BB15 Live Feeds on CBS: New Info For Fans

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Promo, Announcement!

BB15 Live Feeds on CBS: New Info For Fans

CBS Big Brother 15 promised an “exciting announcement” today and we are awaiting the news. Meanwhile, BB15 has released a new promo for the new live feeds which will be hosted at for the first time since the show’s inception.

CBS says the new live feeds for Big Brother 15 will include 4 cameras, same as before, and will be available on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

As of the time I am posting this there’s been no word on the price of the feeds, but if you subscribe by June 25th, you’ll get the Early Bird special of 20% off. We’ll be updating this as more news is released later today! Stay tuned!

UPDATE: You can now purchase the BB15 live feeds for $23.99 for the season, or $26.99 after the special ends on June 26. The other option you have is to pay monthly, $9.99.  (I’m assuming that’s the big announcement..? )

“We’re building on BIG BROTHER’s major strides in interactivity – including primetime reality TV’s first live Twitter vote – by bringing the show’s die-hard fans even more opportunities to impact components of the show and interact with this season’s houseguests,” said Rob Gelick, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Platforms for CBS Interactive Entertainment. “Fans will have the most immersive, 360-degree BIG BROTHER experience ever, across every possible screen, including social media integrations, the Live Feeds on, and full episodes on the CBS App.”

Happy feeding!


  • Francisco Rodriguez

    Already ordered! I like that it’s cheaper this year too.

  • Marsha Thomas

    Already ordered. Cant wait for bb15 to start. Glad see the price is cheaper this year also

  • Susan

    Not available to Canadians : (

  • Brooke

    Why the fuk can’t Canadians sign up for this…that’s some bs.

  • Orla

    I have been a live feed subscriber since season 2. Now because CBS is taking over the live feeds, it’s not allowing us Canadians to have access to the live feeds. You know CBS, there are many thousands of us dumb old Canucks up here that watch a lot of CBS T.V. Why spoil a good thing. This is making a lot of us angry that you are doing this. It may not only affect the watching of BB15 by Canadians but it may also affect anything put out or on CBS. I have never been so upset about a stupid T.V. show before but this is just plain discrimination. What about free trade? I there anything else I can throw you way to get you to change your mind. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS. IT’S JUST NOT FAIR. See, we’re not all valgar idiots like some that have posted here. PLEEEEEEAAAAAASE CHANGE YOUR MIND AND GIVE US ACCESS!!!!

    • barb

      that is how us here in the States felt about not being able to get the live feeds here for Big Brother Canada!!!! I suggest you take a step back, calm down and then take a look at both sides of this issue. ask yourself if it was just plain discrimination that we here in the States could not even watch BBCanada let alone get the live feeds? now that the shoe is on the other foot it doesn’t feel good, does it?

      • Orla

        Sorry Barb. I honestly didn’t realize that BB Canada wasn’t broadcast to the US. That sucks too. I just presumed (wrongly so I see) that BB Canada was available in the US too. I don’t get it why these big corporations decided to do things like this. It doesn’t make any sense at all. I am going to contact BB Canada and complain to them for you as a US resident. You should be able to at least get the show if not access to the live feeds. The only reason I can think that might not be possible for the live feeds is because the live feeds are free for us up here. Come on BB on both sides of the boarder! Get your act together. I thought we were supposed to be friends with each other. Like I said, What about free trade or whatever. What you are doing is like cutting off you nose to spite your face. Get real here. Just give us viewers on both sides of the boarder what we want.

        • Phillip Carmichael

          The reason BB Canada wasn’t on in any other country was because that no station chose to pay to show it. Also, chances are if CBS were to pick it up, it would be on one of the sister channels as they have such a jam packed schedule as it is, and make more money off those shows.

      • Joyce

        with BB Canada…a lot of Canadians couldn’t get the show even, because of the network that it was on. It was free for everyone for a month, then had to be subscribed to in to continue watching. Don’t think that didn’t cause a stir in Canada. The thing is…BB Canada was a new show…trying it out to see if it would take (which it looks like it did since they announced today that there will be a season 2), so hopefully some things that didn’t work first time around will be rectified. But we Canadians have been able to watch, and buy feeds for BB US for years, so this is a real blow to us! We are not trying to be ignorant…we just want to be able to have the feeds to a show that we have come to enjoy so much. I believe both BB’s should be available to everyone, and that would satisfy all the craving for it to be twice a year!

        • Phillip Carmichael

          BB Canada will likely be on Slice again next year! It’s smart how they did it, get people addicted, and on the last day throw in one last twist (the instant eviction). It’s a great way for Shaw to get more viewers. They also have so many amazing shows that aren’t as common in the states. The Hero and 72 Hours are two amazing shows that premiered this past week

      • Corndogger

        Barb, there’s one huge point you’re missing. No network in the U.S. picked up BB Canada so there were rights issues to deal with. BB has always been shown in Canada because Global (Shaw) has the rights to the show. That’s why Canadians have always been able to subscribe to the live feeds. Not sure why it’s different this year but I wouldn’t be surprised if CBS is just plain screwing up.
        Anyway, you could have easily watched the BB Canada feeds. All you had to do was go to a site like Jokers and there were apps available that would have allowed you to watch and without having to put up with the same annoying commercial that played every time you switched feeds if you watched off of Slice’s website. The answer for everyone is use a VPN service or something similar. So Canadians, there’s your answer to get the BB15 live feeds. A lot of people have been able to sign up so there should be no problems. Just an annoying extra step and a bit of additional cost.

      • Corndogger

        Barb, one last point. Trust me, you didn’t miss much on the BB Canada live feeds. The frickin things were down most weekends, the sound quality sucked (way too low) and there was no Flashback feature. But the HD picture quality was very nice! And the episodes were always streamed. Again, check out a site such as Jokers.

  • Bob Scrogins

    I know how you Canadians feel… thats how most of us here in the USA felt when we got blocked by slice for BBCA live feeds. CBS and Slice should work together to take care of us viewers. Hell it a money maker for them, its a win for them and us….

  • Geraldo Rivera

    I am not Canadian, having trouble signing up for Big

    Brother live feeds , its not superpass this year . Can someone help me , where do i go ,went to CBS but it kick me out. PLEASE HELP ME’

    • barb

      try signing up through face book, that’s how I had to do it. it was real easy too

  • curtis

    come on bb15

  • agr8wrld

    I suggest you read a few of the other websites for BB15. There is a way Canadians can watch the feeds. You have to use a thing called a VPN. Just Google BB15 VPN and see what you can find. It is an option.

  • Christene

    Thank you, agr8wrld

  • Mike Fitz


  • sunshine

    How stupid. If we could have allowed the US people to watch Big brother Canada then we would have!!!! But after 14 years of watching BB and then not allowing us – its rotten. Thank goodness there are ways of getting US IP addresses….

  • Allison Colwell

    completely disappointed live feeds arnt in canada! there goes late night check ins becasue we have a BB that interferes with ever single fall show there is! (and sucks big ones, really how stupid do you have to be to put the wrong key in the box in the finale)

  • Magi

    I tried with my US address but I moved back to Canada – been watching live BB on superpass for years. Why not in Canada?

  • Bev

    I think it’s only right that Aaron be kicked off the show for her derogatory racist remarks!

  • Steve

    Kick Aaron off!

  • Aj

    Aaron has to go

  • twindians

    funny how CANADA is open and free to everyone …yet america… you gotta pay.. and they dont allow canada as an option …. typical!