SUCKS NOW!!

  • Cathie

    I have watched every season of Big Brother and Aftet Dark on Showtime. I am extreamly disapointed in the low def picture and I hate that you are blipping the contestants. What’s up with that? Go back to Shoetime and get real!!!!

  • Jimmy Graves

    BAD move CBS! Moving BB After Dark to TVGN channel SUCKS!! It is nothing but censored, it’s cut up and its JUST CRAP NOW!! There is nothing but constant muting, you cant hear what they are even saying. Watched it on Showtime for years & it was FINE! Most ppl don’t even get the TVGN channel- What is CBS thinking? Sucks, BB15 CYA!!

  • Cheryl Wilferd

    Alot of fans are getting screwed, why did they go to a channel that is not available to all?? We paid for Showtime just for this show, and now they are on a free channel that is not availiable to everyone?? Losing a lot of fans!!

  • FedUp

    Seriously?! No more super pass?!? I get to finally relax about the time BBAD comes on and now I can’t even watch it. This is ridiculous. Why can’t they put it on TVGn AND Showtime so that Comcast customers can actually see it…? At least with directv and dish the customers had the option to add the channel. This gives us Comcast customers 0 option to be able to watch anything. Stupid.

  • Kristina Castellano

    This fucking blows I don’t have TVGN and I legit used to watch BB After Dark every night all summer. I looked foward to coming home to it every night and now I can’t :( (((

  • jenn

    Missed the after dark tonight, will see it tomorrow. In advance I agree this after dark censored n 2 hours is not good!!! Showtime was perfect!! Its called after dark for a reason, most late night stuff is on premium channels. Even tho Bb usually is pg13 it belongs on cable. If I am unhappy with tomorrow night I will not watch it for the rest of the season. Last year my gf n I would fall asleep watching it and we Dvrd it. She absolutely loved watching it every night. CBS please listen to our comments and fix this for all loyal fans and network supporters. You are going to lose ratings more if it sucks on tvgn. Listen to all the people who said they pay for showtime 3 months a year just for Bb . Thanks for changing this!!

  • Kellie

    It is only 2 hours vs 3 on Showtime and it is censored….nuff said!

  • MF

    I dont get TVGN either!! I wish we could watch it online?!?

  • MaryJean Mollica

    It pisses me off! First I had to get showtime to watch it…now that I’ve got showtime they’ve changed it to a channel that my cable company doesn’t even have. WTF?

  • Bigmacexpress

    It’s censored- I watched bbad last night and profanity was blurred.. Wow

  • grover

    WHY, WHY, WHY did bb make this move to TVGN. My guess is it costs them less than the Showtime deal but who wants to watch all the bleeping of the cuss words? I was hoping, with the group of girls they have this year, we would have some more lap dance and pole dance lessons. SUCKS! Big Brother are you listening?

  • babyrattlesnake

    And worst of all there is a “handbook” the cast has to follow. Example girls must wear bras. Boo that sucks now my boyfriend won’t watch after dark with me. Although he said the leg show wasn’t too bad. (his comment doesn’t bother me since I have killer legs anyway)

  • Robert

    this is a disaster. Censored BBAD and no HD? Unwatchable garbage. Well one good thing is i get to cancel my showtime.

  • me

    What doy you expect it is lamestream media! If they don’t televise it where everyone can see this, their ratings will plummet and they will come crying back

  • Debra S

    The point of after dark was to see reality not censored reality! What’s up with the blank outs of words it is on at midnight not family time?!!!!! Not impressed!!

  • Sandra Piotter

    Well I get the TVGN and it’s nothing like show time ,it sucks when they swear or say something that maybe is not right hear they mute it .Put it back on show time not worth watching

  • fuck you

    Fuck you Big Brother and fuck tvgn how you do you like that for censorship

  • derry

    you’re gonna lose some hard core fans. bad move tvgn is a lame censored channel which now removes half of what is said, it goes from R rated to G. well here’s one who won’t be watching anymore.

  • derry

    THIS SUCKS! guess more time to watch intelligent programming.

  • cbssucks

    Don’t worry about missing bbad because it now SUCKS! Full of commercials and everytime they cuss its a long pause of silence, so when they talk game you hear nothing! Not worth watching even if it is free. Cbs are money pigs, they removed young & the restless from soap net & moved it to tvgn as well & now bbad, I’m not buying the live feeds infact I’m not watching bb at all anymore & I hope after this crap this will be the last season. You fu__ked up cbs!!!

  • BigBen

    Hey, there’s nothing like watching 2 hours of chopped up audio due to censoring! It is almost unwatchable now…It’s worse than trying to watch a “Jersey Shore” conversation, lol!

  • Layla

    This season of brother sucks
    Please bring back showtime
    They edit , No HDTV it’s not the same who wants to have the show edited and also were loosing 1 hr of coverage . CBS you guys screwed this one up

    Lj Scates

  • beth

    uverse has tvgn but all that is on is paid programming????are there more than 1 channel with the same name?

  • Lisa May Carlson

    showtime was so much better!!!!!!!!!

  • Jill

    BB After Dark ON TVGN IS AWFUL! 10 of us die hards have lost interest. The best part of the season was on SHOWTIME….UNCENSORED!i That is when you learned the most about houseguests and their real personalities. The cutting of sound for cursing is soooo annoying that it is unbearable to watch. It’s after midnight….let us hear it! The prime time shows are good but they don’t show the real experience in the house. If this is the future of BB I’m afraid you are going to lose us as really dedicated viewers. Go back to SHOWTIME! PLEASE!

  • Linda

    PLEASE SWITCH BACK TO SHOWTIME!! I looked forward to BB every summer and I’ve tried to give TVGN for BB after dark a chance but it’s awful. It’s a waste of time and I give up! I’ve found more updates by reading the blogs then trying to figure out what they’re saying on after dark. The move to TVGN has RUINED the BB experience.

  • Susan Smith

    I get TVGN, but since they censer most of the conversation is gone, since they all swear like sailors

  • Cindy

    The TVGN coverage SUCKS!!! Hate, hate, hate it!!!